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  1. -JoJoReefing-

    Washington SOLD GHL Black complete set with KH director and doser - used for 1.5 year - Washington

    I have a complete set of GHL equipment for sell. After using it for a while I still prefer my Apex set on the other tank and would like to switch over. The whole set is used for about 1.5 years. Total price $1400 with shipping included. Profilux 4 mega set (original price $950) includes: -...
  2. smartwater101

    Controlling ecotech MP40s and Radions with ProfiLux?

    I took 4 years off from the hobby and am about to jump back in! :) I notice the old GHL controller/box doesn't work with vortech anymore and was wondering if anything has changed in the last 4 years? Can I program my lights and MP40s with GHL? Or are people just using ecotech Mobius instead...
  3. M

    Kh director hot garbage don’t buy

    Worked for 6 months then broke 4 different times for the same thing. GHL will make you pay shipping each time because that’s what the “warranty” states and purchase new probes after they’re shot from not being used. I’ve spent over 3k on their products and the customer service is non existent...
  4. Hardy_Reef

    Build Thread Cade 1500 S2/P Build

    This thread will hopefully detail the progression of upgrading from my 4ish year old Red Sea Reefer 350 to a Cade 1500 peninsula. I didn't want to have to start out this build with negativity, but here it goes, the purchasing/shipping process of this Cade peninsula has been the worst I've ever...
  5. P

    Virginia Testing Dosing Drygoods GHL KH Director + Dosing Units

    Clearing out my old equipment, have a GHL KHD and Dosers. The PH Probe for the KHD might still work, but should probably be replaced, they run for about $85, and need replacement periodically. GHL KH Director + Standalone Doser 2.1 - kit, white - $500 GHL Doser 2.1 "Slave" unit - white - $250...
  6. MohamedF

    GHL ion director and KH director review

    Good day everyone , I just received few days ago the IonDirector ( one week ago ) on my both aquariums and KH Director ( three weeks ago ) . - KH DIRECTOR : initial setup is really easy with GHL videos , all went smooth and I double checked with Hanna KH checker that I trust alot but...
  7. E


    My GHL kh director just went out on me today and I need a replacement, does anyone have one for sale?
  8. E

    GHL Kh director question

    I had a few questions about the kh director I was hoping some of you could answer, can I use I different ph probe than the “modified” one it comes with? If I did what would happen? is there a way I can set it up to send me my DKH value to my phone or email?
  9. E

    Kh director making popping noise

    So I set up my kh director it was working fine then all of a sudden it started making a popping noise during testing and the test never works correctly and it does it when I try to vent reagent tube Here is a video of what it does
  10. smartwater101

    California [West Hollywood] GHL stuff (profilux, expansion box w/ A LOT of extra, powerbar, kh director, dosers)

    ALL SOLD Near the end of 2019 I went crazy on purchasing gadgets for a big upgrade. But then 2020 was... well... 2020. So the big upgrade never happened and these items have sat unused ever since. Many of which were NEVER used. It's time to find these items a proper home! :) PRICES ARE FIRM...
  11. Lylelovett

    Looking at the GHL KH Director - thoughts?

    Hi all, I'm not at the point where I want to automate my alkalinity dosing. I'd like it to be as hands off as possible. :) How is everyone liking the GHL KH Director? Thanks, lylelovett
  12. cbleehk

    Results with Alkalinity Controllers

    Hi all, I'm on the fence to get a unit be it Alkatronic, KHG etc. I've been trying to go through the threads but almost all of them talk about tuning, connectivity, and troubleshooting. I was hoping to see how things turn out after you've dialed in the unit and have very stable Alk. Do the...
  13. A

    Washington GHL KHD & Slave Doser 2.1 Set

    Selling GHL KH director and 2.1 4 pump doser slave. Comes with everything you need to get started. Calibration solution, and plenty of hose. Also comes with extra accessories extra fittings, dosing pump hose replacement, doser pump 2.1 maintenance set, and 2 bottles of reagent. Will be sold as...
  14. Ignitros

    Xepta Autobalance, aBex, Thoughts?

    I was hoping to get some feedback on what others have read or picked up about this product and how it might compare to something like Apex's Trident, GHL's KH Director, KH Guardian or any other products available or soon to be?
  15. AquaNerd

    GHL and KH Director Owners Read This...
  16. AquariumSpecialty

    The New GHL KH Director is here

    Both colors are in stock.
  17. AquariumSpecialty

    The GHL Director and Director Bundle now on sale

    This is pre-order opportunity and an opportunity to save 10% on the KH Director models and KH Director bundle until November 30th. Click the link to learn more.
  18. AquaNerd

    KH Director Pre-Order and Bundle with 10% discounts See the site for details.
  19. AquaNerd

    GHL to Release KH Doser with Press Release

    If you are going to MACNA then you might want to visit the GHL booth for a look at the KH Director. Learn more about it here.
  20. choss

    Build Thread Choss' 96 gallon Reef Savvy "Nano" Tank

    Ok let’s get this started. As you can see my Reef Savvy tank has arrived in its fantastic crate! My anticipation for this tank and the build I’m about to embark on has been great to say the least. After a year of planning, lots discussions with Felix at Reef Savvy, and then some hard prep work...
  21. Matthias Gross

    KH Director

    We are going to release details in a few days, so I started this new thread