hydra 32 hd

  1. SPS2020

    North Carolina Lighting LED Drygoods SOLD Hydra 32 HD Excellent Condition

    Hydra 32HD with mounting bracket, excellent condition. $15 shipping.
  2. ReefingwithO

    New York Lighting Drygoods Hydra 32HD Black - Great Condition $200 Shipped

    Hydra 32HD Black Great condition $200 shipping anywhere in the USA
  3. GoldenStateCorals

    USA International SPONSOR Aqua Illumination - Hydra 32 HD & Hydra 64 HD - 8020 Bracket Mount Set

    Aqua Illumination - Hydra 32 HD & Hydra 64 HD - 8020 Bracket Mount Set High Quality | USA VIRGIN PLASTIC | PETG www.goldenstatecorals.com www.goldenstatecorals.com **FOR INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING, PLEASE MESSAGE US OR EMAIL FOR A QUOTE** [email protected]
  4. YaboiNathan

    Lighting Drygoods SOLD Ai hydra 64

    Ai hydra 64 in good condition, use for a year at 40%, no melted lense: 370 shipped
  5. YaboiNathan

    Lighting Drygoods SOLD Radion gen 4 pro xr15 mobius ready

    Radion xr15 gen 4 pro mobius ready: 210 shipped come with box and mounting bracket like new condition
  6. trmiv

    LED SOLD Never used AI Hydra 32HD black

    Selling an AI Hydra 32HD that has never been used. I won this in a raffle awhile ago. I took it out of the box and tested it out for a few minutes, then never got around to switching my nano to it. It’s only been turned on that time and recently to verify it’s still in working order. Otherwise...
  7. belly14

    Are my 2 x Ai Prime 16hd's enough?

    Hi All, I wanted to gauge your opinion if my 2 x Ai Prime 16HD's are enough for my tank. It's a WaterBox Infinia Frag 125.4? So it's 295L/78 Galon + SUMP and as it's the frag it's only 16.1 inches tall. I upgraded from my previous tank to the waterbox 3 months ago and all corals and fish...
  8. Connorw

    AI Hydra 32HD with HMS mount - SOLD

    Item is sold For sale is my AI Hydra 32HD including the HMS mount. I'm selling because I just upgraded. This has been on my tank for just over two years, and I'd previously purchased it from another member here. The lenses were slightly burnt, but I just changed the lenses this morning, and all...
  9. blpavlovich

    South Carolina WTB White AI Hydra 32HD

    Looking to buy 1 reef Hydra 32HD or 64HD preferably white. Thank you. I am upgrading from 26HDs so I’ll have 3 up to be sold soon.
  10. T

    Georgia Lighting Drygoods SOLD AI Hydra 32 HD White $200 OBO minor negotiation.

    Imperfect working condition with perhaps some minor aesthetic flaws. Ran for about a year at 50%. Nothing wrong with it it's just I'm in need of money. Friend got into a car wreck the other day and reached out to me for some help. Since I'm always good for it I'd see I'd try and sell anything...
  11. david_ma

    Michigan Aquarium Controller SOLD apex el, coral box dc pump return, 55w uv sterilizer…will ship

    Shipping is $25 Apex el …$375 Tunze ato $100 Jebao wavemakers $80 both 55w uv sterilizer $80 picked up huge Gorgeous 60g cube $500 * anyone local, I have jbj 45 with upgraded intank media baskets, several heaters, pending
  12. Thawman

    Hydra 32 upgrade from 26 AIP files?

    Hello! I'm sure this has been asked before, but I can't find the posts and of the ones I did there was no useful info about how to fix the problem. Replaced my Hydra 26s HD with Hydra 32s HD. I'm using the Pirates.aip file for the Hydra 26, when I load it up in the Hydra 32s the first 2/3 are...
  13. M

    AI Hydra 32HD flex arm on eurobrace

    Has anyone had success modifying the bracket for the flex arm to work on a eurobrace tank? Would like to use the flex arm from the back of the tank if it is possible. Thanks!

    Connecticut New Jersey New York Lighting 2 AI Hydra 32Hd white (No Arm Mount)

    Selling My 2 white hydra 32 hd. Both units are in perfect condition and have been on the tank for about a year. These units do not have the arms as I have them mount on a T5 fixture. Selling for $200 each or $400 for the pair. Would take trades for noopsyche K7 v3 pro
  15. m.kristoff

    Ohio Lighting SOLD New Hydra 32hd

    I have 2x 1 month old Hydra 32hds Both in new and working condition. Have Boxes $250 each
  16. C

    Lighting LED Drygoods SOLD 1AI hydra 32hd left

    YES I have read the terms and agree to them - 2 AI hydra 32 hd, bought new and used for 16 months never above 60%, excellent condition. 250/each or 450 for both shipped to lower 48. -2 AI hydra 26hd, bought one of them brand new, other used. Only used the new one for 16 months never above 60%...
  17. dixons_reef

    Lighting LED Drygoods SOLD AI Hydra 32 hd w mount

    I have this AI Hydra 32 hd w mount that has been used for a year on a 30g lps/softies tank. As you can see in the photos it’s in an excellent condition. It has never been used above 32% as it gives out a lot of par on a 30g tank. I’m asking 300 shipped. Please pm me if interested.
  18. ReefingwithO

    New York Dosing Drygoods SOLD Sold! DOS + DDR Combo | Trident 4 months Reagents | Hydra 32 White | Neptune SKY | Clarisea SK300 Gen 2 | MP10 & MP40 - $175 and up

    I am cleaning out my extra equipment (To buy more stuff of course) All prices include shipping. DOS + DDR Combo - $360 Bought locally at Manhattan Aquariums Used for 4 months, using a calcium reactor now. Comes with the 1link cable - I can provide the power supply and USB cable if interested...
  19. airvicconcre

    Radion xr15 vs Hydra 32

    Hi. i have a DT length 4FT Height 2FT and Breath 2.5FT i have 3 Pop Bloom RS90 lights installed and im planning to chenge them. ive got suggestions for Radion xr15 gen 6 x2 or Hydra 32 x 2 im sure many of the reefers must have used those lights as they are quite mainstreamed. can i get some...
  20. Omar1107

    Pennsylvania Lighting Drygoods lighting

    Ai Hydra 32hd 1 White 1 Black both with arm $250 Each just took down. used for a year. just needs the lens replaced.
  21. Dknight43

    biocube light upgrade- kessil a360x or AI hydra 32?

    what's up guys, as the title says im looking to upgrade my lighting on my biocube with either the hydra or 360 and was looking for feedback on them both. I'm open to other options as well but these are the two that I have seen used the most. I'm also looking at a prime hd for my 13.5 evo but...
  22. cloud9aquariums

    Build Thread Cloud 9 Aquariums 80 Sps Dominant Build

    Hey everyone! Been a long time fan of the rabbit holes of information on Reef2reef and figured this build deserved some proper documentation to hopefully one day become my very own rabbit hole! The Backstory: I've been keeping aquariums as far back as I can remember. Freshwater planted tanks...
  23. ReefingwithO

    New York Lighting Drygoods SOLD New Radion XR30 Blue G6 + RMS Mount - $800 | Radion G5 Blue + Mount - $500 | AI Hydra 32HD - $250

    I have a brand new never opened Radion G6 Blue and mounts - $800 includes shipping These are a month old, packages were never opened. I have a used G5 Blue plus mount - both of these are used for a year and a half - $500 I have a used Hydra 32HD white - used for about 3 months and then been...
  24. F

    Texas Lighting LED Drygoods AI Hydra 32HD with goose neck

    Went with different lights so no longer need this. Only a little over a month old. Asking $300
  25. B

    Lighting LED Drygoods Hydra 32 HD LED Reef Light - Black Body - Aqua Illumination

    Hydra 32 HD LED Reef Light - Black Body - Aqua Illumination $280/OBO, plus shipping Bought New Winter 2021, still have box, only used on my tank.