eel aquarium

  1. G

    New 180 gal tank stock suggestions, lionfish is a must

    hey guys, i currently have a 75 peaceful reef tank and its doing pretty well. i have a 180-gallon tank that's about to be finished cycling soon and I'm trying to figure out good stock options. i definitely want a lionfish at some point but i am not that knowledgeable on what species there is...
  2. ISpeakForTheSeas

    Pebble-Tooth Eels with Predators/Inverts?

    So, a bit of a hypothetical variation on a frequently asked question, but I'm wondering about potential long-term tank mates for eels. Specifically, I'm wondering about potential predator and invert tank mates with pebble-tooth eels: lionfish, anglers, scorpionfish, walking batfish...
  3. C

    Cleaning with an eel

    I have a 2ft jeweled moray eel, and for the life of me I can not figure out how to clean this tank. Anytime I try to clean it he’s comes out and tries to bite. (even after being fed) does anybody with experience with eels have any idea on how to clean/vacuum safely.
  4. N

    Going to be owning a snowflake eel, any help?

    Hi all. My brother and I are going to be new owners of a Snowflake Eel. I've done some research into owning the eel, 35% water change per week, feeding live/frozen food, tank size [55gallon if correct], likes coral base/dark hiding spots, only keeping one eel in the tank, etc. etc. I was...
  5. BugXprt

    Build Thread My skull eel tank 11 months out

  6. Seahorse man

    New tank stocking, will a snowflake eel get along?

    Right now i have 2 yellowtail damsels and a small yellow tang in a 55 long. (I know tangs need a bigger tank, im working on buying a 120) Do you think the eel would eat these fish? I have a few small hermits and a few margarita snails, but these i can relocate. Also, is the lid in the picture...
  7. BugXprt

    Build Thread ☠️Skulls, Skeletons, and Eels. Oh my!☠️

    My Tank Build... the top photos is most recent... Light Bulb Tunicates from the live Florida rock Finally Engaged... with this ring..... I am about 3 months into this Tank. I have had saltwater and freshwater tanks for most of my life. My last two saltwater tanks was a nano reef and an...