dry rock

  1. MarsWulf5

    What is the Best Rock That is Pest Free?

    I am starting a new 125 G tank. I am ready to cure and cycle rock but I dont want any pests. I have decided against any type of dry or wet rock. What is the best rock for a long term pest free tank? Reef saver???
  2. Reef of Enchantment

    New vs aged live rock?

    I have a 40 gallon breeder and looking to upgrade to a 100 gallon tank. My 40 has about 50 lb of live rock that is 3 years old. I would really like to start over with the new tank from all dry rock how much better is 3 year old rock vs newly cycled rock and why? I can try to use some pieces of...
  3. AquaLocker

    Dry Rock - $2.89/lb and Ships FREE

    Aqua Locker Dry Reef Rock Only $2.89 per lb and ships free! The rock is porous, and will provide anaerobic areas for denitrifying bacteria to grow; which will reduce nitrates in your tank This rock that has all of the internal porosity that live rock has as it is old reef rock from ancient...
  4. AquaLocker

    PRICE DROP - DRY ROCK - Sustainable, Fully Washed & Shipped to your Door FREE!!!

    Buy It Here: https://aqualocker.com/aquarium-supplies/reef-rock/dry_reef_rock/
  5. Reef-Gang414

    C-Vue 26 AOI set up! New here!

    Hey y’all my name is Luke and I recently set up a cvue 26 all-in-one with a hydra 26 hd. I am currently waiting out the cycle stage and it seems to be taking longer then previous ranks. I have just started getting what look like little brown clusters of I think algae on the rock and sand no...
  6. Peach02

    Cure and cycle in tub?

    Essentially for my new tank I'm thinking of using entirely dry rock apart form a tiny piece to seed Coraline algae. my question: can I cure and cycle rock inside a container like this one. If I do it in this one will a sponge filter be adequate for filtration / water flow? Is a skimmer really...
  7. Curtis JoMo

    Reefscape 170gal floating shelves with acrylic rods

    Here is a sample of my reefscape. Still tinkering on a few things.. I’ll hide the acrylic rods once I put in tank. Check out the floating shelf that I am going to crazy-glue to my overflow box. Has anyone done this before? FYI I’m using Gorilla glue gel, eMarco 400 and CaribSea life rock...
  8. MillsReef

    Aquascape opinions?

    I haven't quite made my mind up on this aquascape, and I wanted to see if anyone had any advice/constructive criticism before the new tank gets wet. This is my first time using base rock instead of live rock, so I know it isn't perfect.
  9. Dylan7huskies

    Brown spots on dry rock?!

    My tank is about 3 weeks old and I had to remove the dry rock yesterday for about 5 hours to remove a pesty damsel. When I placed it back in I noticed these brown spots all over the rock? Any ideas what it is? Thanks!
  10. AquaLocker

    DRY ROCK - Sustainable, Fully Washed & Shipped to your Door FREE!!!

    Shipped in quantities of 20 lb. (Ships from our facility in Texas) - Get your here: https://aqualocker.com/aquarium-supplies/reef-rock/dry_reef_rock/ Actual photos of our rock can be seen below...
  11. Peach02

    Scape A or B?

    Planning a aquascape to put in a hypothetical Red Sea reefer 350 I might buy Scape A or Scape B
  12. smartwater101

    Reaching into the LFS dryrock bin... felt something squishy...

    Dead mouse! 0_o Looked like the little dude got crushed years ago lol. That'll wake you up!
  13. Alexreefer

    dry rock leaching silicates?!

    Hey all, I have been battling diatoms for 3-4 months and they won't go away. They seem to have appeared after adding dry rock from my lfs. Could the rock be leaching silicates? Would removing the dry rock help solve or mitigate this issue? Thanks, Alex
  14. WhiskyTango

    Georgia Aqua-Tecture VidaRock Bonsai Sculptures

    WYSIWYG VidaRock sculptures. I modified the tallest one by removing about 2 inches from the main trunk, and rearranging two of the platforms. The mass of the sculpture is the same. I paid $595 last summer, selling for $400. Prefer local pickup, or I can ship if you cover it. Located in Early...
  15. AquaLocker

    We've got Reef Rock!

    How much rock should have in your reef tank? Some say 1 to 2 lbs. per gallon - others say much less. Whatever your thoughts on the matter, just make sure you do your research and have enough for the species you are housing to hide in and graze on if needed. Shop: http://ow.ly/oJBB50q0QwQ
  16. Luke iskra

    Dry rock from Amazon normal or bad?

    bought some dry rock off amazon to my new 32g biocube the rock came in massive chunks boulders so i tried breaking it down alittle doesnt break made some shapes rinsed it really good had it in the tank for 2 days tried to move it around into a different scape the rock crumbs alot and turns into...
  17. MnFish1

    Lets talk about 'Live rock"

    So in reading a couple threads recently - people talk about 'live rock' yet seem to mean completely different things. What do you think best describes what the term 'live rock' means? To me there are many different kinds of 'live rock' 1. Live rock taken directly from the ocean - shipped...
  18. AJI23

    Biotek reef rock. Vs BRS reef saver rock.

    I’ve used BRS reefsaver rock for a long time. I’m setting up a 180 and looking to purchase some rock. I can’t find a single review about the biotek rock, yet it looks the same as the reef saver and about a $1 per pound cheaper. Any experience with the biotek rock. Thank you.
  19. M

    Is my rock live?

    A while ago(3-4 years ago) when I first started my tank, I used Dry rock. I never got coralline algae to grow even though my calcium is at about 400-420 and my dkh is at 10-11. I am now wondering if my dry rock is now live and how would I know if it is. I am honestly just assuming its live since...
  20. W

    BRS Dry reef saver rock for sale

    100 lbs of dry reef saver rock for sale. I purchased this rock about 7 months ago for an upgrade build that fell through. I am now trying to recoup some of the money. $200 takes it all. Even with the BRS black friday sales this is a better offer! Sizes range from small (Baseball size) to...
  21. Burrito

    New tank build: curing/ bleaching rock question

    I am about to start a new build of an 80g shallow reef 4x2x16” with a sump ranging from 30-60gals. (Haven’t decided yet) I have about 30lbs of love rock in my current 30g tank. It’s carbisea liferock. I have about 60lbs of old/used live rock I got from another reefer I planed on buying some...
  22. Jerry Ebner

    Rods to Join Rock

    I was going to use a Fiberglass Rod from Home Depot . By the mailbox area called "Drive way Marker" Someone told me the resin in it would leech the water so I looked around and some say yes and some say no. I went ahead and contacted the MFG of that item and they said they use a Resign in...
  23. mainn

    Bleaching Live Rock?

    So I picked up some old dry live rock with some nice crusty gunk on it. The rock is totally dead at this point, it was sitting out of any tank for quite a while. I want to use it for a totally new setup which I can't get water in for about a month. I threw all of it in a bucket with an amount...
  24. bdare

    Planning a Waterbox...

    Four years ago I sold my 120. I miss having a tank and I'm planning a new tank. I was considering a Red Sea Reefer, but I think I've decided on the Waterbox instead. I chose Waterbox for 2 reasons. 1) I don't like the float switch ATO on the Red Sea. I don't trust float fucntionality. I...
  25. Zazzy

    New rock in 9 year reef

    So I added more dry rock into my reef and over the past week ONLY that new rock began to form diatoms and air bubbles. I dose 20ml of white vinegar everyday. My nitrates are undetectable and don't have phosphate test kit but just added a ton of phosguard little more then I should have to be...
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