first reef aquarium

  1. miltonkl

    Help picking out my first tank!

    I'm looking to set up my first tank and am trying to decide between a 40 breeder and an Aquatop Recife 40g AIO tank. I just picked up a used Aquatop with stand (included a return pump and the plastic media bucket things but the light it was supposed to have is missing and the skimmer it came...
  2. RiptideAquaculture

    I'm bored, let see your first coral you added to your reef!

    In my most recent Reef this is my first addition. Build thread coming soon. "Show me what you got!"
  3. J

    Help me identify 5 Hitchhikers on my Live Rock from LFS

    Hi- I am a new hobbyist and am just cycling my first reef tank! I went to my LFS to purchase my live rock, and noticed some interesting hitchhikers. I have done some research and believe one is an Aiptasia anemone- and have read it is recommended to nip those in the bud. But don’t know what the...
  4. Klowborg

    Build Thread My first tank! Budget/DIY

    Hey Guys! This is my first tank! And money is tight, so I have been using DIY and cheap stuff, or stuff I had laying around. It's a 200 liter display tank with a 54 liter sump. Tech: Populargrow 165W Reef LED Eheim CompactON 1000 return pump Fluval CP4 Circulation pump DIY Overflow 20 kg mix...
  5. B

    Build Thread Brian's First Time Reef Build RSR 250 - (Pic Heavy / Detailed Walk Through)

    Hi All - I'm a long time reader of reef2reef and have finally created an account and decided to give back. This is an amazing community with tons of helpful information and I hope this post can be helpful for newcomers / interesting for the rest of you experts. Apologize in advance for the long...
  6. kiswanson

    Build Thread Red Sea E170 max AIO mixed reef build - first reef tank

    I have been keeping fresh water “high tech” planted aquariums (CO2), and thought I should try something really high tech and start my first reef tank. I went with the Red Sea e170 max ($1744) since I liked the form factor and I liked the rear sump option. 45 G (37 G display 8 G sump) 24" L x...
  7. Spejz

    Build Thread Spejz's Arctic Red Sea Reefer 170 (First Tank)

    Hello reefers, soon to be reefers and previous reefers! One week ago I move from the "soon to be reefer" to the "reefer" category myself, when I bought my first saltwater aquarium. An already up and running Red Sea Reefer 170. My name Filip, I live in northern Sweden and have for some years...
  8. reefdoc23

    Build Thread Cincy Reef Dude - Waterbox Marine X 110.4 New Build

    Look forward to my sharing my build over the next year and hopefully learn a ton from you all in the meantime. Please add suggestions or comments along the way!! 12/28/20 Ordered Waterbox Marine X 110.4 , not yet shipped 12/28/20 - 1/23/21 Planning phase: 50+ hours of research, I feel like I...
  9. C

    Build Thread First Saltwater Tank 29 gallons

    Hello I started my adventure into saltwater on January 1st this year. I was given a 29 gallon tank for Christmas from a family member who breeds fish. My lovely younger sister who has heard me talk about wanting a saltwater reef for awhile bought me a Tidal 55 HOB filter and a HOB protein...
  10. saltmine

    Build Thread The Flagship Emerald Reef!

    Hello everyone! This is going to be the build thread for the first ever saltwater tank that my partner and I have done. We have had success with freshwater in the past, but it is time for something new! In my introduction thread, @P-Dub referred to our nascent system as the Emerald Reef, which...
  11. mjh712

    Build Thread Matt's Waterbox 110 - First Saltwater Tank

    Hello and welcome to my first saltwater tank build. My name is Matt & I will be your captain on this voyage. I think I'm going to split this adventure in a few parts. Since this is my first foray in saltwater, Part 1 will be dedicated to the 1st year. All 365 days starting with the setup...
  12. Reef Racket

    AIO Build First Reef Tank - Fluval Flex 32.5 Gallon Build

    Hello All! I’ve decided to start my first ever reef tank after spotting the AIO Fluval Flex 32.5 Gallon Tank Kit (Aka Fluval Flex 123L). Figured the all in on (AIO) was the way to go since I’m a first timer and the setup seemed pretty simple to grasp. However, after reading about this tank from...
  13. XFeathersx

    Build Thread 2020 Biocube 32

    My first saltwater tank after keeping a 75g freshwater for 8 years. Wasn't sure about upkeep so I didn't want to go all in, and decided the Biocube 32 would be a good intro for me. Sumps and skimmers seemed beyond my capacity (and budget) so an all in one was the best choice for me to see how I...
  14. F

    Purple Spot (smithii) mantis Potential Build

    Hi all, I often find myself awake at ungodly hours of the night scrolling through this forum and dreaming of a mantis shrimp of my own. I’m a freshwater fish keeper, and just recently got a job in the freshwater section of my LFS. However, it’s safe to say the mantis has stolen my heart and has...
  15. Calebb8133


  16. W

    First saltwater reef tank

    This is my first saltwater reef tank that I’ve ever done I would like some opinions on it or some suggestions and tips
  17. GavinTrz

    Build Thread My First Reef Tank Build!!

    Hi Y'all! Today I thought I'd finally share my progress on my first reef tank, I have a lot of freshwater experience but I am completely new to saltwater so the entire first month has been a brand new experience. For my tank, I decided to go with the 40 gallon cube from Aquatop. picked this...
  18. BigOunce11

    Help with dinos in fluval evo

    Hi all, in January I set up my fluval evo, all going well, other than the dinos i am currently watching fester. From what Ive read, the solution seems to be to raise phosphate and nitrate, mine currently being 2ppm nitrate and 0.1ppm phosphate, however am unsure of the best way to do this with...
  19. Wilson1985

    Cube Build Waterbox 20 Cube - First Reef Tank

    Hey guys, So I started building my first reef tank in the summer of 2019 and figured I should make a post for the build. Tank was started early June and consists of the following: Tank Specs Display: Waterbox Cube 20 17.7'' x 17.7'' x 15.8'' Rock: Macro Dry Rock Sand: Caribsea Fiji Pink Live...
  20. Rbell93

    New member & first salt tank ever build (pics)

    Hey everyone new member and with my first salt tank ever. I build the sump,stand, and plumbing. See what you think, pics attached! I cycled for a month and now have 2 clowns, 1 flame angel, 2 nems, gsp, zoa, cleaner shrimp, 4 small hermits, 2 snails!
  21. alishahlakhani

    10g Nano - High Nitrites(NO2) ~5ppm+, No ammonia & minimal Nitrates(NO3) ~<6ppm

    Hey fellow reefers, I've very new to aquarium hobby and I have a (maybe stupid) cycling question. I've had my tank cycling for past 3.5 weeks and now my Nitrites(NO2) are extremely high(full purple) for past 1 week. I have very minimal to low algae growth. Equipment used. - Dry rocks and Dry...
  22. Lucky713

    Build Thread My first reef tank- Biocube 32

    I am still very early in the build so far I have done my rock work, and started cycling. As far as additional equipment I have a Tunze 9001 skimmer, an Intank media basket, an Aqueon Pro 150 heater. I used dry rock and 2 bags of live sand don't remember the brand. I used 2 bottles of Dr. Tim's...
  23. midlife-reefer

    Build Thread First Reef Tank - IM NUVO SR-60

    A couple of weekends ago, I almost bought a brand new Innovative Marine Fusion Nano 20. It was on sale for $240 and came with lights. I debated and when I finally decided to pull the trigger on it, it was gone. It just disappeared from my shopping cart. POOF!! It was no longer available on...
  24. Taking the Plunge: Starting Your First Reef Aquarium

    Beginner Topic Taking the Plunge: Starting Your First Reef Aquarium

    Zoanthid close-up. Photo is from the Reef2Reef archives. We think there are plenty of readers out there who are considering starting a reef tank but who hesitate to move forward for a number of reasons. So, this article is intended for those who have never had any kind of aquarium, or those...