fluval flex

  1. Mwdsonny

    Fluval Flex 32.5gal (123l)

    1st I've ordered media baskets for the tank. Looking at chemipure blue 5.5 Oz is rated for 35 to 50 gal. So using it is a little over powered, but not super over powered. But that will go on the media tray on 1 side. Filter floss will go in top of both, but the basket with the blue will have...
  2. Lsuhunter

    Fluval Flex 32.5 Heat Issues

    I have had my Fluval Flex 32.5g tank set up for about 7 months now and always battled heat. My tank ran in the 81-82 degree range and actually did fine, but I finally decided to get the heat under control so I can start trying some more finnicky corals. I got the idea to add PC fans to my rear...
  3. N

    Fluval flex 32,5g - Help needed for mods

    Hi R2R, After 8 years of break I am now back with the hobby - and I am excited :) In this matter I came across this forum and looking forward to both find and share inspiration for this hobby in here in the future :) This time I am looking into starting up a AiO tank with the Fluval Flex 32,5...
  4. cLoWDy

    AIO Build First Reef Tank - Fluval Flex 32.5 Gallon Build

    Hello All! I’ve decided to start my first ever reef tank after spotting the AIO Fluval Flex 32.5 Gallon Tank Kit (Aka Fluval Flex 123L). Figured the all in on (AIO) was the way to go since I’m a first timer and the setup seemed pretty simple to grasp. However, after reading about this tank from...
  5. cLoWDy

    Fluval Flex Owners - Experience, Mods, Advice

    Hello Reefers, Im a first time reefer but certainly not new to the aquarium lifestyle. I decided to start my journey with an AIO (all in one) Fluval Flex 32.5 Gallon. I have had so many questions about the best way to go about setting up this tank as there are many ways to modify and improve...
  6. wonroc

    Build Thread The Turnpike Flex 32 Mixed Reef

    Fluval Flex 32.5 Saltwater Mixed Reef FLUVAL Flex Marine 32.5 MarineDepot 4 stage Rodi Tropic Marin Pro Salt 2 bags pink sand 40lbs life rock Fritzyme 9 Mixed reef. Rear fuge: purigen/charcoal. Filter material. Tunze Nano Skimmer. Intank. Ceramic media for the rear bottom space. Nano Ato to a...