1. Steve Tung

    New York Live Goods Gold Goni for sale , one frag available

    Gold Goni $450 shipping $60 doa policy applies 2 hr arrival dead coral in the bag with pics. $510 Serious inquiries only Best offer PayPal to hold [email protected]
  2. Red Goni

    For sale Red Goni

    Beautiful Goni. Nice size chunk. Really nice extension when fully open. Price includes shipping next day discount for local pick up
  3. D

    Gfo strips what out?

    About a month or two ago I got my first micro gonipora and it was doing great for the first 4 days til my alkalinity dropped too much due to me using gfo and not monitoring my alkalinity.. my goni is only extending some of its tentacles and only partially!! I believe the flow and the lighting is...
  4. Ennvi

    Goni is auddenly looking really bad, what should i do?

    Aah please help me! I have a goniopora minor and it's done well for a while but suddenly it's looking bad. Any idea why or what i should do? I know gonis are brats, but mine was doing well up until now :( parameters are good from what i can tell- salinity 1.026, ph is a bit low at 8.0 but has...
  5. XFeathersx

    Unique Goniopora Advice

    I picked up this goniopora a few weeks ago and this week I noticed the polyps on top of the frag weren't opening so I moved it to a lower light and lower flow area but it isn't opening at all now. My next move is same light but more flow. I've tried to find pictures of a similar goni online and...
  6. MysticSea

    Micro Goniopora Question?

    I am currently looking to buy a micro Goniopora since they look so "adorable" in size compared to regular Goniopora. I have four different species of goniopora and feed regularly w/ reef roids, live rotifers and as a treat twice a week some Justins Credables Gonipora. I just need to know if...
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