neptune dos

  1. stephanjupillat

    Pennsylvania Dosing Drygoods Poseidon Copepod & Phyto CL system and Neptune DOS doser for sale

    Poseidon CL system and Neptune DOS doser. Selling a mostly complete poseidon reef system. I used one podnest which was thrown away but I bought an extra one so you have everything needed, except phyto and copepods. Think I used 3 bags but as you can see there are a lot left. Used for a couple...
  2. J

    California Aquarium Controller Dosing Drygoods 2 x Neptune Apex, 2 x Neptune Trident, DOS, 2 x RODI Units, Apogee MQ-510 & AM-320 Quantum Meter & More

    2 x Neptune Apex El, Comes With PH / Temp Probes - $395.00 Each 2 x Neptune Tridents - $395.00 Each Neptune DOS - $195.00 BRS 75gpd RODI 6 Stage, Hardly Used (TDS Reads 0) - $195.00, SpectraPure 6 Stage CR-RODI-90-6STG - Hardly Used (TDS Reads 0) - $275.00 Tunze Care Magnet Strong 0222.020...
  3. OceanDiver

    Virginia Dosing Drygoods Neptune DOS with New Heads

    Shut done my frag tank and selling off some of my excess Neptune Gear. Neptune DOS with New Heads. $175 plus shipping .
  4. certain_code

    Misc. Pumps Dosing SOLD Neptune DoS

    Hello! I have a gently used Neptune DoS that I am selling now that I have swapped it for Versa pumps. The Dos has a manufactured date of "Nov 21" and was purchased on Jan 31st, 2022 from BRS. The DoS was in use for 4 months and ran only at its slowest setting to reduce noise level and extend...
  5. C

    New Jersey Suppliments Media Dosing Neptune systems dosing pump

    Neptune systems dos. Only used about 6 months. Comes with everything you need. Also have some BRS pharma balling method bulk items if interested. Message me with any questions. Will ship with paypal
  6. Joey Reef

    Florida Dosing Drygoods Neptune apex, dos, reagents, trident

    I’m moving and need to get rid of a lot of stuff. Item. Paid. Sell Apex. 879. 775 Trident. 639. 575 Dos. 329. 300 6 mos...
  7. galmase

    Miscellaneous Dosing Drygoods (SOLD) For sale: Neptune DOS AND DDR

    2 sets of Neptune DOS AND DDR $375 each OR $750 for 2 sets Great condition, well-maintained. Used 10 months. Pick-up, shipping available Location: Oxnard, CA #maramotreef
  8. __Jreef__

    Florida Lighting Drygoods Multiple equipment FS - T5 hybrid- flipper

    Multiple Reef equipment/supplies for sale due to downgrade- Local pick up/meet prefer - Broward/Boca Raton - Florida Please note prices are for pick up only - shipping is available but shipping cost will vary AquaticLife - 48” DX18 Hybrid dimmable T5 HO light fixture Used for about 8-10...
  9. nellyore24

    Florida FOUND Neptune and Red Sea products for sale many

    -Neptune gro refugium light 6 months used -Atk v2 auto top off 2 1/2 months used -Neptune Dos (3) -Neptune Ddr (2) -Neptune energy bar eb832 (one month used) -Red Sea reef 90 led lights with arm mount (2) -Neptune auto feeder DOS $250 each (3 total) DDR $150 each (two total) Atk $190 Gro 110...
  10. ajtomase

    DOS vs. Versa vs GHL 2.1 (or other?)

    There are a lot of dosing pumps out there for a newbie to weed through. Curious to know what's everyone's favorite? I know I'll have radion lights so I thought the Versa might be good to have, and I also heard that the DOS is super loud even though it's connected to the Neptune Apex. I also...
  11. Jrainey312

    New Jersey Tank Breakdown (red sea ecotech apex)

    Hello all im moving from nj to Colorado and need to sell off my stuff. redsea reefer 170 $750 ecotech radion xr30 pro gen 4 with arm&diffuser $500 2 mp10wqd $175 each Varios 4 return pump $150 Nyos 120 skimmer $250 Apex wifi el $400 Apex Trident with 4 month of reagent $500 Apex DOS (needs...
  12. T

    Component 1-2-3 with Neptune DOS/DDR

    Dumb Question ?? I have an Apex DOS/DDR, so I only the ability to have 2 lines running to my sump. Since it calls for equal dosing ... can I put component 1 & 3 in one DOS/DDR and component 2 in the other? Or would any other combination work?
  13. Chipper1978

    Pennsylvania Neptune DOS

    Neptune DOS new in never opened box (box has slight damage on side as seen in pic). Decided I do not want to use for my new build and don’t have a receipt. $275 includes shipping (continental U.S.) PayPal only.
  14. craftbrews

    Build Thread 200g Mixed Reef - ProClear Aquatics ProStar 200 v2 + Apex Goodies

    Last Updated: 1/11/21 Hardware Tank/Cabinet ProClear Aquatics ProStar 200 v2 Sump: Trigger Platinum 39 Lights: LED: Reef Breeders Photo 50-V2+ LED Apex Mod: Reef Breeders Apex VDM Integration Kit T5 Hybrid: Aquatic Life 61" Hybrid T5 Bulbs: ATI 60 Inch Blue Plus x 2; ATI 60 Inch Coral...
  15. Jerry Ebner

    Neptune Dose

    Anyone have a neptune dose for auto water change and when you watch the return line you don't see water going back into the tank ? I am watching water leave the tank but not enter. When I look at the neptune dose log it shows even return for taken out.
  16. Cyclone-G

    Auto Water Change Station

    This video took a long time to make. Mostly due to poor planning and a continuous need for more plumbing parts. Thank goodness for Lowes PVC department. They have it nicely organized and easy to find stuff. Not so much at Menards... For some reason I always seem to cut myself and get bruised...
  17. shiftline

    Neptune DOS Unboxing, Review and Setup

    I have been running a Neptune DOS for over a year now and decided to pick up a second DOS.. while i was at it i decided to film an unboxing/setup/calibration/review while i was at it! Let me know if you have any questions
  18. PanchoG

    Build Thread Pancho's Reef S-500 Roller Coaster

    The beginning of my thread was not so good so here it is a little improvement: My wife and I decided to build a new house, we live in Aguascalientes, Mexico. As part of the new house I decided to upgrade my current 70L nano AIO to a Red Sea Max S-500. I put it together along with two friends...