1. Lylelovett

    Skimmer Help - Specifically Bubble Magus Curve A8

    Hi all, So I'm having problems with my skimmer in my first reef tank. I have a well cycled algae growing (maybe some coralline) 5x2x2 mixed reef; sump with internal skimmer and fuge. Current population: 6 fish, 4 LPS frags, 1 Mushroom frag, 2 stars, 3 emerald crabs, and a snail cleanup crew...
  2. Rik

    Illinois Items No Longer Needed

    Hey folks! Hope all of you had a great holiday. I am giving this another go on a few items I have that are extras or that I no longer need. If you are in the Chicago area, we can arrange meeting for pick up vs shipping. 1) Eshopps PF-Nano Overflow Box with InTank bracket for overflow box ...
  3. Nolan Shinn

    Dual overflow into algae turf scrubber??

    I’ve been considering how best to plumb the dual overflow/return on my center drilled 150gal build and I need some input from you knowledgeable reefers out there: Is there any reason I couldn’t pipe both of my overflow down tubes through two algae turf skimmers? In theory this would mean all...
  4. Mical

    Minnesota Lifereef Overflow (Full Size) $85 shipped

    Lifereef Overflow (full size) w/standpipe - former owner made standpipe This design is recommended for aquariums up to 48" long or flow rates up to 600 gph.
  5. Mical

    Minnesota Lifereef Nano Overflow $65

    Lifereef Nano overflow - $65 shipped cont US Perfect for small reef or fish aquariums and BioCubes, any nano tank. Flow rate up to 400 gph (and anything in-between 0 and 400 gph) In other words it will flow whatever gph you give it up to its maximum rate. Outer box: 5" x 3 1/8" x 9" high...
  6. Cristy17

    Help! Annoying whistling noise coming from overflow!

    A few days ago I started hearing a whistling coming from the pipe in my corner overflow that goes to the sump. There is a small hole in the top and if I cover it with my finger, the noise stops and the water level in the overflow lowers quickly but stops after about 5 seconds. I am not sure...
  7. Gahngoo

    Florida Reef Savvy 21" Ghost overflow new

    I bought a ReefSavvy 21" ghost overflow that flows 2400 gph for a new aquarium build I'm doing. Of course, my plans changed. It's brand new and was never installed. ReefSavvy doesn't accept returns, so my loss your gain. To get all the info on the overflow, Google: "reef savvy ghost overflow...
  8. Danh Ngo

    HELP: Overflow selection and Return Pump

    Setting up an HOB overflow box and return pump from sump The stand is 38” high + 22” tank high -> roughly 5ft high Overflow : ESHOPP PF-800Gph for 70G tank Question on return pump: Should I choose oversized pump? The height will effect the power, what pump should I use Return pump: SYNCRA...
  9. Joe Batt

    How to calculate overflow rate.

    I am planning a new aquarium for a few months time. I was thinking of the RedSea 650 Peninsula and converting the sump to Triton. I am just a little concerned as to the overflow rate that is available back into the sump from the tank. Is there a calculation I can run to check the maximum...
  10. MRRBW

    Anyone use/review Xaqua inout overflow?

    anyone use the xaqua inout overflow? after answering a thread yesterday about a lagoon 25 mod, I remembered seeing this and looked it up planning on adding it to my lagoon 25 but I haven't seen too many reviews about it other than from Julian Sprung who sells it. Any thoughts on it?
  11. J

    Equipment for sale: Apex, DOS, ATO, and more!

    Hey everyone! I'm upgrading my entire reef system to a larger tank, and have some lightly used equipment for sale. I'm looking for local buyers before advertising on the selling forum. Here's what I have pictures of right now: Apex Classic controller system, extra EB4, and Apple AirPort...
  12. Eagle aquatics315

    HELP!! I need help finding these.

    Hello everyone I would so greatly appreciate if anybody can locate somebody or website that sells just the aqueon megaflow overflow boxes, I have the accessory box I JUST NEED THE OVERFLOWS THEMSELVES. I bought a used tank with these in it but they are in bad condition and I want to replace...
  13. Reefer18

    Sump drain pipe advice?

    I have a 30 gallon reef that I want to add a 20H sump on. The tank is currently drilled with 3/4” bulkheads and I was wanting to know if I could SILENTLY run a durso drain pipe down to my sump?
  14. SaltySquid

    Issues with plumbing overflow for Nano tank

    This is from another post I started but hopefully someone can help me figure out a solution to this issue with my overflow not working:
  15. SaltySquid

    All in one Tank Sump/refugium plumbing - JBJ 28G Nano-Cube

    I want to add some additional water volume, better filtration, and a safe place to grow some beneficial algae to my "all in one". I am running into some issues trying to figure out a good way to get the water from my tank to the 10G that will be sitting below it. The picture below shows how...
  16. Pelagic One

    24-inch CPR Retrofit Overflow Box with Lid

    Selling a 24-inch CPR Retrofit Overflow Box with Lid (full four-sided, acrylic box with molded weir) - New In Box from BRS - No Damage to Box - Bulkheads Included (qty 3 - 1” Bulkheads with gaskets) BRS Part Numbers RSS24DX - (Up to 1600 gallons per hour) RSS24 - EXTRA LARGE LID BRS lists...
  17. S

    Restricting my return pump with valve.help!

    I need help. So I’m setting up the plumbing for my 40 gallon tank. I’m upgrading my canister filter to 10gallon diy sump. After testing the water flow today. I realized my Rio 12HF flow is tooo strong. There’s wayyyyy more return water flow than the overflow. Which ends up running the last...
  18. Greg Miller

    Lifereef Overflow, Silencer and Spare Siphon Tube

    I have a standard Lifereef single overflow, silencer and spare siphon tube. These are made in Colorado and are of the highest quality. The overflow was purchased new for $129, the silencer was $19 and the spare siphon tube was $13. I used this with great success until I purchased my new tank...
  19. Tiwo

    WTB: External overflow

    Looking for a external overflow as my tank is tempered and i cannot drill. (40 gallon breeder) Preferably 2 pipes. If you are someone or know someone who can make one/makes them pm me and we can talk
  20. Jeremy K.A.

    Safest HOB Overflow

    Hey R2R members I'm going to set up a 40 gallon breeder tank for frogfish and have a few other tanks, none of which have sumps etc, that being said I'd really like to do this one "right". I'd prefer not to drill the tank, and would rather use a HOB overflow, but have heard of them being a key...
  21. Reefnewb

    Calling all ghost overflow owners NEED HELP!

    Hello I just setup my ghost overflow and it runs super quiet when my powerheads are off, but as soon as the vortechs reach about half power the rear overflow box starts surging. I setup the overflow exactly like the video shows. Iv tried running less flow through the overflow thinking maybe the...
  22. Michael Stetz

    40B Display with 20L Sump equipment and setup

    I started my first saltwater tank in January of this year. It is a 20L with a DIY AIO filter. I built my own stand and made sure it was large enough to eventually upgrade to a 40B if things went well with the 20. Well I have been waiting for a $1 per gallon sale for weeks and finally got my 40B...
  23. BrandonP

    Plumbing Question

    I have been running a 120 gallon reef-ready reef tank for the past 6 years. For all of this time I have been running with the drain kit that can be bought in addition to the tank. I have switched up the plumbing underneath the tank multiple times but it has always been one durso in each...
  24. Mike N

    Question about plumbing return

    We're about to start plumbing the sump to the tank. Build thread here. The tank is a peninsula with dual synergy reef 16" overflows. To keep things neat, I wanted to terminate the return on the same end as the overflow. Is that a problem? Will the overflows just suck in everything coming out...
  25. R

    quite tank with no drilling idea

    Guys, I need an experts advice on the method I am planning to do on my future tank for overflow. I am a newbie and need guidance: I am planning to go with herbie method, I have a tank that I dont want to drill, I am planning to have a tube going from main tank (placed high) to the sump with...
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