hitchhiker id

  1. coastalnanoreef

    What is this orange ish worm with strings coming out of it?

    I see these stringy things coming out of the sand all the time. I believe the worm stays under the sand and puts the strings out. I saw it on the glass and tried to take some pictures. Let me know if you can identify this. Thanks
  2. M

    U.F.O in tank

    Hey all found this in my tank last night and forgot to post it any one have any ideas?
  3. F

    Friend or foe?

    I think it’s a baby brittle sea star but not sure came on some live rock I just purchased.
  4. J

    Help me identify 5 Hitchhikers on my Live Rock from LFS

    Hi- I am a new hobbyist and am just cycling my first reef tank! I went to my LFS to purchase my live rock, and noticed some interesting hitchhikers. I have done some research and believe one is an Aiptasia anemone- and have read it is recommended to nip those in the bud. But don’t know what the...
  5. M

    Critter ID on my Scoly

    Hello, I've had this scoly for months now, yesterday I noticed that it is showing some of its skeleton and when I looked closer I found these critters. Can anyone help with identifying them? and how to get rid of them? Note: I posted this question on the "Reef Aquarium Discussion" page, but I...
  6. Scooters Reef

    Please help ID these cowboys riding my snail

    Not sure if they are feather dusters or aiptasia but fairly confident it’s a worm. I am new so looking for any clarification before I put into my display. Thanks. First post. Lurker for long. Finally starting to get hands in reefing.
  7. Richlard

    Help me Id this mantis

    Pics below
  8. S

    Green anenome hitchhiker!?

    I got some Kenya trees on live rock a few months back and as time has passed this little green anenomie looking hitchhiker has grown, I hope it's a good guy would really appreciate if anybody could I.D it
  9. JoannaCora

    Pic Heavy New Live Rock I.D.

    Happy Saturday (to most). I purchased 20lbs of deco live rock from gulfliverock.com which arrived on Thursday, thanks Dan! I'm loving it so far and I am excited by every new thing I see. If you have seen my other posts you'll notice I'm kind of a name junkie, so as you can imagine getting rock...
  10. Topdog8327

    Help! Looking to id this critter.

    Hey everyone. I’m looking to get an id on what I think is a snail? I just want to make sure I don’t need to pull it out! Thank you. I do have a video as well but can’t upload from my phone for some reason. But it moves just like a snail.
  11. C

    ID please... what is on this frag plug?

    I noticed under my Kenya Tree frag plug there is some fan looking thing coming out of a tube. It is encrusted on the frag plug and if you squirter water at the thing it does retract into the tube and come back out later. Any input is nice and appreciated. I am not used to hitch hikers. I...
  12. djm

    Possible Hitchhiker?

    Hi Guys, I added my first coral to my tank on Monday, a single Rasta Zoa polyp. I did a coral dip using Coral RX Pro and Seachem Reef Dip. Over the last couple of days I’ve noticed something that appears to be growing out from the base of the polyp. Any ideas what this can be?
  13. M

    Coral Hitchhiker ID?

    Hello Reefers! Quite interested in an identification of this clear lil guy. Almost reminded me of a mantis shrimp, because of the way it was walking, but not sure. Possibly a Squillidae? Has anyone found anything similar? Thanks!
  14. saltmine

    Unknown Guests on Zoa Frag

    What are the things all around the Zoa heads on this Frag? I dipped the coral but they opened right back up.
  15. Reefer37

    Mojano? Aiptasia? Can anyone help ID?

    Just noticed this on a frag that's been in the tank for about a month. I haven't seen them anywhere else in the tank so I guess it came on the frag, but just now noticing it. Can anyone help ID what this is on the base of this hammer?
  16. ariellemermaid

    Hitchhiker ID - worm?

    Hello, I have these little “cocoons” all over my tank - on my rock and corals. I’m also seeing cobweb-like strings all over the tank. Help - what is this? Some kind of worm? I realize there’s a feather duster featured to the side in one of my pics, but it has a separate cocoon than these...
  17. gareefer1029

    What are these tiny, white crawling bugs?

    There are thousands of these little white "bugs" crawling all over my live rock. Are these some form of copepods? Are these good or bad? (See attached video)
  18. E

    What is this hitchhiker ID

    Hey guys, just noticed this thing, and wondering what it is... Was thinking aptasia but not too familiar with it as I've been lucky enough to never have an outbreak. There's also a few pepermint so thought they would have found it if it were. Let me know what you think. Thanks!
  19. dsoneone

    It’s not a reindeer, please help Identify

    Found these two little ones surviving in a filter sock. I don’t want to influence the identity by telling you what is in the tank.. Thanks for looking and your help!
  20. attiland

    Who is this? ID help

    I have spotted a creature in my rock works . Nit sure if this enough to ID it but let’s give it a go. For sure doesn’t like light
  21. R

    Unknown hitchhiker anemone

  22. D. Torres

    Help with ID

    I've came across 3 of these so far in my aquarium. Just wondering if anyone can identify these and let me know if they're good or bad. They are about 0.75 centimeters long. Thanks in advance.
  23. Bento

    Hitchhiker crab ID help. Maybe Acro

    Hey everyone, I got a hitchhiker today. Not sure if he's reef safe or not? He's tiny at the moment. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  24. BighohoReef

    Aiptasia - hiding in the dark

    Hi All, We're in the process of moving all our corals from our nano to 100g (no live rock), while checking/cleaning our one of our corals it accidentally broke where the skeleton had died (we've been nursing it back to health) in doing so it revealed the frag plug below which low and behold had...
  25. TomSerious

    Zoa hitchhiker?

    Hello! I added 6 Zoa frags yesterday and dipped them all in "The Dip" from Fauna Marin before putting them in my tank. I noticed something on one frag, I think it's some kind of sponge? Today, all, except the frag with the "sponge" are partly or even fully open. Can someone tell me if it is...