invert help

  1. crazyparrot

    Invert issues - young lads first tank

    Hi there, Looking for a little advice on critters on behalf of my son as we’re not having much luck on that front. He’s 13 and has had his tank (fluval 60l spec marine) running for a year. It has the standard kit plus an added wave/flow maker and an ocean free hydra nano filter) Background...
  2. gmerfbox

    Too many hermit crabs?

    I have 4 thin-striped hermit crabs in a Fluval 13.5 nano build. I collected them from a bay in florida which led to me setting up a saltwater tank in the first place. they are all a pretty good size, using shells roughly 1"-1.5". You can see pictures of the tank below and there are also...
  3. T

    Invertebrates algae fighters help 75 gallon

    Hi reef2reef. after battling with ich and now having setup a hospital tank, I think it is time to get control of algae in my tank. I have a lot of diatoms and a little green algae. here is what I have planned so far, please tell me if this is too many invertebrates, if there is something else...
  4. introvert.invert_hba

    EMERGENCY 6gal nano tank - inverts dying off, how much water to change?

    Hi! My 6g nano is almost a month old. About two weeks ago, I replaced the original water with cycled water from a coral tank from my LFS. Over the course of a week after adding cycled water, I added my animals- Mexican turbo snail, cleaner shrimp, red honey damsel, 3 Astrinia starfish; electric...
  5. Zoa_Fanatic

    Cleaner shrimp with 4 stripe damsel

    I hve a biocube 16 led that has some coral and my four stripe damsel in it. He’s my only fish in that tank and I got it specifically for him. Can I put a skunk cleaner in there it will he try to eat it? He’s not agressive like a normal damsel. I moved him because he co-hosted a burrow with my...
  6. That1guy07

    Hermit Crab Shells and sand

    Hi, So a couple weeks ago I bought some new shells for my marine hermit crabs in my reef tank. They needed new ones and I didn't want them to die because I think they are very pretty. Anyway, I also have a Gold Faced Sleeper Goby who I've had for a least 2 years now. He obviously likes to sift...
  7. Jeremy K.A.

    Purple Reef Lobster lifespan?

    Hey Reefers! I woke up today and found that my Debelius Purple Reef Lobster unfortunately passed away. I had him for 5.5 years and was curious how long they usually live in captivity? I haven't been able to find much information on their lifespans so thought I'd ask here
  8. LizzDregne

    Sea Hare Back Splitting - Shell Showing

    My heart is filled with sadness: my Dolabella/Wedge Sea Hare's back has split open and his shell is sticking out. It happened overnight. My parameters are: 1.024 salinity .5ppm Nitrates 0/0 Ammonia/Nitrites I bought him two weeks ago to clear out a ton of green hair algae, there is plenty...
  9. J

    CUC for 29 gallon

    Hi guys! I’m new to reefing and I’ve recently set up a 29 gallon tank that’s finished cycling. Right now I have one Nassarius snail, one trochus snail, two margarita snails, and one cerith snail. I was told that I can have up to ten snails in my tank so I’m pretty sure that stocking is fine...
  10. #R_TST

    ADVISE? stocking 32.5gal Fluval Flex

    Noob here. I’m doing my fish planning while I wait for my tank to arrive this week. I want to make sure I have decided on my livestock so I can be sure to take their habitats into consideration when I build my rock formation and start cycling my tank. Getting the 32.5 gallon Fluval Flex and...
  11. littlemacros

    Will all these eggs hatch?

    So my two pro escape artist nerite snails decided to lay eggs about two weeks ago...all over my tank. Literally on the rocks, the pumps, even on my beloved turbo snail, Vagine. Most of the egg sacs on the glass have been developing it seems. I say this because when they were first layed they...
  12. lazycouch

    tuxedo urchin help!!! please

    hey guys i just woke up to my tuxedo urchin battling this small pump i have he didn’t climb on it but he decided to travel in front of it and lost some spines around that area where he was. is this because of the flow or do i need to act quick and help him out? he’s been eating gracileria and...