fuge light

  1. SVP

    Florida Eshopps curve fuge lights

    I have 2 of the Eshopps Curve led fuge lights. Both in good working order. Each light is $40 shipped. Dimensions = 4.5" x 4" x 5/16" 3 x 3 watt CREE LEDs 6500K Spectrum 180 degree spread PM is key. Tyvm
  2. Schnizzle

    Cooking Ulva lactuca

    I purchased a Kessil H380 for my fuge as I had planned on growing chaeto but it didn't work out. After speaking with @AlgaeBarn they really helped me out and I moved to Ulva lactuca, "Sea Lettuce". It is growing great but I'm overpowering it with the Kessil. If I don't remember to "stir" it...
  3. wake122

    XR15 FW G4 Pro Fuge light

    So does anyone else actually use a Radion XR15 FW G4 Pro as a fuge light? I am curious to see who all is running one and what kind of success everyone is having. Also curious to see what setting they are set at.
  4. SilverCityReef

    Zetlight E200 Settings

    So I picked up the Zetlight E200 refugium light from BRS during the Black Friday deals and I'm looking for input on what other reefers are using for settings and having success with. Thanks in advance.
  5. Curryb15

    New York Kessil H380 for sale

    hello all for sale I have my kessil h380. I’m asking for $280 ( negotiatable)as it is only a few weeks old, and I used it for 3 nights. It works perfectly and looks like it was never touched. I tried to set up a refugium but my plan did not work. As of this posting I’m at work and can get pics...
  6. Curryb15

    Fuge for people with limited room

    hello all! I was wondering if anyone had an idea for those of use who dont have room to add a fuge to our systems? I would love to add one to my system as I think there benefits are great, but I cant hang it on the side of the tank as my wife would kill me and I have a mesh lid and my sump space...
  7. lonewonderer

    Brand New Kessil H80 with gooseneck

    hello everyone. I have a kessil H80 Tuna Flora fuge light with gooseneck $135. Brand new, factory sealed and never opened. Paypal fee and shipping is covered by me. Pm me if you're interested. tnx!
  8. Peter Hand

    Kessil H380 Halo II LED Algae Grow Light Used $180 Shipped

    Title says it all. $180 shipped anywhere. Going with a frag section in sump instead of refugium.
  9. sassAwrasse

    Let's see your fuge setups..

    Just got a new light from #ReefBreeders for our fuge. What kind of setups are you running? How long? Pros/cons? And pics please!!
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