Overflow noise...options?


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Aug 10, 2018
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Kuwait City. Kuwait

So it's been quiet a while since i started my 100G setup...

Tank is a CadLights Artisan 100G, comes with Durso stand pipe drain, that has 1x 1.25" drain pipe, and 2x 0.75" pipes one for emergency drain and one for return.

My water height is almost at halfway through the teeth of the overflow box. I've been lately annoyed by the constant "waterfall/splash" noise i get when my powerheads are over 40% or so. What could possible be the cause of this noise?

i have no noise/drain issues below the stand so far, but my only problem comes from the overflow box itself, it is so loud that i can hear it across the house, almost like a fountain noise. I was thinking i may need to adjust the height of the standpipe since it may be lower than the teeth area, hence the noise? or should i choke my drain line to raise the water level inside the overflow box? what's causing this issue?

I could convert it to a bean animal (2x 0.5"-0.75" drains, 1.25" emergency) and plump my return independently through the back of the tank if that would fix all these issues? BUT this would be my last go-to option as it's been working fine and i don't want to mess up any bulkheads at this stage and sacrifice my livestock.

what do you guys think?


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Oct 31, 2019
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I think you should choke the drain and raise the water level. You are on the right track. Maybe in the future, change your plumbing to a bean animal and run a return line over the top of the back of aquarium or drill a new hole in back of aquarium.

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