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[SOLD] R SALE: Custom 180 Gallon Rimless Planet Aquarium, Wood Panel Steel Stand, Lifereef Sump, Dimmable T5 Hood, 2x UV, Plumbing and other equipment

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Jan 10, 2019
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South of Houston
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For details of the original tank build see my multi-year build thread:

I am moving and getting rid of the entire setup: Tank, Stand, Sump, Light Hood, Overflow, 2x UV, Acrylic Lid, Flow Meters, and Piping (return pumps NOT included).

$1,500 or Best Offer (Local Pickup Only - Missouri City, TX - Houston Area)

If you want ONLY the tank, stand, and sump, I would consider splitting, but the other equipment is not available separately until the tank is gone.

I have lots of additional equipment that I will sell to the buyer of this setup, please ask, some things listed at the end of this post.

Items Included in Price:
- Rimless 180 Gallon Planet Aquarium Tank
- 60" x 30" x 25" x 3/4" Glass
- Front and side panels Sapphire Glass
- NOTE: The left and front sapphire glass is in great condition, however, the right panel has coralline algae etching and some scratches on the inside (see image below). If you plan to put that against a wall, or let coral or polyps grow over it it's not an issue, but you might want to have it polished if that side will be viewed...though it is a $4,000 tank + $4,000 additional equipment for a fraction of the original cost!

unknown coral.jpg

- 32" High Steel Frame with marine-grade painted wood paneling
- 4 Large easily clip-removable hinged doors
- 7 Magnetically attached removable panels on rear sides and bottom


- 36" x 24" Custom Lifereef Acrylic
- 2x 7" Filter Sock holes - Can handle 2x Klir auto rollers
- Bypass refugium with adjustable water height/flow rate
- Numerous dosing, sampling, and return Attachment Points
- 2x Return Pump, 1x Frag Tank Pump Attachment Points

ImageUploadedByReef2Reef Aquarium Forum1362325020.336571.jpg

LIGHT HOOD (Wall Mount or Hangable)
- Aquatic Life DX18 48" Dimmable 4-Lamp T5 Fixture Mounted in Wood Frame
- Can mount 3-5 Radions or other LED fixtures in the center (Not included)
- Wall mount tilts up for servicing, and disconnects

- Exotic Marine Systems Tideline White Acrylic

- 2x Pentair SMART UV 40W Sterilizers


- Top Lids Custom Acrylic Mesh Tank Cover
- 4x Apex 1" Flow Meters (2 return flow, 2 UV flow
- All Piping for UV, 2x return, 3x Overflow, and 2x Return Pumps (pumps not included)

NOT INCLUDED (But available)
- Ecotech M2 Pump and controller ~one year old - $200
- Ecotech M2 Pump and controller (unused) $250
- 3x Apex FMM (Flow Monitoring Module) 3x: $30 each

Right glass panel

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