neptune dos

  1. Jerry Ebner

    Neptune Dose

    Anyone have a neptune dose for auto water change and when you watch the return line you don't see water going back into the tank ? I am watching water leave the tank but not enter. When I look at the neptune dose log it shows even return for taken out.
  2. Cyclone-G

    Auto Water Change Station

    This video took a long time to make. Mostly due to poor planning and a continuous need for more plumbing parts. Thank goodness for Lowes PVC department. They have it nicely organized and easy to find stuff. Not so much at Menards... For some reason I always seem to cut myself and get bruised...
  3. shiftline

    Neptune DOS Unboxing, Review and Setup

    I have been running a Neptune DOS for over a year now and decided to pick up a second DOS.. while i was at it i decided to film an unboxing/setup/calibration/review while i was at it! Let me know if you have any questions
  4. PanchoG

    Pancho's Red Sea Max S-500 - The After Crash

    The beginning of my thread was not so good so here it is a little improvement: My wife and I decided to build a new house, we live in Aguascalientes, Mexico. As part of the new house I decided to upgrade my current 70L nano AIO to a Red Sea Max S-500. I put it together along with two friends...
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