1. INKBIRD_official

    GIVEAWAY and 50% OFF COUPON!Celebrate The 12th Anniversary Of INKBIRD

    ALL PRODUCTS will be having 50% off during the day and we will also hold a wonderful ANNIVERSARY GIVEAWAY!:star-struck: To enter, 1、LIKE this post and LEAVE your birthday wishes below. 2、FOLLOW 'INKBIRD' page on Facebook. 3、FOLLOW @inkbird_official on Instagram. Two winners (Choose one from...
  2. a_reefer11

    Massachusetts Aquarium Controller Drygoods Inkbird Wifi Controller - $40

    Inkbird Wifi Controller - $40
  3. INKBIRD_official

    35% OFF for the Water Quality Tester [Lightning Deal of Amazon USA Store]

    Hi! We are having a lighting deal on Amazon for the 3-in-1 Digital Water Quality Tester # 3-in-1 Digital Water Quality Tester - Deal Price: US$12.99 Limited Time Offer: Aug 12, 2022 10:35 AM PDT - Aug 12, 2022 10:35 PM PDT Don't miss out on this great deal!
  4. ScubaFish802

    Build Thread Christian's Red Sea Reefer 250 G2

    Red Sea Reefer 250 G2 Aquarium 55 gallons - 36"L x 20"W x 21"H with 1/2" glass Sump 10 gallons - 19.2"L x 17.5"W x 13.5"H 3 gallon Stock ATO Reservoir Return Pump Sicce Synca Silent 4.0 Powerheads Red Sea Reef Wave 25 Gyre Icecap 2k Gyre (from old tank) Lighting Kessil AP9X & Mounting...
  5. JayFish4004

    Inkbird Alert High going off randomly..

    Anybody ever experience this? My alert high (AH) is set to 79 degrees - but now twice in the span of a week the alert high has gone off when temp is no higher than 78.5 on the inkbird. What gives @Inkbird _Official? I’ve had this thing for about a year with no issues until now. Also seems to...
  6. InkBird WiFi Heater Controller

    For sale Kentucky InkBird WiFi Heater Controller

    Inkbird WiFi Heater Controller used for roughly 3 months. $35 shipped
  7. Z

    Inkbird ITC-306a Wifi ISSUEs

    Hi All, I have 2 Inkbird ITC-306A (on two different tanks) Both have been working fine up until a week ago when my internet modem decided to die. I have had to reset my modem to factory settings to get it to work. over the last 5 days i have been trying to reconnect them to wifi and my iPhone...
  8. Ink Bird temp controller

    For sale California Ink Bird temp controller

    $20 shipped. Used for half a year. Still in great condition.
  9. Lights , Rodi's, heater, inkbird, dc pump, ice cap ato

    For sale Lights , Rodi's, heater, inkbird, dc pump, ice cap ato

    Ice cap ato $50, ice cap battery backup $100 (needs cable) , old style ai prime with hard mount $75 (needs small bracket part) big titanium heater and finnex 810 temp controller (75$ for both ) various test kits , Hanna alk test with extra regeant (30), inkbird temp controller-35$ ,reefbreeders...
  10. M

    Inkbird Failure with Apex Redundancy

    I have an Inkbird 306A controlling two 150w heaters. Occasionally the Inkbird will show an "Abnormal" alarm (at normal temperature-78F) and will cut power to the heaters, which can drop the temp of my tank about 2-degrees F overnight. The only way to reset the Inkbird's alarm is by cycling the...
  11. CincyReefer07

    Has anyone had issues with heaters inside overflow box?

    I have an 8 foot long 310 gallon aquarium with an IceCap 48XL sump. I bought two eheim jager heaters for it (300w & 250w). I’m placing the 250w either in the skimmer or the refugium section of the sump and was thinking to put the 300w inside the overflow box to keep a clean look inside of the...
  12. shadow1013

    Build Thread Red Sea Reefer XXL 625

    So the wife and I got ourselves a Christmas present tank upgrading from the IM 30L! We are getting the Red Sea Reefer XXL 625. In our old house we had a Red Sea 450 before it was retired which happens to be the same length as the new one but not as deep or tall. We are getting it delivered in...
  13. INKBIRD_official

    Has anyone used the sprinkler controller before? We need you!

    Testers needed! (Not aquarium related, but please go through if you are interested) - INKBIRD Smart Sprinkler Controller (Irrigation System) ;FacepalmRequirements are as follows, > be able to advise professionally and effectively > be able to share the irrigation process > have a great...
  14. INKBIRD_official

    [7-Day Deal of Amazon Canada Store] 20% OFF for ITC-306A WiFi Temperature Controller

    20% OFF for ITC-306A WiFi Temperature Controller (Amazon Canada Store) # ITC-306A Temp Controller - Deal Price: CA$50.39 Limited Time Offer: 18-Oct-2021 12:00 AM - 24-Oct-2021 11:45 PM (Pacific Daylight Time) Don't miss the time out!
  15. reefsaver

    Inkbird Temp Controller connected to Heat Mat for equipment free Pico Reef? (No Visible Equipment in Aquarium)

    I was wondering if I could use some kind of heat mat to bring my 15 Liter Pico reef to a set temp with an Inkbird temp controller. I would buy a Thermo Canister Filter but OASE is from the UK and it's like $100 delivery plus the $180 for the 100w OASE Thermo Canister. And I still think 100w...
  16. INKBIRD_official

    [LABOR DAY SALE] UP to 50% OFF, head over to get them at an affordable price

    Inkbird would like to provide some special discounts here to celebrate the BIG DAY! Controllers ( Standard version) · ITC-306T Temperature Controller - 25% OFF · ITC-308S Temperature Controller - 20% OFF (WiFi version) · C929A Temperature Controller- 20% OFF · ITC-306A Temp Controller - 20%...
  17. HBoojie

    My First Tank Build Discussion!

    Hey everyone! Just wanted to share my build thread, I’m very excited for this and couldn’t contain it any longer so I felt the need to share! Tank is a 24g aqua top AIO! Relatively cheap, but if done right can be as good as any! Equipment will be as follows: AI prime 16hd Aqua too Recife 24 AIO...
  18. INKBIRD_official

    Why do you need a temp controller in your aquarium?

    Repost from @Crabopolis Protect your aquarium from heater failure! A quick 60 second review of the Inkbird - ITC-306A Aquarium Heater Temperature Controller. Protect yourself from one of the most common equipment failures in the aquarium hobby. 1. Heater Failure 2. Power Outage 3. Tank Leak...
  19. jackalexander

    Inkbird Heater Controller Failure

    Installed my new Inkbird heating controller and oh how ironic.. The power strip that the controller provides was faulty and I didn’t know that until the alarm was going off at 5am. My temperature had swung from 78F to 74F in just 6 hours. Now I have a gaping anemone and corals...
  20. T

    Inkbird ITC-308 WiFi temperature controller now with a plastic sensor

    Noobie here, and I'd been trying to decide whether to get the Inkbird with WiFi or the one with the plastic (saltwater-safe) probe because you couldn't have both (strangely enough). Then today on Amazon I see that there appears be a version with both now! I guess Inkbird has heard the reefing...
  21. cbellm

    Best heating options?

    Need some options and opinions, I am downsizing from a 360 gallon (total 500 gal) to a 120 Total (150). I wanted to know my best option for heating the tank. I have an Apex running my heaters. My sump is a trigger 44 so 15 inches seems to be the max length with the cord. Is an inkbird truly...
  22. cbellm

    Best heating options?

    Need some options and opinions, I am downsizing from a 360 gallon (total 500 gal) to a 120 Total (150). I wanted to know my best option for heating the tank. I have an Apex running my heaters. My sump is a trigger 44 so 15 inches seems to be the max length with the cord. Is an inkbird truly...
  23. MileHighSeaLevel

    Ink Bird Malfunction!

    Yesterday evening I noticed my temperature dropping fairly steadily and it was looking like the heater died. I ran to PetCo, picked up a spare, and hooked it up to the Ink-Bird. It ran for about 6 hours, and then... Nothing. Back up heater down. Double checked my settings on the IB, and...
  24. Firthy13

    Chiller and temperature controller question.

    I'm trying to decided on my heating and cooling solution for my 170g build that is currently underway. Hear is Australia, we have a season temperature swing of about 37F to 118F. So before anyone asks, both are definitely required. My initial plans was to go with a Teco chiller that has both...
  25. D

    Build Thread 90gallon with sump. First attempt at triton.

    So I noticed a deal for a Marineland 90g with a custom cherry stand. So there was my invitation to give the triton method a shot. I ended up going with the Eshopps R-200 3rd Gen using Algae Barns macro starter kit (chaeto, red ogo, Pom Pom, ulva) and it seems to be doing well, however the...