1. BedrockIOMC

    Is there a special sock for red sea?

    I have a Red Sea Reefer 170 and I bought a 4" sock that will not fit in my sump. Is there a special size for red sea? I would like to find some other than name brand sock to use other then red sea. what do you use?
  2. SilverCityReef

    Fuge - H80/H380 - Baffles

    Let me start off by saying how glad I am that R2R exists and how helpful all members have been during my initial startup process. The first 2 paragraphs are background and tank info so you may skip reading. I have decided to finally get my 40B up and running so I have been slowly gathering...

    40 Gallon Breeder Sump DIY - Feedback?

    Here is my next step in the tank build I have going. Would love your feedback. I suggest NOT building a sump on carpet by KCSUMPS posted Oct 21, 2018 at 2:31 PMCleaned sump with alcohol first by KCSUMPS posted Oct 21, 2018 at 2:31 PMthe 40 gallon breeder was used and i took out the old baffles...
  4. Crystal Reef Aquatics

    Unrivaled Reef's Custom Aquarium and sump by Crystal Reef Aquatics

    Here's another custom system designed and built by Crystal Reef Aquatics. Tank is owned by Gene Friend of Unrivaled Reefs. Visit our website for a list of our products and services Check our Gene's coral selection at Please follow us on...
  5. pluikens

    Deciding on custom sump manufacturer

    I started my 40 breeder reef tank with a DIY 20 long sump but I would now like to upgrade to a manufactured sump. There are a few intricacies of my setup that have been making the search difficult. 1. Flow in the sump should be right to left (I could change this but it would be a plumbing mess...
  6. Crystal Reef Aquatics

    Introducing the StealthXL Series, TRS72 Triton Reef Sump

    If you are in the market for a large sump to complement your dream tank? We are proud to announce the official presale of the 2 largest production model reef sumps available anywhere! The SRS72 for those of you who want filter socks and no refugium and the TRS72 for refugium lovers and those...
  7. Lylelovett

    How many LED light bars in the sump area of your stand?

    Hi all, My stand is 5'Lx2'D. I'm trying to figure out how much LED lighting I'll need to light up the interior of the stand. I'm looking at: - 3W, equal to 30W halogen (each bar) - 300 lumen per panel ... wondering...
  8. Crystal Reef Aquatics

    Introducing the Crystal Reef Aquatics, StealthXL Series SRS72

    If you are in the market for a large sump to complement your dream tank? We are proud to announce the official presale of the 2 largest production model reef sumps available anywhere! The SRS72 for those of you who want filter socks and no refugium and the TRS72 for refugium lovers and those...
  9. Caliwagon

    Texas Trigger Systems Sump and West Mariculture Rock Work

    Title says it all: Both have never seen water and were purchased for a tank upgrade that's no longer happening (tank broke). Trigger Systems Sapphire 39 Sump. New from BRS is $530. There is one small scratch on the bottom of the sump (non-water side) from test fitting while the project was...
  10. Lylelovett

    Does the paint color of the inside of the stand matter?

    Hi all, I'm almost ready to prep and pain the inside of my stand and starting thinking about paint color. My current plan is to use one the appliance-epoxy/Killz/RedGard recommendations and paint it white - it always looks so nice and clean and bright with a door-triggered LED. :) That said...
  11. Rik

    Illinois Extra Items to Sell

    I will update with a few more items as I get a chance to take some more pics. Now that my tank build is complete, I have a few items I no longer need to hold on to. UPDATED 8/28/18 : Bashsea Bio Fuge 24-10-14 Sump - NEVER USED, BRAND NEW with box : $200 picked up in Chicagoland - $235 shipped...
  12. dingo2031

    Two tanks one sump

    So I am in the process of starting my 40 Breeder with a RS-75 sump and a ES7. I have a Idea im playing with to eventually set up my 60 gallon and plumbing it into the singular sump? Would it be possible? I am going to upgrade the sump to have a refugium and longer as this one has its gripes...
  13. B's Reef

    B's Reef 210 Gallon Build Thread!

    Hey guys, finally getting around to starting my build thread. This is my second build and I regret not doing one of these on my first tank. Ive been in the hobby right at 2 years now. I started off with a 100 gallon drilled tank with a 30 gallon sump. I learned so much in that first year, Ive...
  14. lonewonderer

    Leaky plumbing help

    hello, i just installed my new sump trigger sapphire 26. All the plumbing are good and does not leak except for the part where the overflow pipe meets the bulkhead of the trigger sump. It leaks water from the top rim of the bulkhead where you insert the 1” overflow pipe. Do i have to glue it...
  15. Shores805

    California Selling my Sump

    Bought this from Elite Aquatics a couple years back, almost to the day. It actually only saw water for maybe six months when I set up a second tank, but then bailed on the build due to a lack of time for two tanks in the house. Comes with a lid for the sock chamber and a water level adjuster...
  16. AshwinRavi

    1 month break

    Hello, reefers! Around Thanksgiving this year, I will be leaving the country for a month, and my biggest fear is imagining what my reef is going to go through. So, I look to the thousands of reefers here for advice on what I can do to prevent the most common mistakes. Since I have been...
  17. SteedC

    Best Sump for RedSea Reefer XXL 625

    I am looking for an aftermarket sump for the RedSea Reefer 625. The one that came with it is nice but not ideal especially for the refugium as it does not seem to "tumble" the Chateo Macro Alge and it seems to die off. Wanted to see what others were using.
  18. Haubfather07

    Sump Growers. ID Please? Good/Bad?

    Hi all! First 6 month cleaning of the sump. I have a ton of the attached ‘things’ growing in my sump. I’d like to clean and make it look pretty again. Should I clean them all out? Are they good/bad? Leave them. Advice please and thank you in advance!!
  19. Crystal Reef Aquatics

    Crystal Reef Aquatics SRS60 Sump featured on Tristian's Reef

    Big thanks to R2R member and Youtube sensation #Asonitez for another great video featuring our Stealth Reef Sump SRS60!
  20. Seahorse man

    Sump trouble

    I just found out that i need to move my coral frags from my qt into my dt, theres just one problem, My sump isnt set up. Can someone give my e advice for how to do this? Heres my plan.... 55 gal display tank ( safety glass, non drillable ) Use a syphon overflow Use 10 gallon tank as a sump(...
  21. djobaekdb

    RODI Plumbed Directly To Tank

    I am looking to build a ULM tank at some point that is fully automated and I have come across RODI units being plumbed directly to a sump or ATO within the cabinet to eliminate the need for carrying buckets of water. Redundancy of failsafes to ensure flooding the tank as well as your home does...
  22. Behnken

    Ohio Red Sea Reefer 450 with Custom Sump for Sale

    SOLD I am upgrading to a larger tank so I’m selling my Red Sea Reefer 450 that is less then 1 year old. I have a custom sump by Elite Aquatics, custom plumbing with a Spears manifold system that can accomodate up to three media canasters. The two aquamax media canisters will be sold with the...
  23. vector824

    Been here 10 months...

    ...and I just realized I never formally introduced myself! (How rude of me) I got into the hobby last summer when I was given a 75g tank with 30g sump for my birthday (thanks Dad!) I've been in love with saltwater since I was a kid. The ocean is fascinating to me and I love that I have a...
  24. vector824

    Lets See Those Sumps! (Poll)

    I'm interested to see what type of sumps you all have. This being one of my favorite parts of my tank I feel that they are the unsung equipment heroes of our hobby. The versatility and variety of the sump is just as fascinating to me as our display tanks with the ability to add a plethora of...
  25. Aaron Gustafson

    Help me choose my next tank

    I just moved across the country and sold my tricked out BioCube, but I kept pretty much all the gear. Now I'm looking to start a new tank, but there are some constraints given my current residence (a condo on the 33rd floor) and the fact that I'm renting. The tank will be a mixed reef, but...
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