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  1. Daniel

    Build Thread My ELOS MIDI Adventure

    Hi All - Thank you for visiting my build thread. It's been a long while since I've started a tank, but I've been lurking for some time now and think it's time to make my way back into this wonderful hobby once more. Here's a link of my previous nano tank build with an ELOS Mini. It's been...
  2. ELOSAmerica


    You want to earn a year's worth of aquarium food with ELOSAmerica /AquariumPartners and V2O aquarium Foods For reef as well as for fish only and big fish. It's your choice. But in order to do that you have to answer the questions : LIVE TUESDAY MAY 19 th 6 PM EST . -1. Reef Caviar is the eggs...
  3. L

    New Tank - First signs of Algae

    My new Elos tank has now been up and running with fish for 2 weeks now. This morning I found the first signs of hair algae on the rocks. Is this all normal? It seems to be covering most of the rocks. The rocks (started with dry Marco) have been cycled in a Brute can for the past 10 months so...
  4. ELOSAmerica

    Do you hate doing the tests on your reef tank ?

    Do you hate doing the tests on your reef tank ? checkout what Tristian's Reef think about ELOS Water Test kit NIST certified .... Click on the picture . . . . . #ELOS #ELOSAmerica #Aquaroche #marinepure #120Diamondline #testkit #nutrimentissue #saltwateraquarium #reefing
  5. Elder1945

    Build Thread The 5 day Build by: Elder1945

    Well..... I just got off the phone with team at ELOS. They have challenged me to take one of there absolute stands and make it remarkable in 5 days or less. They will need the stand for MACNA this year and with shipping time calculated that leaves me 5 days to make something that is not only...
  6. w2inc

    Build Thread Elos 130-ish + a chopped up 160 for a frag tank and display

    My husband loves watching what I do with the hobby and didn't have to be talked into letting me fill the breakfast nook and part of the back patio with tanks. Friends have been sending me hook ups whenever they hear about free stuff. Uhaul was getting plenty of business from me for about 3...
  7. shawnriv

    Rhode Island WTB: Elos 70 Tank w/Stand

    hello, I am looking for an Elos 70 aquarium and stand. Willing to drive a couple of hours. Thank you!
  8. L

    Build Thread ELOS 120 Upgrade

    So my new tank upgrade starts today. My first saltwater tank started just over 2 years ago when my wife gave me a 38 gallon bow front for Christmas. I had never had a saltwater tank and therefore never knew how much I would get hooked on keeping a reef tank. It started out slow with a dwarf...
  9. AquariumSpecialty

    Elos Year End Sale on In-Stock Aquariums!

    In-Stock Elos aquariums are on sale while supplies last on 4 Elos models. Shipping is free within the continental US. 3 models discounted 15% OFF and 1 model is discounted at 41% OFF! https://www.aquariumspecialty.com/equipment/aquarium-and-sumps/aquariums.html?manufacturer=7459
  10. ELOSAmerica

    I tried the new ELOS Fresco Food in My Aquastudio

    as you probably already all know. I'm also the owner of an ELOS Aquastudio in Nice'' french riviera " and I've tried out these tinned alternatives to frozen fish foods, and gets a pleasant surprise. I completely misjudged what was going to be in these tins, and how good it all was. At a...
  11. ELOSAmerica

    Elos Nitrate Test Procedure: By Marc Levenson Melev'sReef

    An another great Procedure For ELOS Aquatest Kit NO3 NITRATE This is how I use the Elos Nitrate test kit. Nitrate is a natural byproduct of a reef, but at elevated levels it may stunt coral growth. If it rises even higher, it can affect fish health. 50% water changes are a proven method to drop...
  12. ELOSAmerica

    Elos Magnesium Test Procedure: By Marc Levenson Melev'sReef

    This is how you test with the Elos Magnesium test kit. This kit requires some math to determine the current level in PPM. It might be wise to jot down your numbers while testing to avoid forgetting where you left off. ELOS aquatest Kit may not be the easiest test to do, but it is surely the most...
  13. ELOSAmerica

    Elos Phosphate Test Procedure:By Marc Levenson Melev's Reef

    Elos Phosphate Test Procedure: Always thanks-full for all the support by Marc . Another great video on how to use our Elos Aquatest Nitrate kit... Thank you Marc Levenson from Melev's Reef, Inc.
  14. ELOSAmerica

    Elos Calcium AquaTest Kit Procedure By Marc Levenson Melev's reef

    Watch this great video on how to use our Elos Aquatest Calcium kit... Thank you Marc Levenson from Melev's Reef, Inc. if you have any question about this procedure , ask in this thread..
  15. AquariumSpecialty

    Elos 15% OFF SUMMER SALE - ENDS June 11th!

    15% OFF on all Elos consumable items. Test Kits, Additives, Food, Media... http://www.aquariumspecialty.com/shop-by-brand/elos.html
  16. Elder1945

    Build Thread [sponsored] Project 70 by Elder1945 75g

    Here we are again with a new build for my new Elos 70. This will be in my basement with my main display (https://www.reef2reef.com/threads/sponsored-project-reef-by-elder1945-200g.291796/) This will be a fun and exciting build so join along for another fun filled build. So much more to do...
  17. Fishinbob

    Large Build FishinBob's Elos 160xl Build

    I Would like to introduce myself, I'm Bob and like the rest of you I'm a reef-a-holic! I've been only been in the hobby 7 years or so but have had a great journey along the way. I live in cape coral florida and volenteer on the B.O.D for my local Reef club Swfmas (Southwest Florida Marine...
  18. AquariumSpecialty

    Elos Aquariums, Test Kits, DC Pumps, Additives on Sale

    Form now until January 31st we will have Elos aquariums, stands, test kits, additives, DC pumps ATO and Osmocontrollers on sale for 10-15% off. See site for details. We have many tanks and other items in stock and ready to ship. http://www.aquariumspecialty.com/shop-by-brand/elos.html
  19. geo

    Custom GEO R SERIES PRO PLUS Sump for ELOS 120XL

    We want to say thank you to Spencer from NYC for ordering this custom GEO R Series Pro Plus sump 44x20x15 for his Elos 120XL. This sump has an integrated ATO pump from SpectraPure and we built a holder for his 25 watt UV sterilizer. Happy Holidays!!!!!!
  20. A

    Aquarium and flow

    I am contemplating using the Triton system on my new tank. I have a used Elos 120xl which has a 1/2 return pipe, a quick google search shows its at best good for 800 gph. The 127 gallons in the Elos times 10 has me looking for 1250 to 1300 gph. This seems like a substantial shortcoming. Has...
  21. R

    FS: Elos 120 (90 Gallons)

    Hi Everyone, I'm selling my Elos 120. The tank has a couple chips on the edge and 1 scratch, but holds water with no problem. Has been set up for nearly a year with no issues. Looking to sell everything together. I will part out if someone just wants the tank without the equipment, but will not...
  22. FLSharkvictim

    Can't keep my MAG Stable!

    I have a 120 reef system with mostly LPS and soft corals and I can't keep my MAG stable. Just tested it 3 times with my Elos Test Kit which I think is one of the more accurate test kits on the market. Anyhow, my MAG is sitting at 1150ppm. I ordered the Elos Expert Line buffer to raise it. Just...
  23. Mattres

    Elos Fan Club!

    Hello Elos fans! I thought an Elos fan thread would be a great place for owners to share their pride and joy and also as a place to share info and ideas about the Elos products. I know when I was in the market for a new Elos every bit of information and photo was like gold so this can also...
  24. Mattres

    Build Thread Matt's Elos 120xl

    Well here we go! A couple weeks ago I finally received word that my Elos system had touched down in Australia. I placed the order in October last year! I've had my heart set on a 120xl for the past 2-3 years but always had restrictions with our living arrangements. The fiancé and I finally...
  25. M

    ELOS 120 vs IFALOS Seriphos

    So I'm finally going to take the plunge after a decade of dreaming about a reef tank! The hard debate for me right now is either an Elos 120 or this new IFALOS Seriphos. Both are in that 90 gallon range that I want to be in. http://elivepet.com/fish/products/ifalos/seriphos/ I love the idea of...
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