1. j1992c58

    Fluval 13.5 setup is there to much in my tank

    Did I overstock for this setup I have two clowns two cardinals And a blenny My setup is a fluval 13.5 with a air prime 16 - with diffuser I have a upgraded return pump siccee Auto top off hyger jebao wavemaker Skimmer fluval And upgraded media basket •I’m trying to keep acros now my tank...
  2. K

    Jebao MLW wave maker issue

    Notice in pic that this wave maker has a timer on it (little clock icon)...that's from a setting using the app. However I can't get it to connect to Android app anymore. Anyone now how to reset these pumps to factory settings? I can't even change it manually without reset. Jebao support not...
  3. ReefAddict16

    Powerheads Misc. Pumps Drygoods Sold

  4. Uzair Aiman

    Jebao/Jecod SW2 or SW4 for a 16 inch cube tank?

    Hi, as the titles says, Im planning to make a tank with no mechanical filtration (natural filtration w live rock and sand only). And now Im thinking of choosing the right sized wavemaker. Tank is a nano 16inch cube, 18 gallons (80 litres).
  5. ReefAddict16

    Powerheads Misc. Pumps Drygoods Sold

  6. Elbereth

    Question for those who've owned multiple smaller Jebao wavemakers

    Hi folks, I'm looking to see if I can find an impeller replacement for my old Jebao SW-2. I can't find any replacement for that model but there are replacements for later Jebao models and the shape of the impeller is exactly the same. So I wonder if one of the series after SW use the same size...
  7. DerpFish

    Is the max speed on the Jebao SCP else mode able to be controlled?

    I'm beginning to plan out the details of my future 150g (60x24x24) mixed reef build and am trying to determine the size of flow pumps I will need. I have decided on getting a pair of the Jebao SCP sine pumps. The plan is to have them on opposite sides of the tank, each set on else mode. I'm...
  8. Saltyreef

    California Return Pumps Drygoods BNIB Jebao DCP-10000 Return Pump $100 shipped

    Brand new DCP-10000, all attachments $100 shipped See my review thread here
  9. RevRich

    Jebao ow-10 power supply

    I was gifted a Jebao ow-10 recently but the guy couldn't find the power supply. He said it was a 12v but I'm reading conflicting reports that it may actually be a 24v. Also I have no clue on the amps or wattage. Can anyone point me in the right direction of which power supply to buy? T.I.A.
  10. Yerxi

    Jebao MCP-90 and MCP series

    Looked at reviews and from what I've gathered the wave heads are good for the price but everyone hates the app. Curious because I'm setting up a Low Boy from ZooMed and want a gyre since the tank is shallow and all and alternatives are either random never heard of amazon brands or pretty...
  11. Jebao SLW-5 wavemaker

    For sale Tennessee Jebao SLW-5 wavemaker

    I’ve got a Jebao SLW-5 wavemaker that’s barely been used. Asking $40.00 Will ship if buyer pays for shipping.
  12. Timothy Davis

    AIO Build TD's JBJ RL-45 Tank Build

    Hey, fellow Reefers! In early January I decided to get my JBJ RL-45 tank back up and running. I had to shut down due to a cross-country move in 2018, and am just now getting back to it! The first thing was to inspect the tank for any cracks or damage incurred during the original cross-country...
  13. Falcon30

    Need a power head are mp40 really worth it?

    I have a jebao croos flow in my reefer 350 and pushes a ton but I need something on opposite side. Thinking a mp40 but cost is way higher for simply no wires inside tank. I like jebao and other cheats but I hate wires in tank. So are the mp40s really worth the extra cost or should I just tough...
  14. Lights , Rodi's, heater, inkbird, dc pump, ice cap ato

    For sale Lights , Rodi's, heater, inkbird, dc pump, ice cap ato

    Ice cap ato $50, ice cap battery backup $100 (needs cable) , old style ai prime with hard mount $75 (needs small bracket part) big titanium heater and finnex 810 temp controller (75$ for both ) various test kits , Hanna alk test with extra regeant (30), inkbird temp controller-35$ ,reefbreeders...
  15. Kamoer doser

    For sale Kamoer doser

    Kamoer x1 pro 2 doser $60 shipped used around 6 months Kamoer x1 Bluetooth $45 shipped used around 8 months jebao slw 30 $55 shipped new I will add a picture of the kamoer doser later
    $45.00 to $60.00
  16. attiland

    My first thoughts on Jebao MLW Wave Makers

    Hi, I just thought I share my first thought of my latest purchase of Jebao MLW Smart Wave Maker with LCD Display Controller. For the record I am not in any way related to Jebao or they not supported me in any way. ( please feel free in the future though :) ) I have chosen the MLW-20...
  17. L

    Build Thread Planet Aquarium 75 Gallon Mixed Reef Tank (First one)

    First saltwater tank, I lurked around the forums early 2010s but never really got to setting one up. Months ago I saw a pico reef and was amazed by it. That inspired me to start reading about saltwater tanks again. After university, I'm finally be able to start to set one up! I got my tank...
  18. Rogued_Reefer

    Build Thread The Rogued Beast

    Hi everyone :) I want to take you guys on the journey of the Rogued Beast build. A little back story on why this tanks means a lot to me, before covid I had a successful ghetto rigged 75g long mixed reef. I was in the process of buying a Reefer 350 when mom got sick and was diagnosed with stage...
  19. WheatToast

    Metallic dust?

    I was cleaning my Jebao RW wavemakers last night and I noticed some metallic dust clinging to the impellers (probably got grounded off the impellers over time). They do not appear rusted. Is this something I should worry about? I cannot test TDS, but I do have some carbon on hand. I also have...
  20. Rogued_Reefer

    Florida Innovative Marine 25g Lagoon + Hydra 26 HD and more…

    Hi Reefers!! I’m selling my whole lagoon setup since I’m upgrading to a 100g setup so need the space :) The tank has no scratches it comes with 4 Month old pump, skimmer, and light. Price: $450 What’s included: Innovative marine 25 fusion AIO Icecap k1 nano skimmer Jebao DCS-2000 3d printed...
  21. 99gtbaby

    Replacement magnet for Jebao PP-15 powerhead?

    Can I use any powerhead replacement magnet or is it a lost cause because I can’t find a replacement OEM magnet?
  22. Simply__J

    Florida USA Dry Good Trade Hydor for Jebao

    Looking to trade: 3x Hydor Koralia Nano Pumps (240gph) Koralia Smart Wave Contoler for 2x Jebao SLW-5s Jeba DCS-2000 Nano DC Pump or 3x Jebao SLW-5s Located in South FL. In-person preferred but willing to "swap ship".
  23. torombolo

    Build Thread Carlos 75 Gallon Build

    Hello Reefers!!! This is my 75 gallon "Hopefully" mixed Reef at some point Build. Backstory used to have a 90 gallon FOWLR about 15 maybe more years ago, now I have a 29 running for almost a year now and want to move everything to the 75 when ready, I will seed the 75 with sand and rock from the...
  24. T

    Return Camber Water Levels

    Good Morning, I have a 90 Gallon reef tank with a Trigger 30 sump. This is my first time having a sump below. My return chamber water levels seem to move up and down. When it drops my Tunze ATO replaces the water which sometimes throws off the salinity. The extra water is pumped into the...
  25. 8

    Smallest wave maker / circulation pump

    Hello, I have a Fluval Evo 13.5 and wanted a very small wave maker circulation pump since tank space was at a premium. After a lot of research, this is the smallest I have found. e.g. Hygger 1.5 x 1.5 inches (better reviews than Jebao) Jebao SLW 5 is 2.5 x 1.5 inches (some poor reviews)...
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