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dry rock

  1. mariano

    Bottle bacteria FritzZyme Turbo Start 900

    This is going to be crazy and I probably will get a lot of people tell me im crazy, but I feel like it would be good to share this process, just in case someone goes thru the same thing, and I will try to update it as much as I can. So I been very picky about my aquascape, Tank has been set up...
  2. P

    Cube Build Crystal Dynamics 135 Gallon Cube Build

    Ok...here we go. I recently moved and bought a 135 gallon Crystal Dynamic aquarium. The tank is 36 by 36 by 24, and it has a stand a canopy as well. I have had reef tanks since I was about 15 and about 15 years later finally decided buy my first new tank. It definitely came with a price tag, but...
  3. Herides

    New First Ever Tank Version 2 of Aquascape. Need thoughts.

    Hey it's me again, After posting my last aquascape here for my first tank attempt and taking in all of your wonderful advice and my own thoughts, I decided I really hated the rocks I had in my tank, so I switched them out and made this. Any opinions and advice appreciated, just some forewords...
  4. D

    Would love some feedback/advice on my aquascape.

    I am starting a new 25G peninsula reef tank from Waterbox. I think I'm done with my rockwork, but at times I feel like it looks bad. The two main pieces can be separated if I want to put some space in between. I plan on adding a lot of coral. I attached photos of all 3 sides: left side...
  5. 45bravo

    Dry rock, should I add any bacteria?

    So I've been out of the hobby for a few years, about 6, because I started working out of the country and haven't been home more than about a month every year. That might end within a year or so though well see, I'm a little tired of it. In this time I've had a home built and I'm about to finish...
  6. Queenofreef

    Creating Depth with Aquascapes!

    Howdy Reefers Wanted to share part two of my little aquascape and coral placement design series where I talk about how to add depth to your rockscape! Hopefully someone can find this info helpful in some way when making their scape even though my videos are pretty goofy. It’s a super easy...
  7. Simply__J

    Florida Dry Rock 100lb + Mixed Dry Rock

    Selling about 100 lbs of Mixed Dry Rock. • Fiji • Hatian • Tonga • Marco Take it all for $75 or decent trade offer. Came out of a 90 gallon mixed reef tank. Dried and ready to be cured. Pick Up Only in SoFlo.. Cash only. Happy Reefing

    North Carolina Dry Rock Aquaforest Synthetic Rock 30kg of Used Rock

    For sale 30 kgs of AF Aquaforest Rock taken out of my tank. As you can see it is really nice and different shapes as opposed to normal reef rock. Bottom of pieces is flat for good appearance on your sand or bare bottom tank. Selling because of tank tear down. NOTE: This is for pick up only...
  9. Cv111

    Used Pukani?

    I was wondering if anyone knew where I could buy used Pukani (or dry Pukani that was imported before the ban)? I'd rather clean it off, cure it and dry it myself than go with reefsaver or something similar. I'd at least like a bit of Pukani to work with. Maybe end up with a mixed tank of...
  10. WhiteOwlPowell

    What is growing out of my dry rock during cycle period?

    Hello Reefers New to this whole thing and don’t want to get myself into any big problems down the road. What is growing out of my dry rock that has been cycling in my tank for 2 weeks now? Thanks in advance WOP
  11. Stephgram

    Aquascape Design

    Silly little video I made about thinking of aquascaping from a design perspective. Expanding on it more and different coral placement techniques in my upcoming content but just wanted to share :) I know my stuff is pretty goofy but hopefully it helps in some way!
  12. ParadiseReefMT


    Does anyone here have experience with the mined rock from addictive reef keeping? The price is amazing for sure, seems like I can’t really find anything negative about the guy, but can’t find much at all really good, bad or otherwise. Any guidance or experience here would be appreciated...
  13. Reefer37

    Affordable Dry Rock

    Hey guys, so I'm about to work on my second tank and could use some advice on dry rock. Personally, I prefer dry rock method. It's a little slower, but it avoids any unwanted pests, and since this is going to be a frag grow out tank, I'd like to avoid any possibility of pests or problems...
  14. Michelesreef

    Gluing rocks together...how to

    So I had bought some aquarium safe silicone the past week and i feel like it will work pretty well if i put a lot in between the cracks. I am sceptical though because if i out a heavier rock somewhere in the middle and possibly off to the side of another, would it not become top heavy? Does...
  15. MarsWulf5

    What is the Best Rock That is Pest Free?

    I am starting a new 125 G tank. I am ready to cure and cycle rock but I dont want any pests. I have decided against any type of dry or wet rock. What is the best rock for a long term pest free tank? Reef saver???
  16. Tangina20

    New vs aged live rock?

    I have a 40 gallon breeder and looking to upgrade to a 100 gallon tank. My 40 has about 50 lb of live rock that is 3 years old. I would really like to start over with the new tank from all dry rock how much better is 3 year old rock vs newly cycled rock and why? I can try to use some pieces of...
  17. Reef-Gang414

    C-Vue 26 AOI set up! New here!

    Hey y’all my name is Luke and I recently set up a cvue 26 all-in-one with a hydra 26 hd. I am currently waiting out the cycle stage and it seems to be taking longer then previous ranks. I have just started getting what look like little brown clusters of I think algae on the rock and sand no...
  18. Peach02

    Cure and cycle in tub?

    Essentially for my new tank I'm thinking of using entirely dry rock apart form a tiny piece to seed Coraline algae. my question: can I cure and cycle rock inside a container like this one. If I do it in this one will a sponge filter be adequate for filtration / water flow? Is a skimmer really...
  19. Curtis JoMo

    Reefscape 170gal floating shelves with acrylic rods

    Here is a sample of my reefscape. Still tinkering on a few things.. I’ll hide the acrylic rods once I put in tank. Check out the floating shelf that I am going to crazy-glue to my overflow box. Has anyone done this before? FYI I’m using Gorilla glue gel, eMarco 400 and CaribSea life rock...
  20. MillsReef

    Aquascape opinions?

    I haven't quite made my mind up on this aquascape, and I wanted to see if anyone had any advice/constructive criticism before the new tank gets wet. This is my first time using base rock instead of live rock, so I know it isn't perfect.
  21. Dylan7huskies

    Brown spots on dry rock?!

    My tank is about 3 weeks old and I had to remove the dry rock yesterday for about 5 hours to remove a pesty damsel. When I placed it back in I noticed these brown spots all over the rock? Any ideas what it is? Thanks!
  22. Peach02

    Scape A or B?

    Planning a aquascape to put in a hypothetical Red Sea reefer 350 I might buy Scape A or Scape B
  23. smartwater101

    Reaching into the LFS dryrock bin... felt something squishy...

    Dead mouse! 0_o Looked like the little dude got crushed years ago lol. That'll wake you up!
  24. Alexreefer

    dry rock leaching silicates?!

    Hey all, I have been battling diatoms for 3-4 months and they won't go away. They seem to have appeared after adding dry rock from my lfs. Could the rock be leaching silicates? Would removing the dry rock help solve or mitigate this issue? Thanks, Alex
  25. WhiskyTango

    Georgia Aqua-Tecture VidaRock Bonsai Sculptures

    WYSIWYG VidaRock sculptures. I modified the tallest one by removing about 2 inches from the main trunk, and rearranging two of the platforms. The mass of the sculpture is the same. I paid $595 last summer, selling for $400. Prefer local pickup, or I can ship if you cover it. Located in Early...