dry rock

  1. E

    Boiling Dry Rock

    I know a lot of people are against this, but I do not have time to spend with other methods (for personal reasons). I want to add a piece of fuji and pukani rock from BRS to my system, but I obviously need to cure it first. All method but one (according to my research) takes a long time, as...
  2. Haubfather07

    Build Thread HaubFather's First Reef (build + fails STORY)

    Well, I'm going to do what I understand it to be popular to do these days and document the steps of my first reef build.. While writing this, I have my first 2 Spot Tail Bennies, 4 snails (2X Trochus and 2X Nassarius), a Peppermint shrimp and 2 Blue Leg Hermit Crabs in the tank. In an effort to...
  3. John Ostler

    Dry rock rubble: what's the best way to attach a ton of small pieces together?

    I accidentally bought 2 bags of FIJI dry rock rubble from BRS (long story) over the weekend. haha. Now that I have them, I'm thinking it'd be really fun to create a super elaborate rock form for a nano. So my question is, what would you guys recommend for sticking those little pieces of rocks...
  4. Fishboy&crazycatfishlady

    Live rock

    Hey all! Back with some more questions! Getting really close to setting everything up and get running! Just cannot seem to decide/figure out what do as far as rock. I’ve looked into the Life Rock from Caribsea but can’t seem to find too much info. The only LFS near me is a petco, which they...
  5. Reef of Fillory

    All new Dry rock to running tank

    Hello, I have an issue with my rocks not staying together/shifting. The tank is currently set up and i've tried over and over to get a sturdy base and rockscape. My question is, can I take dry rock such as BRS reefsaver, build it on the floor, cement it all together and then take my current...
  6. Mike N

    Curing dry rock in RO/RODI vs SW

    I have a lot of dry rock to cure. I would prefer to cure in RODI water to save some cash on salt. Any advantages to curing in saltwater vs RODI?
  7. Syoung

    Reef Saver - Curing

    I've recently purchased 25lbs BRS Reef Saver dry rock to start an IM 25 Lagoon, and have conflicting information on whether I should cure the rock or not. It is advertised as the 'cleanest rock from BRS', and free of nuisance algae/pests. The BRS FAQ for Reef Saver has conflicting information...
  8. Jim Scannell

    (not just) curing dry live Fiji rock

    I've read everything I could find on curing dry live rock and basically they just state how to get it safe to put in the display tank. My goal is to make the rock a biological powerhouse, not just safe. I got my 100g reef tank last November. It was set up for 2 years before I bought it from a...
  9. landlocked303

    Pukani Rock

    Reaching out to see other's experiences with pukani rock is. For me, I've had two tanks in the past. The first, was set up with cured live rock from an LFS. There was virtually no algae growth on the rock for the life of the tank (3 years). My second tank I used dry pukani that I cured in a...
  10. Niterunner77

    New Reef question..... live rock vs. dry rock

    Hello all fellow reefers! I'm in the process of setting up my 75G reef tank and had a question. Probably a common question though. I'm between buying live rock or just buying dry rock. Should I just start with the dry rock? I just don't want to start off on the wrong foot and get live rock and...
  11. AshwinRavi

    Dry rock curing/cycling

    I recently purchased 40 pounds of dry rock from Amazon for a reef tank I am setting up (https://www.amazon.com/Worldwide-Imports-AWW0855-Atlantic-40-Pound/dp/B0002DI7F0/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1502734990&sr=8-1&keywords=atlantic+coral+rock+worldwide+imports). I rinsed the rocks in RODI water...
  12. james30ct

    Livestock and rock for sale

    Powder Blue Tang. Friendly,fat,and healthy $85 4-5" Xl hippo tang $100 over 8" Melanarus wrasse $45 3-4" Squamosa Clam $60 has had a white spot for a year but still grows like normal Dry rock/purple life rock 75lbs $140
  13. Coral Hygiene

    Lemme see your aquascapes

    I'm starting a new 90 gal reef tank and want to know what style of aquascape to do. I ordered 100 pounds of dry rock from John at ReefCleaners and made this: I haven't glued anything yet so I'm still able to move things around. I wanna see what you guys made, I'm also open to any suggestions.
  14. CoralManz

    Adding Dry Rock to an established system

    The deal is that I have a piece of live rock with coral encrusted on it but it's also plagued with algae and aiptasia.So what I think ill do is take it out try to frag the encrusters. And replace it with a piece of dry rock.How should I go about doing this?Should I cycle the rock in a separate...
  15. M

    No ammonia spike after 2 weeks?

    I set up my new 46 gallon bow front 13 days ago. I added 40 pounds of the CaribSea live sand, 45 pounds of Marcos dry rock and 10-20 pounds of live rock from my old tank. I added a whole bottle of the BioSpira stuff (the 75 gallon bottle). The tank is at 79 degrees. All RO/DI water with Kent...
  16. Reefahholic

    Help with Walt Smith ReefRock 2.1 Leeching PO4

    I would like to seek help in finding the best method to remove excessive PO4 or to expedite the leeching process. I'm scared my acros will die or fear my anemones will suffer and possibly die. Any help would be appreciated. :( I'm not sure how long this process will take since it's man-made...
  17. Frederick Edwards

    Dry rock help

    Aquarium is 41" x 24" x 24". I will be purchasing from Marco Rock and would like some help with what I will need form them. What sizes, shape, weight with key largo, prime cuts, etc. To give me plenty of styles to choose from for my aquascape? Do I need rods or can I just glue them together...
  18. ReeferRoo

    Curing BRS Dry Pukani in a New DT

    So I have decided to cure my BRS Dry Pukani in my new DT. I will also have some Tonga Shelf and Branch in the tank. I started this thread to both ask for advice/feedback as well as post my success or failure. Personal Reasoning for curing in tank vs a conventional method - Tank build got...
  19. J

    Marco Rock, Pukani or Aqua Maxx Eco Dry Rock?

    Well I decided that today would be a good day to purchase another tank. I am going to be building a Red Sea Reefer 425 XL. Looking to do an aquascape that's open for fish to swim through big arches but also want adequate coral placement options. This one is going to be built with white dry...
  20. BlueWorldJeff

    Adding Dry Rock to Established Reef

    My 180g reef has three live rock pillars right now and I want to add another one. I had some dry rock in the garage, that I epoxyed into another pillar. It has been sitting in a 18 gallon rubbermaid tote filled with 1.025 salt water with a MJ1200 powerhead moving the water. This was old tank...
  21. Jay_M

    Crumbling dry rock/ Rock left out in sun.

    Hello All, I am in the process of starting up a reef tank again and have a quick question. I have had a pile (100+ pounds) of live rock sitting outside in the sun for some time now and I'm wondering what kind of negative results this will have on the rock. My first observation is that the...
  22. D

    Billy's Reef Connection Preview and Unboxing

    I recently ordered some dry rock from Billy's Reef Connection. The prices are the lowest I've seen anywhere. The rock are pretty nice. Check it our for yourself. This is my initial review and unboxing of my order I received.
  23. Tips and Tricks on Creating Amazing Aquascapes

    Tips and Tricks on Creating Amazing Aquascapes

    Being a artist for fun and profession, I see things different than most people. I decided to create a article about composition, balance, color, and depth within your reef aquarium. I really hope this can help some of you out to create your dream looking reef that is pictured in your head. Once...
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