1. matt_work27

    Black bugs?

    Noticed some of my acro frags have head really bad polpy extension lately and decided to dip some of them in coral Rx. I was trying to zoom in on this really small black dots, can anyone verify it is a black bug or do i need better zoom? Hard for me to tell if its just debris or something worse...
  2. A

    Need help clownfish is laying in the sand breathing heavily

    Just bought two clownfish two days ago already lost the one and now my other is laying in the sand on his side and appears to be breathing heavily. I know my water is fine I’ve tested twice in the last day but it is a new tank but I did add bacteria to the tank to ensure that I could add fish...
  3. rennjidk

    Clown laying on sandbed, breathing rapidly, and not eating after switching tanks. Stress?

    I had a pair of clowns in an old tank, which I broke down. I moved them both into my qt tank for 48 hours while I set up the new one. All throughout the time in qt, the mocha has been fine, but the black ice immediately sat on the bottom with very rapid breathing. I moved them both to the DT...
  4. ekandler

    How do I save this clam?

    Had this clam for 2 months. Wasn’t always the happiest but it’s been okay. Moved it high on the rock as was recommended by R2R. This is my first clam so I wasn’t sure what to expect. this past week he’s took a turn for the worse. What can I do to save him? He’s been closed this week but now he...
  5. I

    Weird things growing out of zoa frag

    These weird brown things are sticking out of my zoa frag, I’ve plucked many off but they come back the next day. please identify
  6. A

    EMERGENCY Quick I was trying to catch ghost shrimp for fishing and I took them home in a livewell and they had babies...

    This is an urgent emergency there are tiny saltwater ghost shrimp and I cant go back to let them free for a while, I need to know how to keep them alive and raise them. I have not found anything on the web about what to feed new saltwater ghost shrimp, it is all about freshwater ghost shrimp. I...
  7. G

    My anemone was sucked into filter

    My anemone was sucked into filter vents, i I caught it just in time, half of it was inbetween the vents, I turned off the filter and carfully took it out. The foot does not seem damaged nor ripped. I put it in a small container, should i leave it in the container ? or put it back in the tank ...
  8. doubleshot00

    EMERGENCY Tang acting really weird. Flashing against glass.

    My scopas keeps flashing against the glass. Idk why. Jarting and dashing all around the tank. and breathing heavy https://youtube.com/shorts/hhrzoBm1M3M?feature=share
  9. b0bburg3r

    Heavy breathing weird behavior. Can’t identify!

    My tang was found breath heavy after feeding of mysis. At night he hides and has a respiration rate over 150 a second. He also has a cleaner shrimp following him everywhere and cleaning him. Getting worse but during the day he acts like this and is still eating like crazy. Please help I am a...
  10. F

    Emergency what happened to my hand

    I recently started working at an LFS with a 350 gallon reef display. I was scraping algae prior to a water change and hit my finger on the rock, drawing blood. Since then my finger has been slowly increasing and decreasing in pain which is kind of just dull and achey, but then when it gets wet...
  11. B

    EMERGENCY Is there something wrong with my clowns?

    I just had to remove a ton of rock to get out a very aggressive fish. But now my clowns are acting really weird. Doesn't seem to be any parasite issue but they aren't eating which I assume is from the stress as they ate happily the day before I removed the aggressive fish. It's been a 16 hours...
  12. britnicole1724


    So I have confirmed I have LCA Dino’s. On top of bryopsis and hair algae that I’ve been dealing with for a while now. I do weekly water changes but it’s just not getting any better. Obviously something is off but my parameters are not showing it. salinity ammonia 0 Nitrates 7 Nitrites 0...
  13. Knawaiseh

    EMERGENCY I will literally quit this hobby! Corals lose colors in a matter of days or weeks

    My corals lose colors in a matter of days and some take weeks or just look pale, I’ve searched through everything and nothing helped.please help if you can!!!! I’m currently using all for reef and dosing iod by tropic marine, and use tropic marine pro salt. I have one radion g4 and two ai prime...
  14. T

    Blue tang suddenly sick

    My blue tang was (appeared to be anyway) fine two days ago. I hadn't seen him come out of hiding since then, so I moved the rock around and found him like this? It's looking like it might be too late for him, but any guesses as to what is going on?
  15. Gophish1982

    EMERGENCY Ich? Velvet? HELP!

    So I noticed white patches or bumps on my tangs today. I had observed them in a QT tank for a few weeks before moving to my DT and had only treated with General Cure because I had noticed something dark on one fin of my white tail bristletooth the size of a grain of rice. They have been in my...
  16. BurtMacklin

    EMERGENCY Accidental hydrogen peroxide dosing

    I have a 65 Gallon tank 12 months old. 20 gallon sump. I had some 3% hydrogen peroxide lining the bottom of a 5 gallon bucket 2 days ago to kill some algae. Forgot to wash it out, filled the bucket with RODI then 24 hrs later added salt and stirred for another 24 hrs. I added the water 10...
  17. djm

    Hammer Coral Help

    I’ve had a branching hammer coral for around 9 months and it’s been doing really well. Earlier today it was fully extended and happy. This evening I’ve looked and it is very shrunken and looks like a brown ballon coming from its mouth. Never seen it do this before. what could this be?
  18. J

    Black spots on rabbit fish after ich treatment.

    It’s as the title says I noticed 2 little ich spots on my fox face rabbit fish treated it with the last of my paraguard and finished up with api super ich treatment it cleared up and the day I was supposed to do my 25% change I noticed black specs on it can anybody identify them? My parameters...
  19. Isaac_Tang

    EMERGENCY Elegance Coral

    Weird white “parasite” shown, I’ve noticed past two days my Elegance wasn’t fully open like normal and today when I get back from work I see this white thing with legs any ideas what do I do? Here’s a picture

    Fire fish injury

    Can someone shed some light on this please….. come home from work to fish fish injured, what’s best thing to do? Is it fatal? Looks like something sticking out of fish body…. photos bit blury Cheers
  21. B

    Hammer retraction

    Hi everyone. Have a few hammers that have suddenly retracted and don’t look healthy and I’m concerned about BJD. Should I pull and dip in some lugols? I also have some Coral rx. Looking for options.
  22. B

    Brown jelly?

    I have a Duncan that was not doing too well, but it was still opened. It was opened this morning but I just caught it closed up with some slime on it. Is this brown jelly?
  23. JamieTotten1996

    EMERGENCY 1.0302 Salinity

    I’ve just done a water change and through rookie error I’ve dramatically changed my salinity from 32-PPT to 40-PPT (1.0241-1.0302) I have two clowns and one small toxic splatter gonioastrea frag. Have I just mistakenly killed my tank I’m very concerned now!!
  24. zachSalty

    Feather Dsuter Help

    I got a feather duster from my LFS yesterday. It is not quite 24 hours old. While drip acclimating and throughout the ride home the crown was out. The worm it’s self is not out of the tube and he has looked like this all the time (see picture). I tried spot feeding him this morning and he didn’t...
  25. zachSalty

    New Clownfish started this..

    So my clownfish was drip acclimated and bought from my LFS. He was doing good and all in the bag and during the drip. I had the light off when he was dripping and released into the tank. He was swimming “normal” with the light off. As soon as the light went on he retreated to the corner in the...
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