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  1. Mpkid911

    Help with diy led fixture!

    Okay so i am plannind a diy led fixture for a 55 gallon tank. Im basing thenlights off of the radion pro and these are the leds i plan on buying. 42 LEDs White: 8 Cree XT-E Cool White (5w each) Red: 4 bridgelux, 660nm (3w each) Yellow: 2 bridgelux Yellow, 590nm (3w each) Green: 4 Cree XP-E...
  2. ReefingWhiteford

    What supplement T5 bulbs?

    Okay so I have 120 gallon sps dominated system run under two radion xr30w gen 2. I am not satisfied with the growth and coloration that I am getting under them so I am going to add add one t5 retrofit light on either side of the radions (so two total). What two bulbs should I use? I would like...
  3. Rsaalman

    A review of my 60" ATI Retro from NanoBox Reef

    This will make the third lighting system I have tried from Dave the previous two being his Beam and Hybrid T5/LED. For those that don't know NanoBox is a small company ran by Dave Fason who has been making custom lighting for the past couple years. His customer service is second to none, well...
  4. kennedpa

    Gen 4 Radions - Disco rave

    Just equipped the temporary frag/grow out tank with Gen4 Pro radions yesterday. Was previously running 6 bulb T5 on the 40 long tank. Immediately I was disappointed in the level of disco ball effect from the LEDs. Going to attempt some solutions since the reduced electricity bill is the...
  5. sam.basye

    Build Thread 26g Bowfront Foam Wall Mixed Reef

    Decided to start a build thread over here for those who might be interested! It's an Aqueon 26 gallon bowfront tank with a custom foam wall and built in refugium in the back. Currently a mixed reef and only a couple fish and has been running for about the last 2 years. It's lighted by an...
  6. 3lusive

    Nano Build 30q

    Wasn't getting any traffic in the Cube section, so I figured I would move to where the Nano peeps hang out. FTS: 11/01/2016 Specs: UNS 30Q NanoBox Mini Tide 3 Stage Canister Filter (floss / carbon - purigen / Seachem Matrix) Hydor 200w inline Heater Smart ATO Micro w/ Avast...
  7. G

    Aquamaxx Nemolight issue anyone have it?

    So I've had the Aquamaxx Nemolight over my Mr Aqua 12 for a week now. I decided F it I'll try something new so I got my LFS to order the light in from marine depot for me. Does anyone have this light? Have you had any issues with it. I've tried setting the timer up everyday this week and the...
  8. breazy_18

    SB Reef Light or Euphotica LED for Mixed Reef

    I have a 75 gallon mixed reef tank and I'm looking for a new LED light. I plan on using two 16" fixtures. Which of these two lights would be better? SB Reef Light https://sbreeflights.com/sbox-reef-lights/3-sbox-elite-16-ramping.html Euphotica...
  9. TylerMoralez

    AquaJapan AJ-40B Nano Reef

    Wanted to share my latest endeavor in the reefing-world. I pulled the trigger on a nano tank that is pretty hard to find at your LFS, unless of course you're down with Amazon. The brand is out of Asia called AquaJapan, and there is one seller of these tanks on Amazon called DiscountAquatics...
  10. aquascapesofla

    I need Lighting Help!

    Out of the hobby about 3 years. Just bought new tank and need some suggestions. Tank is 48x24x31 tall. Goal is to get back to mixed reef slowly but surely. There are soooooo many LED options available now. Kessils, Primes, Mars, etc. Please help! Light needs to reach bottom of tank.
  11. reeferfoxx

    Is my refugium light okay?

    So I decided to start a refugium in the back chamber of my All-in-one JBJ 30. I went ahead and purchased this LED Submersible Light - http://www.ebay.com/itm/252220625268?_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649&var=551053538879&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT I bought the smallest one since the back...
  12. ReeferMadness80G

    Nano Build My Rimless 14G Biocube SPS Reef

    So In June my Biocube crashed and this is the recovery. I'll ask questions along the way and if anyone can help me, that'd be great :) I dose Calc, Alk, and Mag from reef grow. This was before the crash this pic was taken about 20 hours after the first one, I crashed hard. this is a post...
  13. Marquiseo


  14. Aquarium Lighting

    Aquarium Lighting

    One of the hardest concepts to grasp is Lighting. It is also one of the most controversial topics brought up when talking to owners of pet stores and even veteran reefers. Try telling someone with 10 year old corals raised by fluorescent lighting that they need to upgrade to LED and they will...
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