1. Forsaken77

    Aqueon Megaflow Drain In Marineland Tank

    I'm in the process of setting up a 180 gallon FOWLR tank and have a question about the dual overflows. I currently have a Marineland 93 gallon rimless RR Cube tank. The 180 that's replacing it has the same stock drains as the cube tank, just 2 of them. I was wondering if anyone has any...
  2. mrsaltwaterguy

    Slurping Noise From External Fuge

    Hi all, I just installed an external fuge onto my 75 seahorse tank and I'm getting a slurping noise. Right now I have a pump putting in water and a single overflow removing water after a single baffle. It seems the water level continues to fluctuate after the baffle and it periodically makes a...
  3. hansoloNZ

    Coast to coast weir questions

    Hi all. I'm keen to set up a gravity fed pvc pipe coast to coast weir overflow for my new 250litre tank. (very similar to the setup in this video: ). I have a couple of questions and any comments will be hugely helpful. 1. Will 25mm (1inch) pipe and bulkheads be sufficient if l have a 1...
  4. B

    Trigger Sump Ruby 30 vs. Emerald 26

    Hi, All - I'm upgrading and tossing my Aqueon ProFlex, apparently too much flex as it has begun bowing over the years and swear the stand is damp on colder days, but can't find the leak. Having a hard time deciding which Trigger Sump I'd like to go with, Emerald 26 or Ruby 30. Here is my...
  5. jasonamyers

    Paranoid Setup for Leak monitoring

    I just setup my first tank with a sump. It was my first time plumbing, etc and I'm super scared that something is going to fail or falter. so what is the right way to use an apex to monitor for leaks, potential overflows etc. I really have no idea where to start other than with the FMM with some...
  6. mk7169

    need help drilling

    Hi guys, I'm in Warminster 18974 and we just bought a 125 gallon tank. I would like to drill the overflow, but I have no experience with this. Is there anyone in the area who might be able to help ? Thanks in advance!
  7. Aaron Davis

    Skimmer on the fritz! Could use some advice.

    Hello all! I have a flame angel that had a couple white spots on his tail fin (which are gone now). He also had a couple tears on his fin from either my clown hitting him or my lobster. Probably the clown. Anywho. I treated my tank with some Melafix. Don't have a quarantine tank setup yet...
  8. J

    What is the most FAIL SAFE type of Overflow and Drainage Set-Up ???

    I have undrilled 75 and 90 gallon tanks. I'm ready to build out the 90 gallon. I didn't want to drill and do a sump, but it's looking more and more like that's what I'm gonna have to do. BUT I'm having nightmares about coming home to a flooded sump with 90 gallons of water flowing thru my...
  9. Reefnewb

    Herbie drain overflow problem

    hey guys I have a problem with my new herbie drain. The water level in my overflow keeps fluctuating. No matter what I do it goes up and down at first I thought it was because my vortech mp40 was pushing to much water but I was wrong. The way it's plumbed is one 1" main full siphion drain and...
  10. CHI-Mark

    First Hole what do you all think?

    All, So I finally gathered the courage to drill my first hole (Hip Hip Hooray). For the most part I think its looks good but would like your opinions as well. The only think that concerns me is in the picture if you look at the edge of the hole looks to be tiny chips. Is this normal or did I...
  11. Simply__J

    2 Drains 1 Input - Plumbing Help

    Currently in the middle of plumbing a 45 gal cube with a small overflow with two 1" drains. However my Proclear Aquatics Freedom 4-in-1 100 refugium only has one 1" input. Should or can I plumb them together so they both drain int to the 1 input? As pictured (Will that have any restrictions on...
  12. M

    Plumbing / Overflow question

    Hi, So I'm new to the saltwater aquariums and I'm getting a lot of information from the forums very helpful! So here it goes I've been looking at plumbing i bought a used 55 gallon tank that came with an HOB overflow. Now i did the glass check and i can drill my tank, which I'm planning to do...
  13. ReeferMadness80G

    My Rimless 14G Biocube SPS Reef

    So In June my Biocube crashed and this is the recovery. I'll ask questions along the way and if anyone can help me, that'd be great :) I dose Calc, Alk, and Mag from reef grow. This was before the crash this pic was taken about 20 hours after the first one, I crashed hard. this is a post...