Fluval Flex 32.5gal (123l)



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Nov 20, 2018
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I've ordered media baskets for the tank. Looking at chemipure blue 5.5 Oz is rated for 35 to 50 gal. So using it is a little over powered, but not super over powered. But that will go on the media tray on 1 side. Filter floss will go in top of both, but the basket with the blue will have an empty tray, other will have 2 empty trays. What should else should I use?
Also I have the fruval marine 3.0 light, but my nems keep bleaching and dying. They also hide in caves and in shadows. So also wondering what I should do about lighting. The flex comes with 1 light, but the hood had the space to add a second. So wondering should I add second light, or how should I set the light settings?
I've orderef a replacement stock pump that I've read people say is rated at 214ish gph. The new pump is rated at 357. How much flow is needed, how much is 2 much. Do I need power heads? If so 1 or 2? And where in the tank should they be placed?
Looking at other equipment, specifically skimmers, And auto Top off. But worried about stagnant water. So any suggestions as well as other suggested equipment/upgrades in not thinking about.
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Apr 29, 2014
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I would recommend an ATO (not required but I have found them to be very helpful for consistency). If you do regular water changes then you may not need a skimmer for the smaller tank. Additionally, you may want to sort through the build sections to see what others have done to mod their lights. To spread the flow from the return pump you may also want to consider adding a RFG from Vivid.

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