ghl 2.1 sa doser

  1. dr1271

    GHL Doser 2.1 Firmware Update Issues

    Need drastic help! I'm very computer literate and my head is about to explode trying to setup a new GHL Doser 2.1 (SA). Originally tried using my Mac with Parallels with no luck, and eventually borrowed a friends PC. Finally was able to connected to the Doser via USB and programmed my dosing...
  2. DCReefer

    USA WTB Vetex CA Reactor and GHL Doser

    Like the title states ISO Vertex CA reactor and GHL Doser. Must be willing to ship. PM me please. Happy Reefing
  3. phil bevilacqua

    Alabama California GHL 2.1 stand alone 4 head

    Few month old 4 head black doser . Went to calcium reactor. So it’s up for grabs , like new 390 shipped
  4. 50_lagoon_reefing

    GHL ion director or GHL kh director

    hello I was wondering what people recommend more the GHL ion director or the GHL Kh director and should I run the proflux 4 along with them.
  5. S


    Hello I looking for GHL sa 2.1 doser
  6. R

    GHL stand alone dosing pump

    Are this pumps capable of doing water changes?
  7. G

    Indiana Dosing Barely Used GHL KH Director with 2.1 Doser

    I have a barely used KH Director with the 2.1 Standalone Doser. Both items were only taken out of the box to do the setup and then put back into the packaging. I decided to go with a Trident since I ready have an Apex. I am asking $700 or obo.
  8. lexinverts

    Oregon Aquarium Controller 9 month old GHL KH Director with 4 channel SA Doser. Good Deal!

    Hello All, So, I was a Mindstream user, and when that device bricked last fall I experimented with a few other alkalinity controllers to see how I liked them. I tried both the GHL KH Director and the Focustronic Alkatronic on my 200 gallon system. I decided that I liked the Alkatronic best, so...
  9. Reefahholic

    Texas Misc. Pumps Dosing GHL 2.1 SA Doser —-SOLD—

    This is probably the most solid piece of equipment I’ve ever owned with a reef tank other than my ATI PowerModule. I like this pump so much that this was my 3rd one. So easy to dose from your phone and will dose down to 0.1mL. Will dose 150x a day automatically or 10x a day with programmed...