1. blakki73

    Flow Help - 30g - 24"x20"x16"

    Hello everyone, My first reef tank has been set up for a bit over two months now, and it's doing great, I already see significant coralline growth, having started from dead mined rocks. That said, I have noticed a problem, I have two Jebao ELW-20M (3000-10000 l/h, 790-2641 gph), since the...
  2. 4

    Misc. Pumps Misc. Equipment: Hanna, Dose pumps, returns etc

    HANNA checkers: nitrate HR, Alkalinity, Phosphate ULR - missing reagent bottles for some kits. - $40/each or All $100 Orphek Lense kit - $15 (2) Refractometers - 1 used. 1 unopened - $15 for both Jebao 4-channel Dose pump - $45 (New) Jebao DC submersible pump DCT4000 - $50 (New) Jebao Sine pump...
  3. ReefAddict16

    California FS: Jebao SLW10

    Asking $40 shipped. Used for less than a year. Perfect for nano tanks. I was using on my 15 g which was perfect.
  4. Acrofiend

    California Sold

  5. Neko

    California Jebao SCP-90M Wifi Gyre wavemaker $47 shipped

    Jebao SCP-90M wifi Gyre wavemaker $47 shipped. Original package Wifi + Manual controller Wifi user manual (I used it with controller. I never used with Wifi.)
  6. Neko

    California Jebao SCP-90 Gyre wavemaker $47 shipped

    Jebao SCP-90 Gyre wavemaker $47 shipped. Controrable DC pump. No wifi. Ship shown in picture.
  7. bigdeeezyyyy

    California FS: Vertex Rx-U 1.5 media reactor with Jebao DC1200 pump

    Used Vertex Rx-U 1.5L Universal Media Reactor with Jebao DC1200 pump in great condition. Plumbed with purple PVC pipes. Barely used it. Both comes with own boxes. Asking $100 picked up or can ship at Buyer's expense. Local pickup available in Bay Area, California (San Jose)
  8. Acrofiend

    California Sold

  9. Acrofiend

    California Delete

  10. Acrofiend

    California Sold

  11. Islandvib3s

    Eurobraced aquarium UV setup?

    Hey everyone, just wondering how pple with eurobrace tanks setup there UV system. I have a sca120 eurobraced all around. Int overflow only has 3 1"input/output bulkheads (1 drain,1 emergency, 1 return split) so I'm guessing I'll have to set something up to go over the rim,but having a hard time...
  12. Acrofiend

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  13. Acrofiend

    California Sold

  14. Acrofiend

    California sold

  15. Acrofiend

    California Sold

  16. Acrofiend

    California Sold

  17. Master of Cloak

    Skimmers Tank Breakdown Sale

    Hello, I'm getting out of the hobby so I am selling all my gear. I will ship everything aside from the skimmer. Shipping will be around $10 extra for almost everything aside from the UV. I will combine shipping on multiple items. Item Price Condition Notes Shipping Finnex 800 W Heater with...
  18. R

    Recommendations for Reefer 250 G2 flow

    Hello guys, I need to switch to a larger tank from my nano as it’s getting overgrown and I am going to go with Red Sea reefer 250 g2, now since I don’t have that much money for equipment right now I can’t buy MP40s or an expensive return so my idea was to go with: -Jebao SCP 70 or SCP 90...
  19. Acrofiend

    California Sold

  20. M

    Jebao pump controller?

    Set up my sump and my brand new Jebao DCP 18000 controller won’t let me adjust the flow. It worked fine last night, adjusted speed up and down, no problem. It is not locked. I can press for 3 seconds and it flashes to indicate it is locked or unlocked like it should, but will not allow me to...
  21. Acrofiend

    California Sold

  22. Z

    Powerheads Two Jebao SCP 120 wifi free shipping

    2 Jebao SCP WiFi Sine Cross Flow Pump Wave Maker with Controller (SCP-120M) - $90 each all free shipping Message me for faster response. All used for about 3 months. All in working order. Just upgraded
  23. Y

    Wavemaker/ powerhead for 40 breeder

    So I'm going to be setting up a 40 breeder in the next month, and am trying to figure out the flow. I'm looking at jebao wavemakers and powerheads. I'm looking the look and wide flow of the slw-10, and have also been looking at the pp-8. I figured on doing two of one of these (one on each side...
  24. Acrofiend

    California Sold

  25. T

    Oklahoma Jebao scp-150m sine cross flow

    Have had since Sept last year and is in great shape. Asking $100 shipped. Will only accept PayPal! No friends and family. I will send an invoice through PayPal for payment. Item will ship usps. Shipping from Oklahoma. Thanks