1. D

    Single siphon drain with high level shutoff on pump. Thoughts?

    I hate our durso return so much. Its unconscienably loud and not very safe. Thinking about installing a gate valve and pulling the durso bit to turn it into a single siphon drainpipe. If I put a level switch on the DT that kills power to the return pump, I will have a quieter drain system that...
  2. Joe Batt

    Bean Animal vs Durso for a small frag tank

    I am building a small frag tank, no fish. The water volume is going to be only around 80 litres (18 gallons) The overflow box is only drilled for 2 x 1 inch pipes. Am I better to install a Herbie or a Bean Animal but without the emergency standpipe? Would a Bean animal be ever likely to block...
  3. H

    Please help! :/

    I just finished plumbing my tank and it only has one hole drilled in the overflow. So i decided to plumb it using a durso standpipe. I even got a cap and drilled a hole in it and pht some airline tubing in the hole with a ball valve. As soon as i started running the tank with water i noticed...
  4. BoSalman

    Overflow noise...options?

    Hello, So it's been quiet a while since i started my 100G setup... Tank is a CadLights Artisan 100G, comes with Durso stand pipe drain, that has 1x 1.25" drain pipe, and 2x 0.75" pipes one for emergency drain and one for return. My water height is almost at halfway through the teeth of the...
  5. Spydersweb

    New aquarium overflows

    Hello all, So I finally bought what will be my 1st SW aquarium. It’s a 90 gallon with a single corner overflow. The default plumbing it comes with is two holes for bulkheads; A Durso, then a return from the second bulkhead. My question is; would it be better to plumb the single Durso and the...
  6. Mike N

    Small overflow drain options

    I've acquired a small reef-ready frag tank with a very small overflow box built in. It has a single 1" hole drilled, center, at the bottom of the overflow. I'd like to know what options I have for drains on this overflow. Is that enough space for a durso drain? The previous owner said he was...
  7. DirtDiggler2823

    Stockman Standpipe vs Durso

    Doing a bean animal setup, and I'm considering swapping out the durso that is supposed to be used for a stockman standpipe. The stockman has a smaller horizontal footprint, and I could use a coupling from Lowes to make either adjustable.
  8. Reefer18

    Sump drain pipe advice?

    I have a 30 gallon reef that I want to add a 20H sump on. The tank is currently drilled with 3/4” bulkheads and I was wanting to know if I could SILENTLY run a durso drain pipe down to my sump?
  9. MarineDepot

    Diagrams: Durso, Herbie and Bean Overflows

    Infographics: Durso, Herbie and Bean Overflows Learn how common aquarium overflows work!
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