1. Reef-Gang414

    Cobalt C-Vue 26 AIO new build

    Equipment: 1) Cobalt Cvue 26g 2) AI hydra 26 hd 3) Tunze 9001DC skimmer 4) 2 Jebao wave makers Set up the tank about three weeks ago and have been working through the initial cycle. Went Marco dry rock and some live sand that seemed to take a while to jump start. Tossed a bottle of Dr...
  2. M

    Undecided about equipment for 50G reef (20G sump) - especially return pump and skimmer

    After a year with a 16G nano, I'm upgrading to a custom-made tank/sump. display: 55G sump: 20G in-sump refugium: 8G (i.e. 15% of display) I wanted some feedback on the equipment I plan to buy. I'm pretty sure I'll be using these lights, and these pumps -- still I'd love to hear your thoughts...
  3. A

    New York Sold. Apex Jr. controller w/ PM1 and Jebao wave makers for sale.

    Some Jebao wave makers for sale. 1. SW-15 used SOLD - some rat bit on wires but good working order. The maker good condition. See picture. (set at lowest flow approx. 15 months in 72 gal tank) 2. SW-15 new SOLD shipped - (bought it for spare) 3. OW-50 used SOLD shipped - one of the controller...
  4. LilElroyJetson

    Alk Swing Crisis Averted...but my Torch Coral Didn’t Like It

    It had been smooth sailing so something had to test me to see if I was on my A-game right? I guess I had somehow shaken loose the acrylic tube from the bulkhead in my dosing container that contains my Alkalinity buffer. I dose 28 ml of Ca and Alk per night via my Jebao dosing pump spread out...
  5. Mike N

    Texas JB Wave Jebao Controller

    Looking for the JB Wave controller to customize things. Please let me know if you have one to sell.
  6. schneid0c

    93 gal cube build,sump, and frag system.

    Figured i would start a build thread for my new 93 gal cube. long story short i had a 55 gal tank build in my old house complete with sump and frag tank setup. moved to a new house and decided to try the all in one tank game. i hate it. i have not been happy with my 27 gal lagoon tank. great...

    Utah Jebao DCP 15000 like new

    Includes the pump, grill, power supply, controller and the extra fittings. No box. Like new! Only used for a few days. $75 shipped.
  8. sfgabe

    Reef-pi + Home Assistant Build

    I control my 2 small aquariums (one 40 gal fresh, one 15 gal nano reef) with a combination of Home Assistant (which also takes care of my apartment), Reef-Pi, and Motioneye. I wanted the tanks to mirror specific locations as much as possible. For example, I’m querying various sites to get daily...
  9. MLSReefer

    Arizona Break Down Sale

    x2 Jebao RW-8 - used for 11 months, works fine. Cleaned and ready to ship. $80 for both / $40 ea + shipping Water Blaster HY-5000 - used but works fine. Cleaned and ready to ship. $140 + shipping 1 micron and 0.5 micron pre filters -sediment and carbon- new. Can bundle. pm me + shipping...
  10. DSmithZ28

    Mississippi WTB Jebao DC-3000 pump

    I am in need of a Jebao DC-3000 (old model) return pump for my Coral-Box D700 Skimmer.
  11. Reef Breeders

    Introducing the ReefBreeders External ATO!

    Hey Everyone, We just added a new product to the lineup, the Exo-ATO! Click Here to Get Yours Now! The Reef Breeders Exo-ATO (External ATO) is one of the first ATO systems to contain all electronics outside of your aquarium. The controller and sensor mount to the outside of...
  12. C

    Illinois Selling 2 Jebao Dcp-3000

    I am selling 2 Jebao Dcp-3000 return pumps. One is new and the other was used for 4 months. I have upgraded to the Dcp-5000. I always keep a spare pump thus this is why I am selling 2 of them together. I will not sell individually due to shipping cost. Its important to have a spare return pump...
  13. cardiffgiant

    Florida Black Label Neptune VDM and Jebao harness

    I’m selling a black label Neptune VDM with one DIY Jebao harness. $70 shipped within the continental US. VDM works perfectly. You can connect two Jebao Devices with the harness. I’ve used the harness with a pair of Jebao wp40’s and with a pair of Jebao RW-8’s. I would consider trades for...

    Devo's Mixed Reef : JBJ 45

    I should have started this build thread a long time ago on R2R. I will share a brief overview from start to where the tank is at its 6 month mark and will maintain this thread with tank updates. First OFF Thanks to @CJs Aquariums for my AIO choice @Broadfield for APEX mounting @revhtree...
  15. potatocouch

    Ecotech Foam Guard for Jebao

    Those who owns Jebao RW wavemakers, do you know if Ecotech Foam Guard will fit them?
  16. T

    West Virginia WTB Jebao PP4

    WTB Jebao pp4 and all components. Comment or message price shipped please.
  17. revnull

    "Giant Mini Fridge" - Red Sea MAX E-170

    Hello R2R! Up until now, I've been documenting my tank progress in a forum managed by my local reef club. A few weeks ago, they had an issue with the software and I feared that the content may have been lost. Luckily, the forum is back online with all content intact, but I though it might be...
  18. Jaag

    PP4 Too Loud?

    So I just got a Jebao PP4 today and I think it is going to be too loud. Does anyone have any experience with these quieting down after a few days? Thanks
  19. T3CHED

    225Gal Wish List

    Im unable to post in the WTB forum so Im posting here in hopes an admin member can help me get it into that forum. Im currently doing a 225Gal DT / 75Gal Sump and need a few items, if anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated! 1. (3) ocean revive T247 led lights (hoping with remotes) 2...
  20. curtisbenm

    Nano gyre

    Does anyone know if there is a gyre out there for the nano ppl? I'm doing a 20L build and I haven't come across a gyre that's compatible.
  21. Anthony Mckay

    A1 AQlink to GHL Profilux4

    Hello all, I’ve got 4 of these to run my cp40s from my p4. I think I’ve got it sussed the pin out but I’ve been working between Swedish, German and pigeon English (I can’t speak German or Swedish and some say I can’t speak English either !) My question is has anyone done this ? Can you run 2...
  22. Dodgersfan

    Reef Octopus VarioS 2 vs Jebao DC Return Pumps

    Hey Everyone, I'm putting together a 90 gallon build and am about to order all the hardware, I'm having trouble making a decision on return pumps and would like to see if i can get a little help making the decision. I'm on a bit of a budget (my light budget is 300, skimmer budget 200, not...
  23. reeferfoxx

    ReeferFoxx's JBJ 30

    Hey guys! This is the start of my build thread. I will be making updates and changes. This is not my first reef but my second. My first reef was a standard 20 gallon tall started with live rock. After dealing with many pests I decided to start an all dry rock tank. I had no idea what I was...
  24. RP709

    Jebao RW4 controller LED problem

    Hello, I looked around a bit and while Jebao issues are a popular topic I didn't see this one. My RW4 master/slave setup has been in use for a couple years now, a few days ago I unplugged both pumps and power completely. When I plugged them back in the controller i was using as the master...
  25. Curryb15

    Dosing plan for new build

    Hello all, I am deep into my 50 gal cube build and have throughly planned out every aspect but I am stuck on this one. I'm trying to come up with an idea or plan on what I want or need to dose. I know eventually calcium, mag, and alk will most likely need to be dosed but what I really...
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