frogspawn coral

  1. BrightReef

    California Indo Gold Hammer, Indo Orange Frogspawn, Bicolor Frogspawn

    Hi All- Selling a few of my beauties :cool:. Pickup near San Jose, send me a message if interested. 1. Indo Gold Branching Hammer (4 heads) $210 2. Indo Orange Branching Frogspawn (3 heads) $165 Mother Colony Picture Below (NFS) 3. Bi-color Branching Frogspawn (5 heads)- $200
  2. M

    EMERGENCY My Frogspawn has a White growth on its skeleton

    Hi I am in need of some help figuring out what is growing on/happening to my frogspawn... it appears to be some sort of growth on the bottom left of the skeleton where the skeleton meets the frag plug. I have had the frag for around 4 months and it has been thriving in my tank. I do regular...
  3. T

    North Carolina WTB Anyone selling hammer or frogspawn corals?

    Hi I was wondering if anyone here is sailing and teal or blue branching hammer corals or frogspawns?
  4. T

    Anyone selling corals?

    Hi I was wondering if anyone here is sailing and teal or blue branching hammer corals or frogspawns?
  5. nanonøkk

    will they fight

    ok so i wanna move my frogspawn here but i’m worried it will sting the goniapora and shade my bubble coral underneath or shade my kenya tree is it ok to put it up there or should i put it somewhere else but right there has moderate light and moderate flow
  6. Travis Warren

    California Purple Tipped Frogspawn $15 a head.

    This is the mother colony.individual Puctures up next with # if heads.
  7. Sleeping Giant

    New tank buddies

    Got some new additions:
  8. R

    Need Help identifying

    Can anyone maybe tell me what is going on with my frogspawn????
  9. S

    Frogspawn splitting or dying

    I have a fairly large piece of FS and just noticed it looks like the skeleton is visible and or the head is splitting...any ideas? My tank has been up and running since January, parameters seem good, temp is 78-80. New to salt and am still very much in the learning phase.
  10. Plzpizza

    Polyp Bailout?

    Hi recently today I got a pink frogspawn and I might of dipped it too aggressively by using a turkey Bastet and blasting it cause a lot of stuff was coming out. I also rinsed it 2 times in salt water 1st time was with main display water then with new saltwater. A small part of it seems to be...
  11. Reefer37

    Frogspawn Show Off Thread

    I'm a big fan of really all euphyllia in general, but recently I've been really impressed with some of the Indos I've been seeing. I picked up a really cool frag of an Indo frogspawn I hadn't seen before. Green tips with like a gold mouth. Anyway, figured I'd post a Frogspawn show off thread...
  12. Fosterz_goodcall

    Wall euphyllia help

    Currently at work so I don’t have pictures but I brought a wall hammer and frogspawns corals and recently seem to be doing poorly but all my other corals are doing great, my acans grown more heads other branching hammer and frogspawn doing great Duncan’s all opened, just wondering if there’s...
  13. R

    Weird Tissue Loss On FrogSpawn Head

    Can anyone tell me what is happening here? It has happened pretty fast. My first thought was that it was budding, but I’ve grown out frogspawn before and it never looked like this.
  14. sixty_reefer

    Rare frogspawn y so expensive?

    Am a bit slow here but why are frogspawn so expensive now days?
  15. AquaHobby31


    Anyone has a frogspawn for sale in Washington DC metro area?
  16. ACF930

    Pennsylvania Gold Hammer and Orange Frogspawn

    Indo Orangeish Gold Hammer (2 heads) $150 Orange Frogspawn (fat head) $125 Plus shipping. Standard 2hr DOA applies.
  17. Evan28395950

    Show Off Your Frogspawns!!

    This coral has to be my favorite. Love the way it looks. Can’t wait to see others! :)
  18. Evan28395950

    Frammer Coral Discussion

    Ever since I discovered the frammer coral (mix of frogspawn and hammer), I’ve been wondering how rare are these, how is this coral created, and how many of you have one? Here’s a picture of mine
  19. Evan28395950

    Frogspawn Head

    Hello all, I’ve have had this frogspawn for around 2 months now. It’s very happy, but one smaller head hasn’t been getting much light since the bigger tentacles block it. I tried positioning it different, but it didn’t help. What should I do? I do occasionally spot feed mysis shrimp and other...
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