mounting arm

  1. Karen00

    Using AI Prime hanging kit to mount Prime light to another rigid arm?

    Hello fellow saltines, I just purchased a used AI Prime light but it doesn't come with the mounting arm (which is fine). While searching online I found a reference to the Prime light hanging kit being used to mount the Prime light to other manufacturer's rigid arms. I already have an arm that...
  2. Reefi Duo Extreme Lights & Ecotech RMS mounts

    For sale Reefi Duo Extreme Lights & Ecotech RMS mounts

    I'm looking to sell a pair of Reefi Duo Extremes with RMS mounts and adapter that I used for my tank. I absolutely love these lights and they're by far my favorite lights and I pretty much tried them all. But the bug bit and I wanna try something new. Pricing below: Reefi duo extreme - $520...
    $70.00 to $520.00
  3. K

    Redsea ReefLed 90 Mount Arm (18"-21") Measurement

    Hi fellow reefers, wondering if any of you uses the Reefled 90 mounting arm for tanks 18"-21" / 46 -54 cm (width). If possible can you provide me the measure of the arm's length as shown in the picture below ? I have been using the mounting arm for quite a while and i am suspecting my LFS...
  4. Adam1985

    Should I add supplemental T5’s to my Kessil AP9X setup?

    Hi, I’m hoping for some opinions on whether or not I should add supplemental T5’s to my 2’x2’x2’ (approximately) cube mixed reef. Total volume of around 202 L. I’m currently using a single Kessil AP9X mounted about 10” above the water. Light program is based on BRS suggestions for an AP9X on...
  5. DanSavesTheDay

    Virginia WTB Wtb 3x XR30 RMS kits + 3x XR30 diffusers

    Wanting to buy in new or used condition 3x XR30 G5* RMS Mount kits 3x XR30 G5* Diffusers Willing to pay about $100/pair of mount kit/diffuser or $300 for all If you have what I am looking for, please shoot me a pm. Thank you :)
  6. ridgeburyreefer

    AI hydra 32- can it be done cheaper?

    I am looking at getting my first “big boy” light for my 90 gallon reef, currently using a fluval marine. This is an expensive purchase and would like to know ways how any of you were able to make this purchase cheaper? I’d like to use a “multi arm” system- rather not hang it from the ceiling...
  7. Erick Armanii

    Connecticut New York 72” HMS bar, mounts, and brackets.

    HMS multi light mount kit and HMS 6’ rail. I will include 3 hydra 52mounts. (If you seen my build thread, I ordered the wrong mounts but I was able to add washers and longer screws to make it work with my hydra 26hds lol) I no longer have the original box but I have a shipping container if...
  8. S

    Lighting LED FS - Orphek Universal Mounting Arm Kit for Aquarium LED Lighting

    In great condition. Asking $70 with free shipping.
  9. C

    Red Sea Parts for ReefLed - Good To Know Info

    Recently bought a Reefled 90 but had to get a different clamp. Based on my LFS advise reached out to Red Sea through Request ticket. They were able to send out the specific part for the light. Clamp for ReefLed 90 was $5. Top arm for ReefLed 21-24 inch was $10 Shipping was $15. But didn't have...
  10. Castaway6

    Florida Kessil A360WE + controller + mount

    Tuna Blue. Bought from another reefer. Works great, I cleaned and dusted it etc to set it up but I'm definitely an AI fan, not a fan of kessil (sorry not sorry) Comes with everything you need all very good condition and original boxes. Asking $350 + whatever shipping will be. I might consider...
  11. MichaelP121579

    Tennessee Universal Tank Mount LED T5

    I bought this mount thinking I would use it on my T5 lights I ended up going a different route. Bought last week on BRS for 90.00 Looking for 75 obo shipped or trade for a Hannah Cheaker Calcium. Or other reef related items.
  12. N

    New York 2 Kessil A-series Mounting Arms

    I have a pair of used Kessil A-Series mounting arms for sale. Boxed up and ready to go out to buyer. Sold my AP-700 and no longer need. $95 shipped/PP'd
  13. BoSalman

    ATI hybrid, sufficient mount?

    Hello, So I'm about to unbox my 6x39w hybrid ATI powermodule and install it. I've done a quick search online and i saw that some users recommended/used the Aquatic Life Universal Hanger (pictured below) to mount their hybrid T5/LED fixtures. However, this hanger is rated for 10lbs on each...
  14. J

    Alabama Kessil A-Series Mounting Arms

    I'm selling a pair of Kessil A-series mounting arms. They're in great shape, except for some very minor scratches on the back and some water deposits (see the pictures below). They can be used with the AP700, and include hardware for using them with the A160, A360, and H380 lights (shown in...
  15. chill903

    Kessil A360 Arm Mount

    All, I figured someone out there might benefit from the mounting solution I came up with for my 3 Kessil A360s over my 120 gallon mixed reef tank. I also integrated 3 lunar lights from the Neptune Lunar Simulator Module. This design could easily be modified to house any number of Kessils or...
  16. J


    I have 2 BNIB AI HMS Single Light Mount Kits (black) for sale. 1 box has been open to see how to install it and the other has not been opened. These hold Hydra 52 or Hydra 26, which are not included. I decided to mount the lights a different way, so I no longer need these. $65/each
  17. dangros

    Tank mount for Mitras LX7 using Vervve mounts

    I wanted to share the way I mounted my new Mitras with the Vervve mounts. I ruled out the hanging kit and the Flex Mounts for various reasons. I think this turned out really well and honestly, I like it better over the other 2 options. Front View by dangros posted Jul 15, 2017 at 8:42 AM...
  18. pelphrey

    SET - Kessil A Series Mounting Arms & Exentions

    I have a set of Kessil A Series Mounting Arms and Extensions available. These will work for the AP700 and the 360's LED's. The brackets needed for the 160's are on my lights attached to my new light mount. Along with the Arms I have the extensions. This set is $185 new. Looking for $140 shipped...