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  1. ChaosAquaculture

    Save 15% on Newly Posted Softies, Zoas, & Bounce Mushrooms

    Use Promo code "softie15" on any product from our Softies, Mushroom, or Zoas categories to save 15%!
  2. Ligershark

    New Jersey Mushroom Pack and bounces For Sale

    Fedex Priority Overnight 10:30AM shipping. 1 hour DOA guarantee. WYSIWYG PZ Godspawn Bounce CB Orange Bubble Bounce WWC Red Jawbreaker Poletti Jawbreaker (2 small mushrooms on frag, difficult to see in photo) $450 shipped Large PZ Godspawn Bounce A $200 shipped Large PZ Godspawn...
  3. Ligershark

    New Jersey Bounce Mushrooms For Sale

    $325 shipped via fedex overnight priority mail cb orange bubble bounce and pz godspawn bounce
  4. Ligershark

    New Jersey FS: Bounce Mushrooms – WWC OG Bounce, PZ Godspawn and Cornbred’s Orange Bounce

    I am located in New Jersey but am willing to ship. Shipping is with Fedex Priority Overnight signature required. Cost varies on location but is $30 to $80 (message full address and zip code for actual price) All Corals are wysiwyg. There are a total of 6 mushrooms for sale. PZ Godspawn...
  5. Gloryofthereef

    Oklahoma Looking for Non-JB/Bounce Mushrooms

    I'm looking for mushrooms. Not the bounce/jawbreakers, just assorted COLORFUL discosoma/rhodactis, I.E. blue, red, striped, neon green, etc. I can never seem to find anyone with more than ONE color/type for sale, and paying $30-50 in shipping for a 10 dollar mushroom is ridiculous. I'm hoping...
  6. DeepBlueSomething

    Relocating Mushrooms, advice needed

    I have mushrooms on several decent size rocks and I would like to move a few. I have read on here about using a credit card to remove them from a location, but how would I encourage them to their new location? Any help would be much appreciated!
  7. YourReef

    YR Last Live Sale- For the Year! Saturday 11/4- 2pm-6pm pacific time

    Join us on Reef2Reef Saturday November 4th from 2pm-6pm (pacific time) for our YR Last Live Sale- For the Year! 500+ WYSIWYG frags including $1-$10 frag specials, a free frag for everyone that orders & prizes/giveaways! Purchasing Guidelines (How the sale works)- We will be posting corals in...
  8. Jennie

    What kind of mushroom?

    Any idea what type or name of this mushroom? Also what is it doing? It has been small but fairly flat and now as of about a week ago started having this bulb form. What does that mean? Thanks!!
  9. D. Arruda

    Fragging Corals of Big Rocks

    New to this forum and after searching everywhere can't seem to find a good answer. My question is, How do you frag coral that is one a really big rock or on a piece of Rock that provides structural support to the rest of your rocks? Im assuming i can frag in the tank if i cant remove the rock...
  10. Ligershark

    For Trade: PZ Godspawn Bounce Mushroom / Shroom Coral

    I have 3 of my PZ Godspawn Bounce Mushrooms for trade. They are on 1 3/8" frag disks. I am interested in: Bounce Mushrooms Jawbreaker Mushrooms Kryptonite Jawbreaker Mushrooms Cool discoma mushroom morphs (no rhodactis) Euphyllia - Purple Torch, Yellow or Peach Hammers and Frogspawn. High...
  11. Goby-won

    Shroom / ZOA roack FS

    I am selling this gorgeous rock full of neon green (approx. 6), blue shrooms (approx. 12), and ZOA's (50+) - Rock is approximately 6" x 3" $100 + shipping by zip code from Chester, VA
  12. ShaLin

    Build Thread BioCube 29G Re-Build

    So I have a thread going already in the Nano category. Needed to create one here for the Red Sea Manx Nano contest. Here is the link to my build. https://www.reef2reef.com/threads/shalins-biocube-29-rebirth-build.274018/
  13. ShaLin

    Pencil Urchin Eating Shrooms?!?

    I noticed my Pencil Urchin was sitting on top of where I have some Mushrooms. I got some baby mushrooms there, 1 that was a morph between some, and they are gone. Anyone have an issue with this?
  14. SBlisters

    Brand new to salt water- day 1

    Hello! I just had the surreal experience of winning a salt water tank last night. it is 30gal and has a variety of coral, live rock, a few types of snails, 2 Peppermint Shrimp and a young Clownfish. I was able to set it up last night with 90% of the original water and added 3gal of distilled...
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