1. pcon

    Do _____ Jump?!?!?

    YES unless it's a seahorse or a starfish, then just maybe. An open top tank is a risk to the fish inside. Some people are okay with that risk some are not, but it is up to the aquarist's equipment not the stocking selection to ultimately prevent fish jumping. This has been your snarky FSA...
  2. Manny'sReef

    Screen Mesh/Curved Return Box Issue

    I need help with my screen mesh build. I built one a few years ago with metal framing and it has done great, but it just sits on top of my rimless tank. When I added a new Radion with the arm it doesn't fit. I decided to start a new build. The problem is my return box is in the corner and it's...
  3. Seahorse man

    New tank stocking, will a snowflake eel get along?

    Right now i have 2 yellowtail damsels and a small yellow tang in a 55 long. (I know tangs need a bigger tank, im working on buying a 120) Do you think the eel would eat these fish? I have a few small hermits and a few margarita snails, but these i can relocate. Also, is the lid in the picture...
  4. Finatik

    Reef Tops VS Top Lids - Which is the Best Tank Lid ???

    REEF TOPS - VS - TOP LIDS: Looking for a quality tank lid for my tanks. Has anyone had any experience(s) with either of these lid companies ??? If so, please share your experience(s) and opinions of their products. And if you are using one of these lids, please post a pic and the size of...
  5. M

    Nyos Skimmer lid vibration issue

    Hello all I'm sure this topic has been discussed already, but I couldn't find an answer anywhere. Has anybody ever noticed how the Nyos skimmer (Quantum 120 in my case) lid produces an immense amount of vibration noise when it's on a certain position? Obviously plastic sitting on plastic...
  6. Hugo Garcia

    How to keep snails from going outside the tank?

    Hey guys, so I've just started my first saltwater tank and have many questions. Hahaha. I'm going to add an egg crate lid to my 20 gallon tank and was wondering if that will be enough to keep snails inside? There will still be open spots for the HOB filters. Do the snails usually tend to go...
  7. Hugo Garcia

    Do I need to use I lid on a Clownfish tank?

    Hey guys, this is my first time with a saltwater tank and I was planing on starting with a clownfish tank. I've had a freshwater tank with goldfish for a while, and always had no lid on the tank, because it seemed to me Rabat gold fish can't jump. But now I just realized that clownfish can jump...
  8. Curryb15

    Artfully acrylic clear view lid

    hello all I have a sca 50 with a AI light mount on the right side of the tank. I want to order a clear view lid from artfully acrylic and see they offer a custome cutout option. Does anyone one at what point do they ask you for the measurements ? I haven't bought one yet but went through the...
  9. shiftline

    DIY Screen top for rimless tanks

    After having a few fish jump over the past few months i re-did my screen top to be sleeker and less of an eye soar
  10. shadow1013

    Orlando - ArtFully Acrylic ClearView Lid for Red Sea Reefer 450

    We are moving and sold our Red Sea Reefer 450. The person that bought the tank didn't want to lid we got for it so we are selling it by itself. The lid was built by ArtFully Acrylic for the Red Sea Reefer 450. In the picture, the back is to the right. We put a feed door in the back. We had them...
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