1. AshwinRavi

    Would skimmer contradict refugium?

    This might be a no-brainer question to few or most, I am just having a hard time understanding the interaction of these two. I have a 75G DT with 20L sump, the sump is basically set up with a filter sock, water passes through the length of the sump (recently added chaeto to this section, sump...
  2. InkedReefLady

    Michigan 180 Gallon (Tank, Stand, Canopy, etc.)

    **S.E. Michigan** Upgraded to a custom 300 gallon and selling our 180 gallon. AGA Standard 180 gallon reef ready with dual overflows. (72 L x 24 W x 24 H) ~10 years old AGA pine stand. (personally, I would add in extra support for peace of mind) ~10 years old Custom built/stained canopy with...
  3. sheepdog76

    Filter Media Cup

    Wanted to share this newer product I found today. I think it has been out for a year or so but just happened to catch my eye at WWC today. Its put out by a company here in Florida (Rimer & Rimer Machine Shop) it is called the Filter Media Cup. Its made to replace 4in filter socks in a sump and...
  4. X

    new tank questions! 35g deep blue

    Hello everyone. Im finally feeling the need for a new tank and I've decided on a deep blue reef ready 35g 20x20 cube. So far my tanks have all been small (12x12 cubes or a 15g aqueon fowlr). As such i never did sumps, just hang on filters filled with chemipure and purigen + live rock. As such...
  5. MarineDepot


    NUVO EXT tanks NOW IN STOCK Special Introductory Pricing: 15% OFF / SAVE UP TO $105!
  6. LatinKing

    Terrible transaction w/ Tommy Shumpert

    About two weeks ago on 3/7/18 I sent a PayPal for $50.00 to hold a R24 Precision Marine Sump (used) $100 that the member Tommy Shumpert listed on a "for sale" thread. The total amount was $142.00 shipped. We made arrangements to hold, and that he will ship when I paid the balance of $92.00 which...
  7. Zazzy

    New rock in 9 year reef

    So I added more dry rock into my reef and over the past week ONLY that new rock began to form diatoms and air bubbles. I dose 20ml of white vinegar everyday. My nitrates are undetectable and don't have phosphate test kit but just added a ton of phosguard little more then I should have to be...
  8. JSpen

    Used Sump

    Anyone have a used sump they're looking to get rid of in the Lansing area?
  9. Trickman2

    Need Help on Sump Design for a 280 gallon

    So I have a custom 280 gallon tank being built (Dims 72x30x30). My current sump from my 90 gallon is going to be upgraded. I have looked at trigger systems Triton 44, icecap 48xl. The tank manufacturer is...
  10. JSpen

    Sump Hunt

    Im looking for a sump that has a refugium and is capable of handling a 130 gallon tank. I really don't want to break the bank on this. Ive been looking at the ice cap sumps and its really nice these have a ATO built right in. If anyone has any suggestions for a reasonable price id be very...
  11. kamakazian

    Sump sponge

    Does anybody know where I can get some decent sponges for my sump tank on the cheap? From a quick google search I found some around $8-12. Anyone have any reliable/trustworthy sources? TIA!
  12. ArialReef

    Too Much Matrix?

    So, I recently bought a 250ml bottle of Seachem Matrix. It says on the bottle that I should use the whole bottle for 25 Gallons of water. Currently, my water volume is about 13 Gallons. Can I use the whole bottle? Or should I follow the instructions? Also, in which part of the sump should I put...
  13. ArialReef

    Purigen, SeaGel, or Both?

    I'm gonna use it in my 5 gal sump that is connected to my 8 gal DT. I'm planning to buy Matrix and one Purigen or SeaGel, or should I use both of them together?
  14. Rinks

    Indiana 125 Echo Tech Teardown. Moving & Getting Out of Hobby. DREAM SALE!!! You Wont Find This One Again!!

    Hello everyone, Im posting today because I am moving and can no longer take my tank and equipment with me. I have been in the hobby for over 5 years now and have put together an amazing tank. I spare no expense when it came to the build. All equipment and tank have been purchased brand new and...
  15. Kar

    Sump suggestion

    Folks, need some help. I'm looking for a sump which has dimensions close to 20*16*16. I dont mind if it is a storage container from walmart or homedepot as I'm not looking for anything fancy. The thing is I need to remove my old Platinum Series Skimmer Sump and get a smaller one to make some...
  16. N

    Skimmer Chamber Requirements

    Hello everyone! What are the minimum size requirements for a skimmer chamber? Is it just large enough for the skimmer to fit or does it need some additional volume? Just talking about the foot print, I understand water height requirements. I'm planning on building a sump for my frag tank with...
  17. SallyWho

    Another DIY 40b sump post

    *Deep breath* Okay, bear with me here- I'm a newbie with a lot of questions! I'm slowly putting together a 120g build and I did a search for 40b sump plans and got a lot of ideas. I measured the stuff I have, and I *think* I've figured out something that might work, with some clarifications from...
  18. MarineDepot

    $25 off AquaMaxx Pumps with ANY Sump Purchase

    $25 off AquaMaxx Pumps with ANY Sump Purchase Get better flow & cleaner water with this special offer!
  19. Reefer18

    Sump drain pipe advice?

    I have a 30 gallon reef that I want to add a 20H sump on. The tank is currently drilled with 3/4” bulkheads and I was wanting to know if I could SILENTLY run a durso drain pipe down to my sump?
  20. MarineDepot

    Skimmer, Tank, & Sump Pairings You'll ❤

    Skimmer, Tank, & Sump Pairings You'll ❤ Keep water clean and look great doing it!
  21. Joe Batt

    Triton Method with RedSea Reefer 350 custom sump

    I am in the middle of converting to the Triton method with my RedSea Reefer 350, after I have had a slow and painful crash. Unfortunately, no-one makes a custom sump for the RedSea Reefer 350 so I have had to design my own around the 350 cabinet. This one gives a refugium of 15% and the ATO...
  22. C

    DIY remote sump setup

    Hello I am plumbing a remote sump to the storage area of my basement and have dry fit everything together. Was wanting to run it by you guys and make sure what I'm doing doesn't have any obvious flaws I'm missing or if someone had a better idea before I prime and glue. Using two 1.5" drains...
  23. docvin

    Eshopps ADV-100 Question

    Looking to replace my sump with the Eshopps adv-100. Is anyone familiar with this model? Is there a way to control the depth in the skimmer section? I emailed their customer service a week ago and still no response. I guess they are still trying to figure it out themselves. But really does...
  24. AquariumSpecialty

    Trigger Sump & ATO Sale Going on NOW 15% OFF

    15% off on all in-stock Trigger Sumps & ATO reservoirs. The sale price is not valid on out of stock items. Click the banner to visit the Trigger Systems page.
  25. J

    Need help with a Sump layout

    Hello everyone! My wife and I have a 55 gallon aquarium that we started down the salty road with about 5 months ago. We dont have a lot of stuff in it and have been aquiaring equipment and things slowly. The tank was given to us and a stand with it too. We wanted to do a sump under it and...
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