macro algae

  1. BitFix

    Will high nitrates kill microfauna?

    I finished cycling my tank a few days ago and my nitrates are very high (about 100ppm). I already planned on getting some chaeto for my refugium, so I was thinking about buying already and let it absorb the nitrates, but I'm afraid that in those conditions the pods that may come with the chaeto...
  2. Esquire805

    California CheatoC gor sale sandwich bag

    Need to get some cheatomorphia out the way I think I can make 10 bags 21 shipped. Nice and healthy
  3. M

    Anyone know what this is?

    The seller thought it might be Dragon's Breath but it doesn't really look like it to me.
  4. Lylelovett

    Considering Macroalgae: Green Finger, Shaving Brush, Mermaid's Fan?

    Hi all, So I thought it might be cool to add some macroalgae to my DT: green finger, shaving brush, or mermaid's fan... I have a 150g mixed reef tank. about 6mos old. This is my first reef tank. Looking at, those are the three I'm interested in...
  5. Willz

    Kessil H160 Flora

    Hello all, I recently bought some Kessil 160 Flora lights. I also, unfortunately, bought the Kessil Spectral X controller, which is compatible with the lights but is really for the 300 series lights. The SpectralX unit allows for me to program the following variables: intensity, violet, red...
  6. DeepBlueSomething

    Macro ID? Addition of Ulva as well

    Photo of algae from my sump. Backstory - chaeto didn't grow well. This popped up in DT few strands and began to spread slowly. I moved the rock with this on it to sump since it was obviously happy with my parameters. It has grown consistently however, nitrates remain high. Added ulva from...
  7. Schnizzle

    Cooking Ulva lactuca

    I purchased a Kessil H380 for my fuge as I had planned on growing chaeto but it didn't work out. After speaking with @AlgaeBarn they really helped me out and I moved to Ulva lactuca, "Sea Lettuce". It is growing great but I'm overpowering it with the Kessil. If I don't remember to "stir" it...
  8. aquaman99

    Illinois WTB: Macro Algae Frag Pack

    Hello all, I am going to be putting some Macro Algae in my Seahorse display tank and I am looking to buy a frag pack. Preferably local. SW subs of Chicago. I would prefer if the frag pack contained the following: Acetabularia, codium, caulerpa cupressoides, and halymenia dilatata PM me if you...
  9. Ignitros

    Washington WTB Interesting Macroalgaes

    I'm looking to buy some interesting macros. I'm interested in reds like dragons breath, Ogo, Pom Pom, spike, grape, shaving brush, anything really that's different from Chaeto as long as it's not the calcifying kind.
  10. Schmitty

    Nitrate Reactor VS. Macroalgae Reactor

    So Im looking into getting something to keep my nitrates down and Ive read nothing but wonderful magical things about the Korallin Nitrate Reactor...
  11. B

    Peacock Mantis lighting with Macros (and shell rot)

    Hi guys, Well, three days ago I was at my LFS and they had a 4" peacock mantis in stock. I had read up on them before and found them super fascinating so I made the impulse purchase. Before purchasing him, I talked to the owner for a while just to make sure I knew what I was getting myself...
  12. Joe Batt

    Wild collected Sea Lettuce in refugium?

    I am on holiday in Bali and there is a livelclean beach close by with sea lettuce growing on the rocks. I just have cheato in the refugium at the moment but was thinking some sea lettuce might add diversity. What are your thoughts? Had a friend say it grows like wildfire and a no no....
  13. Esquire805

    California Cheato golf ball size 8.50 shipped

    Gotta trim this down it's taking 0ver my other macros I have about 15-20 packs let me know. Amphilpods and feather dusters live in my tank that's all
  14. George Villasenor

    California WTB Dragons Breath Macro Algae

    Looking to buy dragons breath/tongue or interesting macro algae.
  15. Esquire805

    California Cheato, red gracilaria,caulerpa macro packs

    Selling 1/4 bags of mixed macro. I have only 5 packs so first come first serve 47 shipped. Will be out of town so last day to ship for me is tues August 14th
  16. Raindog3030

    Growing Macro Algae in the Display...No Refugium!?!

    This is one of those things that has baffled me since rejoining the hobby earlier this year. Why doesn't macro algae seem to do well in the display, despite all corals thriving? More specifically, does a lack of red/white light deprive the macro algae of the spectrum it requires to thrive...
  17. Struggler

    Ulva lactuca Care Questions

    Hello everyone! So, there seems to be a shortage of Chaeto on Algae barn, and I'm not willing to buy side of the street chaeto. It recommends Ulva lactuca, and some other reefers have as well. However, I cant seem to find any clear care info. Some say it needs cold water. Some say it needs warm...
  18. Esquire805

    California Macroalgae, sea sponges and gorgonians.

    Just a list of items I'm trying to thin out the tanks. The more you buy the more you save. If your not sure what a item is pm me for a reference.
  19. DSmithZ28

    Refugium Lighting Question

    I am currently running one of the TaoTronics: on my 10x12x18 (LxWxH) refugium and not having the desired results with Chaeto. In fact I...
  20. Esquire805

    New years mixed macro Algae sale

    Will receive 1/4 pack of mixed macro algae. This algae is in its own sump area will come with assorted reds and greens 58shipped
  21. Lilcherylpony

    New video in macro series

    I'm almost finished with the third and fourth videos in my macro series which will deal with the categories of macros and how their needs vary! Here's the playlist: you can click notifications to see the videos as soon as I upload :)
  22. 1

    Macroalgae for Display?

    Hey Everyone, Anyone have recommendations for macroalgae in the DT? Avoiding chaeto since it can cover everything up. Looking for aesthetics and the usual nitrate reduction properties. Also a little safe haven for pods. I have heard of shaving bush but looking for more options thanks!
  23. SeabassG

    Caulerpa Prolifera rhizomes, or going sexual?

    I put some caulerpa prolifera in my fuge about two weeks ago, and some of leaves started going translucent and decaying. I don't know if it was exclamation stress or if it went sexual, but now there's a bunch of these little white whiskery growths. From Reading some articles I think that is...
  24. Earl Karl

    Macroalgae tank

    So I started a new 29 gallon macroalgae tank. However, I only have two of those $100 reef LEDs that you get from Amazon. Will these lights be able to grow macroalgae, or would I have to invest in a 6500k light or grow light?
  25. ReefWeeds

    IM 14 Gallon Peninsula: full of weeds

    I realized I hadn't started build thread for my newest tank build, a 14 gallon Innovative Marine peninsula all-in-one. Details: Tank DOB: May 14, 2016 Equipment and such: Tank: IM fusion 14 peninsula Return: stock pump Lighting: Orbit Marine Heater: cobalt 75 w neo-therm Backlighting...
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