1. 1

    Can lights be directly ontop of the tank?

    I often see majority of the lights hovering above the tank but I was wondering if its possible lay it right on top of the tank on top of the glass canopy? My tank has a full wood canopy set up and I need to keep that way due to kids. Any recommendations for specific lights as well?
  2. Crixus3Leo


    I have just bought a 4 foot 120 gallon aquarium and I need to purchase lights for the tank. This tank is going to be a fish only tank with artificial reef and coral. My question is, what kind of lighting should I get for the tank? I really want something that will make the colors in the tank...
  3. coraluv09

    EcoSmart Live App "Cannot connect to device" Message

    Hey everyone, Just purchased some radions gen4 and for some reason i'm having a very hard time getting them to stay on. I have used the USB to connect to my laptop. However, now I am trying to use the app but keep getting a message that says "we could not connect your device" in both my ipad...
  4. H

    JBJ 30 Gallon Rimless Lighting?

    So as the title states I am looking for suggestions for lighting. I currently own an AI Prime HD for my IM Nuvo Fusion 10 gallon so an AI would be preferred but I have heard some not so good things about the Hydra HD's on this tank. I like the Kessil lights but have also heard those create too...
  5. oscar ortiz

    Biocube LED lights good enough for corals?

    I These are the LED's in my biocube they are stock but they are better than previous biocube models lights, im keeping some lps and sps right now cause i got the corals really cheap but one of my LFS told me that the alot of the corals wont survive expect the soft corals and birdnest and i want...
  6. M

    2 Radion Gen 3 XR30w Pro and AI Sol LED

    I have two Radion XR30w Pro and one AI Sol for sale. The Radions were both manufactured 11/2015 and work great. A tiny bit dusty on the inside on the fan casing. One has the normal hanging wires and a hanging kit. The other is missing two screws for the hanging wires and is missing the wires...
  7. boumbo25

    Phillips Hue lights in the Background

    What do you guys think ? Black backdrop or live colors ? youtube link : Sorry for the sound... watching Bates Motel !
  8. boumbo25

    Phillips Hue lights in the Background

    What do you guys think ? Black backdrop or live colors ? youtube link : Sorry for the sound... watching Bates Motel !
  9. MounteeFrag

    Can not figure it out!!!!

    OK guys I am a stubborn person, a person that refuses to ask for directions or in this case, Help! But it is time to put my tail between my legs and do just that, Ask for Help. My tank has been up and running for over 2 years and I can not get anything type of LPS or SPS to grow. Matter of fact...
  10. C

    Critique my Kessil schedule

    Open to critiques! This topic has many threads, so I thought: 1) I'd get some personalization. Thanks for any help 2) Feel free and please post your own schedules, as it's always good to have a quick reference guide to everyone's settings. I wanted to post this because it looks like some of my...
  11. RickG

    Radion graph

    Hey guys! So I setup a radion G3 Pro recently and just wanted some input in what settings you guys are running on your radions. I have read that the SPS AB+ produce some good results with corals. I am keeping a mixed tank. Thanks in advance!
  12. RickG

    Radion xr15 pro or AI Hydra 26 HD

    hey reefers, just wanted some input on which light fixture you guys would go with and why. I'm in between the radion xr15 pro and the AI Hydra 26 HD. I'm really interested on growth. Turning an old cube into a frag tank, sits about 18 inches high. Thanks for your help in advance !
  13. quicksil328

    T5 on a Frag tank

    So I need some input on lighting a new frag tank I am setting up. Dimensions are 36 x 24 x 12. It will be a stand alone system. I currently have 6x80 watt ati t5 on my 190 display so wanted to stick to t5. I was looking at some coralife fixtures, 2 x 39 watt, 36 inch fixtures. Any thoughts or...
  14. Mpkid911

    Getting out of hobby sale high end equipment!

    This is my getting out of hobby sale so everything must go. I have everything needed for atleast 2 maybe 3 setups. I have a 55 gallon, 40 breeder bottom drilled and a 29 gallon side drilled. All have stands. I have 2 protein skimmers, a reef octopus 150sss nrand new, and a euro reef rs80 used...
  15. KushCoralsInMiami

    hydra 52 questions please help

    Having trouble adjusting the different spectrums of light to best suit my tank corals have bleached a lil just did a waster change and all levels are notmal I have LPS and SPS corals, large clams, mushrooms, acans, favias, chalices if any one can help me with adjusting the spectrums please let...
  16. theblackpearl

    Best lighting for a 93 cube? 30" x 30" x 24"

    What do you think the best lighting would be for this tank? I will be keeping a clam, an anemone, lots of lps and some softies The tank is rimless and has a synergy overflow, the lights will be in a custom canopy I will be using tonga complex branch rock and special grade sand May the best...
  17. G

    Current USA 6 bulb T5 fixture

    Selling my light fixture. Info can be seen here: Willing to take offers. Need to get rid of them. Thank you.
  18. Aquarium Lighting

    Aquarium Lighting

    One of the hardest concepts to grasp is Lighting. It is also one of the most controversial topics brought up when talking to owners of pet stores and even veteran reefers. Try telling someone with 10 year old corals raised by fluorescent lighting that they need to upgrade to LED and they will...
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