1. M

    Led light configuration help

    I have a 5g fluval saltwater tank, lightly stocked for now since i havent gotten good light, i upgraded the stock led to a fluval aquasky because its programable through the app and can set times. I need help with how i should program it with % of RGBW and times. This is my current setup. Any...
  2. J

    Nevada Corona by Rapid LED (LED FIXTURES)

    I have 2 of these lights available. Both under 2 years of use on reef. WiFi controlled (FISHBIT App by rapid LED). These each cover a good 24" x 24" square very well. They use the same CREE LEDs that are in any name brand fixture and have a good amount of UV LED for even better PAR. I just...
  3. A

    Florida Radion XR30 G4 Pro w/ tank mount, Apex ATK, Reeflink NIB

    I have the following. All prices include shipping. PM me with any questions! All items in excellent shape Ecotech Radion XR30 G4 Pro with tank mount: $700 Ecotech Reeflink (New In Box): $80 Apex ATK: $130 - does not have float (which clogs constantly)
  4. B

    New York 72" IC LOOP PRO Dual LED Marine Complete System - Current USA $500

  5. gt44ever

    Michigan MH-CFL Hybrid and Current Satellite Marine Pro Lights

    Hello Reefers, Finally got around to replacing my lights and don't really need all the old ones, so here we go Coralife Hybrid 72" - $200 Local pick-up only (not sure I could ship it safely) I believe this is the Aqualight Pro model, and is equipped as follows: 3x 150w Metal Halide lamps with...
  6. Uwharrie

    North Carolina Current Orbit IC 18-24

    New Orbit IC. Opened and plugged in to insure it works. $110 includes shipping ( domestic USA)
  7. D

    Texas 3 Noopsyche k7 Pro II Leds

    I have 3 noopsyche pro leds with controller. No mounts included as I mounted these in a canopy. Would like to sell all 3 together as I only have one controller. Only used for 2 months. Asking $325 shipped.
  8. C

    (Coral Colors) -XR15 Pro vs Hydra TwentySix HD

    Hey guys. I am looking for lights on my first reef build and its a toss up between these two guys. I really want my corals to pop color wise. I know the XR15pro has UV leds for that pop but I am not sure if the Hydra does? However I know the hydra already comes with wifi and with the XR I would...
  9. M

    Alabama ATI 36 Inch 6x39W Dimmable SunPower T5 High-Output Fixture

    I have had this unit for less than a year. Bulbs are 6 months old. It works great no problems with function at all. I only have the fixture s shown No hanging kit. It does have one small dent on the corner but this in no way has any impact on function. All reflectors are in perfect condition...
  10. F

    Radions or Kessils? And cords for multiples and apex

    Hello everyone! In the process of starting my new tank build (finally!) The drmensions of the tank are: 48x18x30 So it’s fairly deep... it will be a mixed tank and I’d like some corals on/near sand bed. I’m contemplating between the radions or the kessilA306 N E’s.... I am leaning towards the N...
  11. Brian Goldstein

    California Selling my (like-new) Radion XR30W G4 PRO ! w/ RMS mount

    Hey Reefers- I am shifting my focus towards propagation, so i'll be selling my XR30W pro and getting T5's. Due to the dimensions of my frag tank, I would need 2 more Radions to sufficiently light my tank ... and that's just not happening lol. The fixture itself is 6 months old and has been...
  12. DirtDiggler2823

    Trying to find balance with 4 bulb T5 fixture

    I purchased a used 4 bulb T5 fixture, and look to replace the bulbs soon. It's an aquatic life fixture and I believe it still has the OEM bulbs in it. Its running 1 White, 2 Blues, and 1 Purple bulb. I'm looking to keep softies, and maybe LPS corals in this tank, and I'd like them to grow, and...
  13. F

    Lighting options for 110g deep

    Hey so I am starting my build on my 110g tank... (dimensions are: 48”long, 30” deep and 18” wide) - will have NO bigger than a 2” sand bed (probably closer to 1.5”) I would like to use LED’s if I can but I want something that will be able to grow some LPS near/on the sand bed and throughout the...
  14. Reef Jedi

    What is your Lighting Spectrum and schedule?

    I want to know your spectrum and schedule regardless of what kind of light you have. If you can give all the details, spectrum, schedule, intensity and your results that would be great! I am currently running a Radion XR30w g4 PRO on the ab+ setting. I swear I was getting better growth using...
  15. Nfd552

    Tank transfer lighting info needed

    I just started cycling my new tank. So i have some time before this all good down, but I’m trying to get my ducks in a row. I currently have a 75 gal bow, 4ft wide running 2 radion xr30s. New tank is a 24” cube which will get one of the radions. Initially the 75gal tank came with a orbit marine...
  16. Mrcote1

    New Hampshire Reef Radiance LEDs

    I'm selling two reef radiance LEDs. They are the new X1 Genesis LEDs and have about 7 months of use. Pickup in central NH or I'll meet anywhere in NH or Mass. I'm also willing to ship them. $350 takes BOTH lights. I also have par readings of both lights I took with an apogee MQ 510 if anyone...
  17. BedrockIOMC

    What would you change too?

    Ok I have a Red Sea Reefer 170 and I started it a few months ago. I went with the Current Orbit IC. I went with them because I wanted the Loop system they have to run my flow pump and my poerheads with everything elase. The tank was going to be a LPS and softy tank just like my BioCube 32 and I...
  18. Antignis

    Texas 4x kessil 360ne

    All power cords, daisy chain cables, and the apex vdm cable included. $850 shipped
  19. AquaticLife

    Michigan Xr30 gen 4 pro's

    4 - XR30W GEN 4 PRO'S avail priced as follows: 2-used for about a year on Apex @ 65% $620/shipped EACH! 1- used for about a year on Apex @ 65% comes with diffuser and rms mount will not seperate. $735/shipped 1-about 6 mos old New Never used (turned on to make sure all was good) so 5 min of...
  20. scott11106

    What color lights do i use for refugium?

    i have 2 h80 kessil's and they can be tweaked to the red spectrum or blue spectrum and i am trying to grow some algae but not sure where to set lights, under the blue there did not seem to be any growth so i switched to red but not sure that is right?? please give me thoughts as the chaeto...
  21. W

    Connecticut ISO Equipment for 70g build

    I've just started a build for a 70 gallon cadlights artisan. I plan for a mixed tank, while mostly focusing on keeping LPS/ Softies with few SPS corals. The fish stock will mostly be wrasses. I will likely be integrating a large refugium into the sump. Using the triton method will be strongly...
  22. J

    Need help finding a way of making a DIY hydra26 hd mount.

    Getting a hydra in a few days but wont be getting the mount as it cost too much lol so im thinking of a way to mount the light on the tank. Hanging kit if last resort lol. I have an extra leftover long piece if aluminium that was used for my solar panels and im thinking of using this but i dont...
  23. BangedUp

    32 biocube light schedule

    32 stock biocube lights, let’s see your scheduled programs what’s working for you .... my corals color is good but growing a little slow lately, maybe mine need a tweak, softies and some medium light lps only
  24. ileas12:

    Are these lights sufficient for coral growth

    I bought these lights from ebay. They said they can grow coral but I'm just a beginner so I don't really know. They have a white mode and a blue mode.
  25. Bear Reefer

    Dave’s 144 Gallon Shallow mixed reef Build

    here is the beginning of my little piece of heaven...... any thoughts on lighting? Sump size? I want to do a mix of T5 and LED’s but the tank is 36”deep and 72” long cost is somewhat a factor and I like a natural look.
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