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led ighting

  1. Orphek

    Orphek Atlantik LED Aquarium Lighting Photos

    Hello Orphek Clients/Atlantik Lovers! We want to show/see your tanks here at Reef2reef! Therefore we are inviting all of you having Orphek Atlantik lights above your tanks to share photos of your aquariums with us. We will publish them here in this thread. Today we are sharing photos and...
  2. AcroNem

    Build Thread My .3 Gallon Reef

    It's ironic that the first time I actually make a thread about my own system it would be something tiny. A lot of you know that I'm a saltwater aquarist at a public aquarium, so I work on systems like this 5k gallon reef I also have my personal 150g and 250g coral propagation flat (flat is...
  3. ydarr

    Will this LED light help with coral growth?

    We currently have a 28g JBJ Nano-cube. We removed the hood, and have been using a T5/Metal halide combo fixture. Our tank life (which looks "ok") consists of zoas, torch, frog spawn, hammer, Duncan, ricordea, and a few others that I can't remember the names of. Will the sBox Sprite Reef Nano...
  4. SrtNate

    Reef bright xho question.

    Hello I hope I posted in the right area. I have a question on color pop on my corals I feel light I don’t have enough color glow from them as many others I see do on their pictures and videos. I have a AquaticLife 72” 6x2 build set up all ati t5 Blue plus Coral plus Actinic plus Blue plus...
  5. urfavoritehoboinkc

    Ultra Rose Anemone help

    Tank is 5 gal Fluval Spec, with a 2.5 gal macro fuge, Kalk ATO, Current Loop LEDs & 8 various Rapid LEDs cyan, blue, & UV. So it looked great for 2 months, tank ran through some stability issues lost almost all the SPS. The anemone pulled through still looking good, beyond tips no longer being...
  6. potatocouch

    (Have you ever) The coral looks different once you put in your tank (compared to LFS)

    As per subject, have you ever had this experience? I have and (i think) mostly the problem lies with my Kessil A360WE. Whilst it's an excellent LED for marine, it's lack of other color spectrum which can make some colors in Corals pop. Kessil A360WE only has white & blue spectrum. I will...