1. Denisk

    Equipment/tanks for sale!!

    Brand New (Never used) Mr Aqua rimless low iron 22 gallon 36x12x12 ---- $160 Brand new (never used) Vertex Omega 130 ---- willing to trade for kessils, or larger bio load skimmer, and or 48 inch reefbrite. (SOLD) Led Galaxy Hydro led but wifi version and only uses one plug used for 9 months...
  2. S

    Kessil A160WE with Controller

    Good morning, Im building a 75g tank, I am wanting to put 2 A160WE lights with the Kessil Controller. Does anyone have this set up? if so thoughts? Thanks!
  3. RickG

    Suggestions on lighting for SPS dominant setup

    So im starting an sps dominant tank. The tank is 95 gallons 40 inches long by 20 wide by 30 tall. I wanted to run two 400 Watt Luxcore selectable ballasts with either radium 20k or hamilton 14k bulbs or two used radions G2 pro. What do you guys think is best for SPS in a 30 inch deep tank...
  4. Antignis

    AI Hydra 52 White (non HD)

    I will upload pictures when i get home later tonight.. but looking to get 300 shipped, or 400 shipped with with a wireless director. Josh Watkins
  5. Armydogracing

    Kessil 160

    I have a kessil 160 for sale didn't use it much was my backup light for shows. Comes with gooseneck also perfect nano light $160 shipped
  6. Buckwilds

    Fluval Reef LED 2.0 Schedule?

    I currently have a 60g display tank with a bunch of softies/euphyllia and a few sps. My tank is relatively new (had a 36 since april that got upgraded to the 60 in July because of a leak) and I'm not sure how long I should have my whites/blues on and for what intensity. I have quite a bit of...
  7. iOweYou

    (2) AI Prime HD's / 1 AI Hydra 26 / Or Reef Breeder Photon v2 ?

    Thinking about one of these led fixtures for my IM 25Gallon Lagoon 24 x 20 x 12 As of right now, Planning to go SPS Dominate. Which one do you guys prefer i should pick up? I want a good spread throughout my tank. As of right now, My rockscape covers about 18" Long and about 14" Width in the...
  8. reeferfoxx

    The Modified Black Box Thread

    So, over the past year I've been changing LEDs and lenses to find a good spectrum, light dispersment, limited shimmer and most importantly less "disco" effect, on my 165w wifi black box. I think I've found a combination. I decided to keep the 120° lenses and mixed 90° beaded and not beaded...
  9. serenade

    Nano Build Help choosing lighting and return pump

    I'm looking at setting up a 4 gallon nano innovative marine but am struggling with what kind of lighting to put over it. I'm planning on using it for anemone splits. But I'm worried about overkill. It came with the standard 8 watt lighting. I'm looking at either the: 18 watt innovative marine...
  10. Gabriel Guirola

    AI Hydra 26 (None HD)

    This light is awesome but it doesn't match my other hydra 26 HD and it is driving me nuts. It comes with apex controller and normal controller. I've used it for 5 month and I am the first owner, $200 for light and both controllers.
  11. Thoms_here

    Are these REALLY the top 10 LED fixtures??

    I came upon this site while looking for an LED fixture for my 70Gal reef tank. I have never seen or heard of the site before (it is for sure a click through Amazon site which I don't really mind if the advice is good) and was wondering what all of you LED users think of the list and lights if...
  12. C

    Ecotech Radion Schedule Not Working

    I recently got an ecotech gen 2 RX30w from a friend. It is a much needed upgrade from my old reef breeder knockoffs, but for some reason it will not take to any schedules I attempt to use. What would be your advice as this has become increasingly frustrating. Im using a macbook pro to connect to...
  13. GHL $1000 Gift Certificate Giveaway

    GHL $1000 Gift Certificate Giveaway

    Enter to Win Coupons over $1,000 for GHL Products! On behalf of the GHL team, we’d like to you all a happy and prosperous New Year! With Mitras LX7 fixtures officially shipping worldwide, we want to kick off the year by offering CURRENT and FUTURE LX7 owners the opportunity to win coupons with...
  14. A

    Anyone still using the black box leds?

    Just like the title asks, anyone still using the Chinese black box LED lights? I've been away from the hobby a while, and just getting back into it. I have never tried them, but I recall them being quite the rage several years ago. Curious if they've withstood the test of time? Anyone that's...
  15. S

    Programmable LED questions

    Good morning everyone!!! So I am building a custom stand for my new 75 gal tank. I am using 2 Black Box led lights... BUT they only have 1 plug for both channels, so I am not able to turn the blues on first and leave on after the whites, I do this now with my T5 with Moonlight leds. The reason...
  16. Beepinheimer

    [Black Box LEDs] Hanging Distance, Power Settings, & Measurement

    Hey everyone, I'm new to the forum. I purchased 2x SunSpect 165W LED fixtures with 90 degree optics probably around 6 months ago now. The fixtures are hung about 5-6 inches from the water's surface. I'm having some trouble dialing these suckers in and would prefer to avoid dishing out 100+...
  17. A

    Radion G2 PRO Won't Sync With my Other 2

    Hi all, I recently bought 3 Radion G2 Pros used from a friend, I have them on a 360GL tank and I have my whole schedule the way I like it and the two of three work great and I'm very satisfied with them but one of them is malfunctioning. So I noticed there was a problem right away with the 3RD...
  18. gtbarsi

    Question regarding powering LED drivers with different voltage needs

    The DIY LED solution I am looking at building has multiple channels with varying voltage needs. Channel 1: 96w @ 45v Channel 2: 78w @ 36v Channel 3: 54.6w @36v Channel 4: 60w @ 27v Channel 5: 86w @ 40v Channel 6: 86w @ 40v Besides not being efficient what would the impact be...
  19. haleyf1024

    T5 and LED combo questions

    I'll start by saying that I have no idea which forum to put this in, so if the LED specific or the DIY groups woyld be better, I'll move it :) So I am finally able to switch to ATI bulbs from the crappy stock lights that come with AquaticLife fixtures. The light is 60" and is only 4 bulbs. I...
  20. I

    Need to buy lights for a 90

    I need either T5 or an LED fixture for my tank. Was hoping to grab one on black Friday but could not find something that would work that I could afford. Message me if you have something I could use at a decent price.
  21. Mpkid911

    Help with diy led fixture!

    Okay so i am plannind a diy led fixture for a 55 gallon tank. Im basing thenlights off of the radion pro and these are the leds i plan on buying. 42 LEDs White: 8 Cree XT-E Cool White (5w each) Red: 4 bridgelux, 660nm (3w each) Yellow: 2 bridgelux Yellow, 590nm (3w each) Green: 4 Cree XP-E...
  22. ReefingWhiteford

    What supplement T5 bulbs?

    Okay so I have 120 gallon sps dominated system run under two radion xr30w gen 2. I am not satisfied with the growth and coloration that I am getting under them so I am going to add add one t5 retrofit light on either side of the radions (so two total). What two bulbs should I use? I would like...
  23. Rsaalman

    A review of my 60" ATI Retro from NanoBox Reef

    This will make the third lighting system I have tried from Dave the previous two being his Beam and Hybrid T5/LED. For those that don't know NanoBox is a small company ran by Dave Fason who has been making custom lighting for the past couple years. His customer service is second to none, well...
  24. kennedpa

    Gen 4 Radions - Disco rave

    Just equipped the temporary frag/grow out tank with Gen4 Pro radions yesterday. Was previously running 6 bulb T5 on the 40 long tank. Immediately I was disappointed in the level of disco ball effect from the LEDs. Going to attempt some solutions since the reduced electricity bill is the...
  25. sam.basye

    Build Thread 26g Bowfront Foam Wall Mixed Reef

    Decided to start a build thread over here for those who might be interested! It's an Aqueon 26 gallon bowfront tank with a custom foam wall and built in refugium in the back. Currently a mixed reef and only a couple fish and has been running for about the last 2 years. It's lighted by an...