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  1. Amber905

    New Tank Build (Need help and opinions!)

    Hi Everyone, I am getting a tank built for me that is going to be sunk into a wall. I am able to put the overflow box and returns through the drywall. I am going around a stud, so the return piping will have to go straight back for 4 inches before the angle. I hope this makes sense and maybe my...
  2. J

    New reef build...Looking for suggestions

    I'm looking to get into the hobby and have been doing a ton of research but also wanted to pick the brains of the experienced members to make sure I do it right. I have my eyes on the Waterbox 100.3 due to size of the area and it's sleek design. I plan on staring with aquascape and soft corals...
  3. Mav88

    EVO 13.5 2 1/2 months

    Hello All, I purchased an EVO 13.5 in October and wanted to show my journey with the tank, and hopefully let others thinking about the hobby see the pros and cons of working with the tank. Originally the wife and I wanted to do a larger tank, but due to the older house, with flooring being...
  4. Huenemedoe

    Shallow 5 Gallon Rubble Reef Glass Up Build

    Hello Everybody! I started this build for a few reasons..... 1. It was super fun!!!!!! 2. Space requirements 3. Higher nitrates for mushrooms and softies I definitely encourage everyone to try a build like this at least once! With a little patience and organizational skills it was actually a...
  5. BeMoto

    BeMoTo Reefer 250 Build!

    Found a Red Sea Reefer 250 2nd hand yesterday. Wanted to go bigger but this size is practical for me and my family right now. This will be my 3rd aquarium. I've had a 50 gal breeder and a 12 nano befor 10 years ago. I'm taking my time this go around. Really trying to focus on keeping a tank...
  6. imanewberry

    Nitrates Spiked After Adding Livestock to Newly Cycled Tank! (Worried)

    I know this is not necessarily an emergency but I just added a decent bit of livestock to a 20 gallon cube tank. This includes: - a small Scopas Tang - a Black Snowflake Clown - three various snails - a Tuxedo Sea urchin - a Tricolor Goniastrea Coral Previous to adding livestock to this NEWLY...
  7. diaz2010

    Waterbox 70.2 Build

    Hi Everyone! A little back story on my reefing journey. I started out about 10 years ago with a 29 gallon with hob filters, no live rock and just a few fish. Shortly after that I purchased a used 45 gallon corner aquarium (with live rock and a few corals) used that needed to be resealed (huge...
  8. esther

    Finally... After 5 years out of the hobby : Waterbox 220.6 Dream Build

    I honestly never thought that we would get back into the hobby... Yet, here we are. All it took was the @Waterbox Aquariums Blue Friday (and my husband being out of town on a business trip) and we're back again. This time we're going to do things A LOT differently. Slow & steady wins the race...
  9. I

    New Red Sea Max 69 Gallon Mixed Reef Build

    This is my new Red Sea E Max 260 build. I've been out of the hobby since 2009 when I used to have a 12 gallon JBJ Nano cube deluxe. I had some success with that tank as mostly a FOWLR tank. I have been wanting to get back into the hobby for many years and now with my young daughter around I...
  10. rlm53

    36 Gallon Bow Front Reef

    She's a new tank, I started her in January as a 20G. In May, I upgraded/ transferred to the 36G because all of my freshwater fishes crossed over the rainbow bridge when I was out of town one day. Backstory: I'm 28 and I've always had freshwater fishes, and finally decided to go for it. Cycled...
  11. pathot984

    625XL Reefer Build

    My story begins approx. 15 years ago with me cruising down the fish isle at Petco and stumbled upon an Australian Harlequin Tusk-fish. With not knowing anything about the hobby, I still purchased him along with a 20 gallon fish tank, heater, and filter. After conducting more research on the...
  12. Mical

    Belated Valentines Gift

    My girlfriend had a surprise waiting for me today, I came home to find this in my place. I won't be starting a build thread for awhile as we're shopping for a new home.
  13. Synergy Reef Systems CL-44

    Synergy Reef Systems CL-44

  14. Synergy Reef Systems CL-44 ATO

    Synergy Reef Systems CL-44 ATO

  15. Synergy Reef Systems CL-44

    Synergy Reef Systems CL-44

  16. Orphek Atlantik Compact V4 (Gen 2) LED fixture

    Orphek Atlantik Compact V4 (Gen 2) LED fixture

    Here is what the button side looks like on the new Compacts.
  17. David29price

    TD375 - New Build

    Ok so I’m finally ready to start my new build thread. I’ve been dreaming of doing a tank like this for years and with my new home I can finally do it! To start out with, the name: TD375. I own a side business installing/maintaining aquariums and the business is called Tidal Dave. 375 is the...
  18. uniquecorals

    A brand new MarcoRocks reef tank in SoCal, 250g tank using Prime Cuts and Premium Shelf Rock

    Here's a video of the 250g build, with Joseph Caparatta of UniqueCorals Greg Carroll (The voice of Reefapalooza:)) finally got his big 250 gal reef and it’s ready to rock. He enlisted Joseph Caparattato design and build the Aqua-scape using a combination of MR’s finest products. The pvc bottom...
  19. Finatik

    Finatik's Twin 120G Builds

    Hi Everybody... Finatik Reefer here... :) Not new to reefing, but not an expert either. I've been keeping aquariums since I was about 12, yet I'm always learning something new about this wonderful and fascinating hobby we all love. Please feel free to offer any comments and suggestions...
  20. Trickman2

    Trickman2's - 280 Gallon Upgrade

    Trickman2's - 280 Gallon Upgrade It is finally time after 16 years I am upgrading my 90 gallon tank to a 280 gallon. This is the thread for the build. Stayed tuned and subscribe. The tank is being built and a new stand fabricated. My goal is to keep this thread updated and allow for others...
  21. Mikey Mane The Flare

    The 150 gallon build is here!

    so I found a 150 gallon for 80$ with a stand so I checked it out. All looked good it was made in 2011 needed to be re siliconed but for 80$ I couldn’t walk away. Down side it’s not drilled:/ but my LFS said they would drill it for 30$ a hole if I buy the eshopps overflow witch I would like. I...
  22. Bear Reefer

    Dave’s 144 Gallon Shallow mixed reef Build

    here is the beginning of my little piece of heaven...... any thoughts on lighting? Sump size? I want to do a mix of T5 and LED’s but the tank is 36”deep and 72” long cost is somewhat a factor and I like a natural look.
  23. FLSharkvictim


    I Absolutely love this b/c it's made SUPER SOLID and it's a space saver big time which will be perfect and match up with my custom sump and my new ProfiLux4 controller and my GHL Dosing pumps. I will be able to add 1.5l for my Alk, Cal, MAG, and use the 4th chamber for some sort additive for all...
  24. FLSharkvictim

    Rimless SC-150 Upgrade inlc 20'' Synergy Ext Overflow box

    UPDATE: I WENT 1.5'' drains and it will be getting reduced down to 1'' after a min of 5 inches - about -4'' below the Sch 80 Unions. It's a-coming! Just waiting on my Custom sump and let the plumbing began!.. All Plumbing parts will be either red or grey!
  25. scott11106

    New House and New 300 Gallon reef tank build w/ fish room

    I used to be a member about 12 years ago with a 120g reef tank and had to move and was not able to have a tank.. But now I am building a new house and i am setting up a 300 gal reef tank built into wall with a dedicated room for equipment ect.. I had multiple tanks for 4-5 years but have been...
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