1. Tmr8188

    Tmr’s 7 gallon bounce house

    Hello! I have had this little gem for over a year. Hasn’t seen water ever. That changes ... soon! I will be moving my mushroom collection into this guy. As well as various lps that I love but can’t keep in my leather dominated lagoon (wayyyy too much coral warfare going on in there, torches...
  2. F

    Maxspect Recurve vs New Nanobox Design Fixutures with Mint Colored LEDS

    Any thoughts on which I should go for for my new 35" long tank? I think its 25"x18"x18". I love the idea of the maxspect recurve but am also interested in the Nanobox Designs Mint LEDs Dave is putting in his new fixtures...
  3. MarineDepot

    5 NEW VIDEOS! NanoBox, Aquatic Life, ATI, and MORE!

    5 NEW VIDEOS! NanoBox, Aquatic Life, ATI, and MORE! Fast facts about our customers' favorite products!
  4. West1

    Nanobox w/Bluefish controller

    I have a white 3ch nanobox with arm FS. Ch1 whites Ch2 blues Ch3 moonlight Works perfect, just don' need it. 170.00 shipped to lower 48 states. Tyvm
  5. Phantom6966

    Nanobox Duo Plus M

    Selling my Nanobox Duo Plus M as I'm moving to a larger tank. Only used for about 2 months. Light is in excellent condition and includes all original parts including original box. Asking $350 shipped OBO.
  6. MarineDepot

    ★ 15% off Tunze ★ 15-20% off MD ★ 20% off Ecosystem ★ FREE Lid w/ NanoBox Light ★

    ★ 15% off Tunze ★ 15-20% off MD ★ 20% off Ecosystem ★ FREE Lid w/ NanoBox Light ★ Black Friday Every Day: Deal #8 - 20% off MD RO/DI Systems (and 15% off everything else)! - 15% off Tunze! - 20% off Trigger Systems ATO reservoirs (and 15% off everything else!) - 20% off Ecosystem Aquarium! -...
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    MD Interviews Dave Fason of NanoBox

    We Chat With Dave Fason of NanoBox About LED Lighting, Building a Following, and Supporting Small Businesses
  8. MarineDepot

    NEW @ MD: NanoBox Reef Lights

    NEW @ MD: NanoBox Reef Lights Mini Tide Plus M and Duo Plus M with Cool Interchangeable Lids!
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    NEW VIDEOS! Salifert, BSI, and Aquatic Life

  10. Rsaalman

    Nano Box Reef Hybrids T5/LED $1500

    This sale is for 2x Nano Box Reef Hybrids that have 4x24" T5 and 4x LED V3 clusters. LED is controlled via bluefish. I got these in 2015 for $2300 and am offering both for $1500, this includes me shipping them first to Dave for paint in your choice of color and new acrylic. You will basically...
  11. cotoner

    NanoBox 36" ATI LED Hybrid For Sale

    Upgrading to a larger tank and looking to sell my 36” NanoBox ATI Hybrid fixture, custom built by Dave. This unit is a beast and puts out tons of light. It was a brand new 8 bulb ATI fixture converted into a 6 bulb fixture with 6 custom LED arrays. I bought this unit in August 2015 and have used...
  12. tautog83

    black nano box duo plus m, IM 25 lagoon in tank media baskets.

    i have a black nano box duo plus m real good condition about a year old never really going over 70% on any one channel. comes with bluefish controller and gooseneck clamp. $300 shipped. also intank media baskets that fit the Im 25 lagoon ( i forget what other models they fit in as well) ...
  13. malacoda

    FS: Nanobox Duo Plus M

    For sale: White Nanobox Duo Plus M with 9" gooseneck mount. Also comes with a maple Nature Series lid in addition to the stock white lid. For anyone not familiar with Nanobox, in addition to 4 light channels - royal blue, white/lime, violet, and cyan - the 'Plus M' also has a separate, fifth...
  14. Rsaalman

    A review of my 60" ATI Retro from NanoBox Reef

    This will make the third lighting system I have tried from Dave the previous two being his Beam and Hybrid T5/LED. For those that don't know NanoBox is a small company ran by Dave Fason who has been making custom lighting for the past couple years. His customer service is second to none, well...
  15. 3lusive


    Wasn't getting any traffic in the Cube section, so I figured I would move to where the Nano peeps hang out. FTS: 11/01/2016 Specs: UNS 30Q NanoBox Mini Tide 3 Stage Canister Filter (floss / carbon - purigen / Seachem Matrix) Hydor 200w inline Heater Smart ATO Micro w/ Avast...