1. R

    Aquarium Controller Lighting Skimmers Heaters 180 gallon tear down (high end equipment)

    High end equipment for sale. 1. 2 radion xr15 gen 5 pros w/diffuser - 400 each shipped 2. Profilux 4 mega set with a extra power bar - 700 shipped 3. Helio 500 watt heater package - 130 shipped 4. Royal exclusive bubble king double cone 180 protein skimmer - 450 shipped
  2. D

    Ohio Lighting Drygoods Neptune apex, DOS, 2 Part reservoir, Lights, extras

    I have a neptune apex eb832 with orp, salinity and ph probes DOS and 2 part reservoir $800 OBO 2 noopsyche k7 pro 3 lights with arms and brackets $150 each 2 noopsyche k7pro 2 lights with brackets and mounts $80 each bubble magus curve 5 skimmer $90 a ton of extras. Return pump, heaters...
  3. bobbykoz

    New York Lighting LED Drygoods KESSIL AP9X BRAND NEW IN BOX

    Brand new kessil ap9x never opened. Bought 4 anticipating on using all of them but only ended up using two of them. 750 shipped non negotiable. PayPal accepted
  4. bobbykoz

    Lighting LED Miscellaneous Drygoods Kessil ap9x brand new in box!!

    Hello all, I’m currently selling 2 brand new kessil ap9x. Brand new in the box never opened or used. I had bought 4 a year ago and never used 2 of them. I planned on getting a larger tank but that plan faded so my lose is your gain. They are priced at 750 a light and I will ship for free. Feel...
  5. zukihara

    Tennessee Package Deal Drygoods SOLD WTS 2x XR15 Blue Radion New In Box Gen 5

    WTS 2x XR15 Blue Radion New In Box Gen 5 both $750 Located in Springfield, TN will ship for $25 additional.
  6. B

    T5 Chillers Drygoods Chiller, ATI T5

    I have a used AquaEuro USA 1/2 hp chiller for sale-$300.00 Used 48 inch ATI T5 8 bulb dimmable-$275.00 Used 48 inch ATI T5 8 bulb dimmable-$275.00 Your Choice Aquatics DC25 protein skimmer rated up to 800 gallons-$250.00 Your Choice Aquatics DC13 protein skimmer rated up to 150...
  7. R

    New York Lighting LED Philips Coral Care G2 or TRADE.

    $400 Comes with hanging kit and controller. Open to trades for other lights or equipment
  8. J

    California Aquariums Sumps Drygoods 25g Lagoon Setup / XR15 Pro w RMS Mount / 150g Stand / Trigger Ruby 36 Sump / Skimmer etc.

    Pick Up Glendora Zip 91740 IM Fusion 25G AIO LAGOON SETUP -Tank Dimension: 24 x 20 x12H -Black Solid wood stand -MightyJet Midsize DC return Pump (538GPH) Bigger AIO pump version -Desktop NuvoSkim DC protein skimmer -Aqua Gadget Spin Stream Nozzle X2 -MarinePure bio brick that is cut to fit...
  9. payrawsa

    Texas Lighting Drygoods SOLD Ecotech Radion XR15 G6 AND G5

    All lights come with the rms slider mount. Buyer pays paypal fees if using paypal. G6 xr15pro 1 month old. Has original box. I have 2 of them. $420 each shipped. G5 xr15 pro 1 month old 350 shipped G5 xr15 pro 1 year of use 320 shipped Take all of it and I ship the 6 foot rms slider arm with...
  10. reefing89

    California Lighting Drygoods Xho reefbrites for radions xr30 kit

    Hi I have some barely used reefbrites that haven’t really used, specially now that I’ve upgraded to gen 6 radions don’t find the need of even putting them up. Looking for 150 shipped each with insurance. I have two available. One more available
  11. SWherrey

    LED Package Deal Drygoods Two Hydra 64HDs w/ HMS Mounts

    Hi, I have two Hydras for sale only used for about a year. I moved on to Radions which is why I’m selling these. I’m asking 800 for the pair and this includes the mounts. I did notice on one of the hydras the lenses under the UV might of burnt but you could order replacement lens from AI...
  12. Fin-up reefing

    Pennsylvania Lighting Drygoods RedSea 90w LED lights w/ hanging kit

    For Sale are 2x RedSea 90w LEDs Both come with a mounting kit and will be sold as a pair. These lights have a double adapter cable so they will only need one plug. The lights were only used for 8 months at 30% intensity on a shallow tank. Everything works! I will include screws but no wall...
  13. W

    Does the XR15 Pro G4 still hold up in 2022?

    Hi all, I’ve been looking at upgrading my lights. I currently have a kessil A80 Tuna blue. Would the xr15 pro gen 4 be much of an upgrade? And does it still hold up in 2023?
  14. S

    Illinois Lighting Drygoods SOLD Neptune Sky LED Apex Lights NEW

    $725 each Located Bridgeview, IL 60455 Brand new open box. Got these for my tank but came across a great deal on a pair of Kessil A500X and will be using those instead.
  15. Stoneyed

    Overkill? SPS light build

    Hi all! This is the layout for my 180g (72"x24"x24") sps lights. I currently am running these types of chips (12 total) with decent success (acros growing slowly), but feel like i can do better. Current PAR readings are about 150 mid-tank at 80%, so this should bump me up substantially...
  16. S

    Illinois Lighting Drygoods SOLD Orphek Atlantik Compact v4 Light

    $275 shipped Great condition, all LED functioning properly. Hanging kit and gateway included. T5 fixtures attached ARE NOT included. If you’d like them I can include them but shipping will not be included with that.
  17. W

    New Hampshire Lighting Drygoods SOLD Ati sunpower 4x48

    I have 2 ati sunpower t5 dimmable light fixtures both do light up one works fully the other seems to have an issue with the select button not working properly could probably be fixable 4 bulb 48" $200 for the pair
  18. Sandman12

    Florida Lighting Drygoods Hydra 32 w/flex arm - Florida- will ship

    Brand new in sealed box, hydra 32 with flex arm. $420 each. Pick up in Bradenton, FL or ship.
  19. jaihutcherson

    Lighting LED Drygoods (4) Radion XR15pro g4 lights for sale

    Great condition. All lights, all buttons, everything works perfect. Mobius and apex ready. Just had Wi-Fi chips replaced. Working now on apex . Have boxes for all lights
  20. jaihutcherson

    Lighting LED Drygoods Radion G4 XR15pro (2)

    Pulling apart my 280g. I have most everything sold local but do have 2 Radion XR15pro (g4) and 1 Radion XR30pro (g2) available. all lights, all buttons, everything work great. I’ve have them at about 27% the entire time I’ve owned them. Mobius ready (g4 only) and apex ready on all. They are...
  21. Arif

    Florida Lighting Drygoods Brand New Ecotech Radion G6 Blue

    I have 2 Brand new sealed Radion G6 Blue $900 each pickup in West Palm Beach, FL 33411
  22. Omar1107

    Pennsylvania Lighting Drygoods lighting

    Ai Hydra 32hd 1 White 1 Black both with arm $250 Each just took down. used for a year. just needs the lens replaced.
  23. M

    Lighting LED Drygoods SOLD New factory sealed Radion Xr15 G6 Pro

    I have a new unopened G6 pro xr15 I am looking to get rid of. $sold PLUS shipping, located in gonzales,La 70737
  24. A

    Lighting LED Drygoods SOLD Ai prime 16hd

    Hello, I have 2 ai prime 16 hd for sale. Both in good condition mounts included with lights. Asking $160 each or $300 for both plus shipping. Located in Naperville IL
  25. S

    Lighting LED Package Deal Drygoods Philips Coral Care Gen 2 - will ship

    Yes I have read, understand, and agree to the terms of service. Philips Coral Care Gen 2 (in black) x 3 Controller for the lights These lights are 14 months old and in excellent condition. Breaking down tank for house renovations and likely will not be setting back up or seriously downsizing...