frogspawn coral

  1. Great Deal on Torches, Frogspawn and Hammers!!!!! Local Pick up Only. Ocean Beach, CA

    For sale Great Deal on Torches, Frogspawn and Hammers!!!!! Local Pick up Only. Ocean Beach, CA

    I have the following up up for sale as local pick up and cash for pick up. I will not hold corals unless you are on your way to pick them up. I have several 1, 2 and 3 head white tip torches with bright green tentacle. $75 a head. I have a several gold Hammers 2, 3 and 4 heads. $65 a head...
    $30.00 to $250.00
  2. Amazing deal on Torches, Frogspawn and Gold Hammers. Local Pick up only. 92107

    For sale Amazing deal on Torches, Frogspawn and Gold Hammers. Local Pick up only. 92107

    I can meet at Union Bank parking lot in Ocean Beach, CA 92107 for local pick up only. I will not ship. I fragged the torches and Frogspawn about 5 weeks ago and the hammer about 4 weeks ago. If buying multiple then I would offer a discount. Item 1. Green Torch with pink tips - $40 a head. 3...
    $25.00 to $120.00
  3. T

    EMERGENCY My Frogspawn base tissue is whitening, is it normal?

    Hello, I got a frogspawn 2 weeks ago and I observed recently that the tissue near the base is getting white, is it normal? I am worried that maybe it’s a disease, or it’s not happy, or maybe my shrimp is biting it. My parameters are normal. any help is much appreciated
  4. Travis Warren

    California Blue Tip Frogspawn Neon Green 30.00 PerHead

    I have Frogspawn heads One is splitting 30.00 a Head Local Pickup Only Ocean Beach , CA 92107 Cash Only Text 619-846-65281. One Double Head Starting to Split 60.002. One Double Head 50.00 3. One Single 30.00 4. One Single Starting to Split $25.00
  5. 99gtbaby

    What is my frogspawn doing?

    What is the swollen area on my frogspawn? I have multiple frogspawn in the tank and a couple of them have this swollen area on them?
  6. nanonøkk

    bjd antibiotic treatment

    dose anyone know the dose for a 15 gallon tank worth of water for the dosing in this thread i have a 20 gal and i just ordered some cipro i want to dose beforehand and see if it can hopefully prevent it or i can just have a dose mixed up now in case it shows up...
  7. Timich

    Candy cane help! Please!

    Please help me who knows what might be going on. So I had this candy cane next to my hammer for several months. No problems. Hammer didn't grow as much as the candy grew almost triple since I first bought it. The skin of the candy is like dissolving. At first I thought it was splitting. But it...
  8. Travis Warren

    California Amazing deals on Walt Disney Acros, Frogspawn, JF Ultimate Mushrooms, Hammers, Alveopora flower pots and LA Laker Scroll!!!

    Hi, I have the following available for local pick up at 1858 Cable Street San Diego. I would be willing to ship but at the buyer's cost and would need an address to confirm the shipping price. Only Overnight Shipping will be done and shipping days would be Mon, Tues or Wed only. Paypal or Venmo...
  9. M

    What coral is this?

    Hi guys, I recently purchased and fragged a large specimen of a coral advertised as a hammer coral. I had doubts from the start of it being a hammer coral but I am still unsure what type of euphyilia coral this is. You can see from the pictures that it has a branching structure and a bunch of...
  10. kkircher

    Help hammers and frogspawn keep melting

    Help needed. In the last 10 days I have lost 2 hammers, an octospawn and currently a frogspawn. They have all showed the exact same symptoms. They retract for half a day then look like they pumps start to disintegrate and then polyps bail out. I have not seen any brown jelly. I have...
  11. nanonøkk

    frogspawn coral pulling skin away from buds

    ok so when i added my frogspawn to my tank i accidentally left it in high flow for the first night and now it’s pulling the tissue away from the buds are they gonna survive or should i just let them be for now and it’s not opening up as often and as happy as it used to is it just getting used...
  12. keb10d

    Dying Toadstool & Duncan?

    Help! I was out of town for the holidays (~10 days, never again!) and came back to an angry tank. I lost a peppermint shrimp, cleaner shrimp, yellow tang and lawnmower blenny (my first & all time favorite :( ). I brought a water sample to the local aquatic shop and they said everything was fine...
  13. james-vader

    Arizona NY Knicks 2 heads splitting torch Available

    Hello everyone, I have a 2 head splitting frag of my NY Knicks colony available! Asking $450 buyer pays shipping. I am located in Phoenix AZ. Standard 2 hour DOA shipping. I am not responsible for shipping delays. PM me if interested :)
  14. T

    Help Identify Hammer or Frogspawn????

    Hi everyone, I just bought this guy a few days ago, it was sold to me as a frogspawn, but I’m thinking it’s a hammer, I’m new to lps so I’m not super sure which it is. I also have a new Duncan and I’m not super sure if it’s happy, it’s not super vibrant. Thanks in advance! Also, if anyone knows...
  15. BrightReef

    California Indo Gold Hammer, Indo Orange Frogspawn, Bicolor Frogspawn

    Hi All- Selling a few of my beauties :cool:. Pickup near San Jose, send me a message if interested. 1. SOLD- Indo Gold Branching Hammer (4 heads) $210 2. SOLD-Indo Orange Branching Frogspawn (3 heads) $165 Mother Colony Picture Below (NFS) 3. Bi-color Branching Frogspawn (5 heads)- $200
  16. M

    EMERGENCY My Frogspawn has a White growth on its skeleton

    Hi I am in need of some help figuring out what is growing on/happening to my frogspawn... it appears to be some sort of growth on the bottom left of the skeleton where the skeleton meets the frag plug. I have had the frag for around 4 months and it has been thriving in my tank. I do regular...
  17. T

    North Carolina WTB Anyone selling hammer or frogspawn corals?

    Hi I was wondering if anyone here is sailing and teal or blue branching hammer corals or frogspawns?
  18. T

    Anyone selling corals?

    Hi I was wondering if anyone here is sailing and teal or blue branching hammer corals or frogspawns?
  19. nanonøkk

    will they fight

    ok so i wanna move my frogspawn here but i’m worried it will sting the goniapora and shade my bubble coral underneath or shade my kenya tree is it ok to put it up there or should i put it somewhere else but right there has moderate light and moderate flow
  20. Travis Warren

    California Purple Tipped Frogspawn $15 a head.

    This is the mother colony.individual Puctures up next with # if heads.
  21. Sleeping Giant

    New tank buddies

    Got some new additions:
  22. R

    Need Help identifying

    Can anyone maybe tell me what is going on with my frogspawn????
  23. S

    Frogspawn splitting or dying

    I have a fairly large piece of FS and just noticed it looks like the skeleton is visible and or the head is splitting...any ideas? My tank has been up and running since January, parameters seem good, temp is 78-80. New to salt and am still very much in the learning phase.
  24. Plzpizza

    Polyp Bailout?

    Hi recently today I got a pink frogspawn and I might of dipped it too aggressively by using a turkey Bastet and blasting it cause a lot of stuff was coming out. I also rinsed it 2 times in salt water 1st time was with main display water then with new saltwater. A small part of it seems to be...
  25. Reefer37

    Frogspawn Show Off Thread

    I'm a big fan of really all euphyllia in general, but recently I've been really impressed with some of the Indos I've been seeing. I picked up a really cool frag of an Indo frogspawn I hadn't seen before. Green tips with like a gold mouth. Anyway, figured I'd post a Frogspawn show off thread...
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