established tank

  1. J

    Detected ammonia in established tank

    Hello, I have a 100g tank with a 34g sump. I've had it going since October 2020. Recently, I've added a new dry rock and 2 media bricks. I haven't tested ammonia in a long time. The red sea kit I have, I purchased in July of 2020. I just tested ammonia because a firefish I have, I haven't...
  2. dr1271

    Please don’t be The Big D!

    Can someone help me distinguish what this is? I'm praying this isn't the Big D?!?! Tank is a Waterbox 70.2 (55g total water volume). Live rock and sand has stayed with me as I slowly upgraded tanks over the past 8+ years. I do not have a microscope yet to properly identify, but on the sand bed...
  3. jaket

    Established Tank Moved

    First post.. so I recently purchased a (what I was told) 2 year established tank with 120 lbs live sand, 100 lbs live rock. fluval 1200mm light bar(replacing as it is junk but it came with it) I’m running fx6 and cascade 1200 canisters being it’s not drilled. And a Sea clone protein skimmer...
  4. Taykilps

    Terrible diatom outbreak

    I just got this tank from a friend about a month and a half ago and the diatoms just went crazy about 3 weeks after setting it back up. The tank has been established for well over a year. I got 2 oscelarous clowns a cleaner shrimp and a small goby, 5 astreas snail 5 nasarious and a few other...
  5. Injoynit

    Adding salt to established tank

    I have a few question about salt additions to established tanks. What happens if I just add salt to an established tank and let the tank mix the salt? Fish die? Precipitation? Other? What happens if I mix some salt in a container with RODI water and then just add it to the tank? Why is salt...
  6. Vansaquaescape

    75 Gallon Tank

    So I’ve had a 75 gallon tank set up and running for two years. Had no fish, live rock, sump and one mushroom coral. Wasn’t doing much with the tank just had it there was so busy with work and other things. Freed up some time getting back to the tank did a 25% water change added Fiji mud to the...
  7. MnFish1

    What makes an aquarium 'safe' to add 'difficult' inhabitants

    So - I keep hearing one needs to do x, y, z before adding (insert difficult to keep coral or fish here). I wanted to see what everyone thinks is the MOST important thing. I've heard every one of the choices below - so I'm interested in what everyone thinks. If you have another factor that you...
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