1. R

    After months of research need HELP setting up my first 120 gallon saltwater tank

    Hi You ALL, I have been reading, watching youtube vids, reading more, watching more videos, day and night, home and at work. Pretty much the last 3 months i have been all about saltwater fish tanks. At first i was looking at buying a 50 gallon tank bc i read that its the best beginner tank...
  2. H

    Custom Overflow Box/Auto Top Off Help

    Hi all. I was hoping to find some ideas/help in regards to setting up a proper overflow/return in my tank as well as maybe seeing some ideas for a diy ATO resevoir and set up! There will be a pic uploaded with this but as you'll see in it, my tank was used as a certain loop in a fewshwater...
  3. Fishy65

    HELP? Is this the best i can do with this?

    this is a 75 gallon "reef ready tank" (hardly) in the overflow there are 2 holes. 1 for the return that is 3/4 inch and one for the filtration that is 1 inch. Before going further let me say that I wont be drilling this tank. It isn't mine and I don't want to replace it should it break. So...
  4. P

    Advice needed please .

  5. TheReefArchitect

    Pokpo Genesis External Overflow System

    Afternoon All, I thought a quick post regarding this product may help people with the same issues I faced. Having moved from a fully planted freshwater setup I was desperate to keep the original tank and stand (Evolution Aqua Aquascaper 900) 1. To save money 2. I like the overall appearance...
  6. McJaeger

    Question about patching holes in glass

    I got a really good deal on a deep blue 57g reef ready rimless tank, but the center overflow takes up way too much space in the display. I'd like to remove the overflow, patch the holes in the bottom, and drill new holes in the back to plumb a low profile overflow and return. Has anyone done...
  7. Nate_Krohn

    DIY overflow help

    I have a 29 gallon reef tank already set up with HOB equipment that I would like to add a sump to. I can’t bring myself to spend over $100 on an hob overflow box so I thought I could make one out of pvc. Has anyone else done this? If you could share some tips with me that’d be great. Thanks!
  8. T

    Opinions on using 1/2" drains with Bean Animal overflow

    I recently purchased a Marine Modular 800gph overflow box (top-view of outer box pictured below). It has three 1/2" drain holes that fit 1/2" uniseals. I will these for a bean animal overflow on a 32g display and a 20g sump. I realize now, however, that the 1/2" drain holes are considered...
  9. JustenT

    New to Reefing! Please help!

    Hey! So I went a lil coral shop based out of a storage unit, and I found a great buy. A 25 gallon cube rimless, on a stand, with a sump. Only problem was the leftover dirt and grime. Anyways! I cleaned it up, and I’m wondering what oveflow box should I do? I’m wanting an internal overflow, and...
  10. damselindistress

    Things that make you want to hang up your fins...

    Came home from my first day back at work after a blissful week long vacation leading up to Christmas, only to find that my HOB skimmer has somehow malfunctioned today. During the process it created a siphon and poured about 5 gallons of saltwater onto my living room floor, which then proceeded...
  11. nickkohrn

    Need Assistance with Plumbing Decision

    I am working on putting together a new frag system. It will consist of a 40-gallon breeder and a Bashsea Smart Series sump. The sump has three 1.5" drain connections, which is helpful as I intend to use a Bean Animal configuration. However, that is where I need your assistance as I decided to...
  12. CaptainHelen

    Overflow emergency! Hardwood floor at risk ;)

    This is a photo of my rig. The foam is down now because we turned it off for a few minutes, but the foam eventually bubbles up and overflows. We have a hardwood floor so we're in a real pinch and the member of the family who maintains the tank is out of town! Any ideas?
  13. BoSalman

    Overflow noise...options?

    Hello, So it's been quiet a while since i started my 100G setup... Tank is a CadLights Artisan 100G, comes with Durso stand pipe drain, that has 1x 1.25" drain pipe, and 2x 0.75" pipes one for emergency drain and one for return. My water height is almost at halfway through the teeth of the...
  14. J

    Display Tank Water Level Slowly Rising - Return Chamber Remains Constant

    Hi Everyone! I've been into SW for about 4 years now, but I've only had All-In-One tanks. I recently set up a 60 gallon marineland cube with a sump system. I've been nervous about doing a sump system for a while, because it felt really complicated. Here are my tank specifications: 60 gallon...
  15. Missbillygoat993

    Woman building aquarium cabinet and setting up 200g tank

    Hello everyone, I finally became a member today. I have been keeping a reef tank for 2 years with the full support of my hubby. I have been reading the posts here and some info online with regards to the set up. I now plan to build an 8ft tank Stan and order a dt and sump and just do the...
  16. Spydersweb

    New aquarium overflows

    Hello all, So I finally bought what will be my 1st SW aquarium. It’s a 90 gallon with a single corner overflow. The default plumbing it comes with is two holes for bulkheads; A Durso, then a return from the second bulkhead. My question is; would it be better to plumb the single Durso and the...
  17. Zachvet

    Need Sump/Refugium Advice

    I recently bought a drilled 125 and would like to build a sump/refugium under the tank. An overflow box is included that fell off the back of the tank so I cleaned all the old silicone off and plan to reattach it. Before I do, I want to get a good understanding of how the plumbing will work as...
  18. ENVY

    Question for Aqueon Dual Megaflow Owners

    Purchased a new 125 Aqueon Reef Ready Tank. I see there is two plastic pop out slots on each mega-flow for which you choose which side the returns are on. So fellow owners, What is the best side to put the returns with loc-line? the outerside (towards the glass) or the inner side (closer to the...
  19. SwiftStorm

    Indiana CPR CS102 Dual overflow

    Hang on the back overflow with 2 bullheads. Little scratched up but no leaks or cracks. $60 shipped to 48
  20. M

    Synergy Reef Shadow Overflow

    Hi guys This week I noticed some saltcreek on the bottom frame at the back wall of my tank, and first though the seams were giving, but it's actually the Shadow Overflow leaking through the bulkhead. Today I pulled water out of the tank, removed the inside box of the overflow and the 4 gaskets...
  21. MarineDepot

    How to Stop Your Protein Skimmer from Overflowing

    How to Stop Your Protein Skimmer from Overflowing PLUS: Enter the Photo of the Month Contest presented by Marine Depot!
  22. Mike N

    HIGH water level in display

    I've recently installed a sump and HOB overflow to my system and it has been running flawlessly for about 2 months now. Suddenly today, the water level is extremely high in the display. Another 1/4 inch and it will overflow. I havent adjusted the overflow or return pump at all since it was...
  23. Lylelovett

    Adjusting Skimmer Height in Sump...

    Hi all, My skimmer has been overflowing/going crazy for over a month at the recommended height of 9.58in. Playing around with it I've found that if I raise it to around 5-6in water height it will operate with the bubbles right where they should be. Initially I thought I might build some legs...
  24. Jimbo662

    Exotic Marine Overflow box

    @NaH20nerd I finally got the package! First impressions are that this thing is built like a tank. One thing I know I'll like better is being able to see into the internal box. The Tideline overflow had the removable weirs. When you remove the weir / cover the bottom of it is about an inch and...
  25. The Kahnasaur

    New Jersey WTB HOB Overflow Box

    Hoping to find an overflow in the 300gph range. Any old Eshopps or Cprs out there?