1. P

    Can anyone ID this coral?

    Thriving in my tank by luck, but not entirely sure what it is. Was bouncing between some sort of moni or scroll coral. TIA.
  2. F

    Value of Monti encrusted skull?

    I wld guess about the size of 1.5 softballs or so. How much u think it’s worth on r2r?
  3. C

    40g breeder tank fish feeding frenzy

    Let me know what you guys think! Just getting started but I intend to post videos regularly and constantly improve. Please subscribe and follow along
  4. hikebikebrew

    California Live Goods Consolidation Sale

    Now that I have my new tank up and running, I'm working towards consolidating my other two tanks. In my FOWLR I have some livestock that I don't want to bring over to the new mixed reef tank... So they need a new tank to call home. All can be picked up north part of of Los Angeles County (SCV)...
  5. Zeuserdoo

    Monticaps always die?

    My reef tank is almost two years old. After about six months, I started adding corals. One of the first ones that I added was a red Monticap. It looked great for about six weeks, and then it started to bleach, and after a few weeks, it was gone. I have tried three more times, with two red...
  6. BkReefBaby

    Live Goods SOLD WYSIWYG SPS Pack inc WD

    WYSIWYG top frag WWC yellow tips Middle row. Left to right RRC pink Caddi, BigR WD and Oregon Tort Bottom row WWC sunfire cap and JF beach Bum it’s 275 shipped. PM for local price Im in Stamford CT and can meet within reason. Also I work in Manhattan and can meet in the Upper eastside...
  7. B

    Florida Live Goods Baby Plate Corals, Large Red Monti Cap, 50 head Zoa rock, Rainbow Bubble Tip

    Large Red Monti Cap - $60 Rock with Zoas - (more than 50 polyps) - $60 Rainbow Bubble Tip Anemone - $40 (they are medium/small)
  8. drewsan

    California Live Goods Build Your SPS Pack (HW, SC OP, WD, Golden Rod, Super Bright Pink, Pink Cadillac, Red Planet, Copps 24K Mill, and More)

    **Photos were taken with yellow filter under AI Hydra 32 BRS AB+ Preset and with Orange glasses under AI Hydra 32 Blue Light** Two hours DOA. I MUST get clear pic/video within 2hrs of arrival, coral(s) must be in the unopened bags. If DOA does occur, I’ll either refund or replace. Free shipping...
  9. ReefZ1lla84

    Washington Live Goods Torches, hammers, frogspawns, zoas, montis, acros, etc.

    Selling some variety of different corals here. Some prices are posted in the pics. Shipping is $40 in lower 48 states, free shipping at $325. Standard DOA, need to receive a clear picture with in two hours of delivery while coral is still in bag or cup. if the coral arrives dead without shipping...
  10. A


    I got a freak nasty monti cap last week, I went a little heavy on the super glue so I thought it was maybe that. That might I noticed some white fuzz lifting off the cap near the polyps...didn't think much of it. Continually every night it seems to do it more and more. Looked into it and I've...
  11. Steven w

    New York Live Goods Torches, chalices, blastos, zoas, montis, mushrooms and more

    A mix of corals will ship for $50 or free shipping at $325 NY Knicks two heads sold Dragon soul two heads sold Very gold torch splitting $200 blasto pack $325 JKR blue moon rainbow chalice $150 Big Pink boo*ies chalice $49 Grim reaper zoa #1 $25 Grim reaper #2 $25 Grim reaper #3 $70 grim...
  12. I

    Monti placement

    Is this a good spot? Hoping it and the gsp encrust the back wall.
  13. I

    Please help!! Need advice on lighting.

    Hello everyone! I have a 40 gallon cube, and I’m struggling with successfully keeping corals. Im currently running an AI Prime HD and was wondering if anyone has a good preset recommendation. I made my lighting schedule by myself (Ill attach an image, I know it’s probably pretty bad don’t make...
  14. G

    Florida Live Goods Red Sea 350 awesome setup including coral, tank and equipment

    Complete turnkey system for sale including tank, equipment, and coral. $5k Red Sea reefer 350 Complete apex set up 2 Radion XR30w Pro led’s Hybrid T5 4 bulb fixture RMS tank mount 2 Vortech MP40 quiet drive powerheads Vortech vectra pump Regal 150int skimmer Tank lid CO2 scrubber Reactors and...
  15. B

    California Live Goods Clearing Space. Nice Corals. Will Ship Free.

    Looking to make some space. Have some nice stuff from my own healthy stable nano tanks. Pest free, nuisance algae free (as far as I can see and know of) none of the garbage bs stuff that comes with most coral. Have a few things. Can make a nice small pack for a newb trying to stock a new tank or...
  16. Anthony Page

    Texas Live Goods Taking Tank down: Euphyllia, zoas, and montis

    I have to take my tank down by July 5th. I need to get rid of all corals over the next few weekends. I live in north San Antonio but work in Austin so I can only be in San Antonio on the weekends. Prices are negotiable. NOT willing to ship I can be in San Antonio on the following days. If you...
  17. Chipper1978

    Montipora ID

    Picked up this Monti as a frag and don’t recall the name. Any ideas?
  18. N

    Rainbow Montis

    Taste the rainbow
  19. NanoCube

    AIO Build Biocube 32 (Stock Lighting) Montipora Growth

    I have has a Biocube 32 LED ( STOCK lighting) set up for about 5 years now. Rocks and biomedia from a 55g so biologicaly speaking it is over 10years old. At this point perimeters are more stable than I am. Although that might not be saying much. in the past 6months I have started taking heavy...
  20. S

    Monti losing flesh

    Monti suddenly losing flesh. Is it because of high flow? Or more light? Its in the same place from last 3-4 months.
  21. Bato367

    Montipora - Encrusting or Plating Form?

    Does anyone know if these montis grow in an encrusting or plating form? Thank you!
  22. Orange Monti Cap

    For sale Orange Monti Cap

    Nice pieces of Orange Montipora Capricornus. Up for trade or offers. Located in Cape Carteret, NC. Shipping available. Thanks Wayne and Leanne
    $1.00 to $50.00
  23. Baseball-sized JF Beach Bum Monti

    For sale Baseball-sized JF Beach Bum Monti

    Breaking down my tank sadly after 8 years, and this monti has been growing in my tank since it was about 1/2" in size. Please direct message if interested (Pick-up only).
  24. Stones-Reef

    Strange Bubble on WWC Grafted Monti

    Strange bubble-like growth on WWC grafted monti. Any idea why this is happening?