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  1. 1_hopeless_reefer

    Waterbox 145.5 Frag Build Thread

    Here lays the info on my build. Better late than never. Any and all advice is welcome. If you have questions I will do my best. As this is up and running there are a few gaps in between photos but it’s all here or will be as I plan to add and edit as I can. First picture is of it freshly setup...
  2. mbri

    Nano Build 13.5 Nano Build

    Edit: Fish Plan! Thanks to all for the feedback/recos, I really appreciate it! First aquarium from scratch! :) grew up with a 45g that I adored as a child, so my mom surprised me with an Evo 13.5 for my 26th birthday! Tank/Equipment: Fluval Evo 13.5g, stock light & pump, hygger 1,600GPH wave...
  3. Lloyd Christmas

    New 160g Build Underway

    Hi, I’m Triston and am relatively new to the saltwater arena. Last June I purchased a 90 gallon setup from Craigslist and there’s been no looking back! Fortunately my friend/neighbor was in the hobby for 13 years… always helpful! At any rate, the 160 gallon is an off-the-shelf Aqueon dual...
  4. Johnb65

    Beginners New Build - Fluval Evo 13.5G

    Hi All, Yesterday was day 1 of my reefing journey! Im pretty excited already and looking forward to seeing how my reef progresses over the next year. I’m already wanting to upgrade! So day 1: Had all of my equipment ready or so I thought to get my tank up and running! Of course I would forget...
  5. Sun.singh2009

    Fluval evo 13.5 build.

    The Fluval Evo 13.5 is my first reef tank and i’m really impressed with it so far. I decided I’m going to go with a little build progression/guide for people who might be Interested in this aquarium. I’ve done a few upgrades to the stock tank and I’ll go through them one by one down below. I...
  6. O

    Hello Hello

    First attempt at saltwater tank. After spending months stalking forums, researching, contemplating whether i should or shouldn't, the wife finally had enough and told me i HAD to set one up. So off i went with my shopping list in hand, bought all of the equipment, acquired a tank and here it is...
  7. M

    Build Thread New Fiji Cube 76G EXT Build

    Hello all, new to R2R (well, I’ve posted before, but new to starting a thread). Thought I’d post and document my journey in to this new build. A little background first. I started reefing back about 30 years ago when I jumped into a 40 gallon saltwater tank. I remember having a wet/dry...
  8. FLSharkvictim

    Large Build Like to get your thoughts and opinions on these Suction cups for moving my SCA150

    i NEED TO move my SCA150 rimless about 10 ft to my FL room!! What your thoughts and concerns on a set of these Suction cups on Amazon to help with the move?? They are the - FCHO Glass Suction Cups Heavy Duty Aluminum Vacuum Plate Handle Glass Holder Hooks to Lift Large Glass/Tile Suction Cup...
  9. FLSharkvictim

    What is everyone's choice for mesh lids for your tanks?

    I am getting ready to set up my Rimless SCA150 which will be running a Synergy 20'' External Overflow box and a pair of Orphek Compacts Gen 2 lights! i am looking for some protection since I will be floating my canopy... Would like to get you thoughts and some pictures of how you all cover your...
  10. DcoarM

    Large Build My Jump from 40g to a 180 (still have the 40 ;))

    I tend to bight off more than I can chew, but yolo haha. My wife and I started the conversation about moving to a larger tank this year, but wanted to wait until summer. However, one day I was scouring Facebook Market Place and found one heck of a deal. A guy had a system he had in his garage...
  11. FLSharkvictim

    I'm am back after 3 years to finally finish my SCA 150 RIMLESS dream Build!!

    I am just waiting on a few parts from =AZW__4sFQA0k1Lkl4k6AePWjKr73yP2foSPvdRE1HDrpXyllFueFV2ncM9GVtbILAyUDq7PeB_5G4oRzFnVPFriIO0C-9G0GAgoEv2khJkD37dXrwwl0SswQRzIC9cLvf1qPuJcup7ipm01r2wZGs-Gk&__tn__=*NK-R']#BRS and than the hard plumbing will be began on my dream SCA150 Rimless Tank I got in my...
  12. Reefer_punk

    Build Thread Reefer_punk's new build thread

    Can I start off with a big finally? After secretly reading along from time to time and after 2 tanks, decided to bother you all with the progress of my new tank. For the ones who don't know me, here are pictures of my current tanks
  13. VanJuarez

    Build Thread My BioCube 32 Reef Tank build

    Hey everyone! Decided to start one of these build threads to track the progress of my first tank as I go. Still cycling currently, doing a fishless cycle with ghost feeding and I added Fritz TurboStart. The TurboStart seems to be working fairly well, I never even saw a spike in ammonia levels...
  14. Erik-Reefer

    Red Sea 900 3 XL Build

    Getting read to do a pretty big upgrade. I currently have a 90 gallon leather dominated reef tank that I will be upgrading to a Red Sea 900 3XL. Going to be a fun project!!!
  15. Oscar47f

    AIO Build Innovative marine 25 lagoon build thread

    Hi guys this is gonna be my first documented tank build I’ve tried YouTube and I can never keep up haha, however this will also be on YouTube @Flowering Reefs and on Instagram @Flowering_reefs but in far less detail than here... Long story short this system was set up with an angler fish, my...
  16. wonderphil-reef

    Build Thread My New Setup - help required!

    Hi all, I am currently setting up a new 45-gallon tank. I have two issues that I need help with. The setup is, tank with an overflow box on the side, piped down to the sump, in the first section I have the pipe coming down from overflow into filter sock, with the pipe sitting above the water...
  17. Astromatix

    Build Thread 29g w/ 20g sump mixed reef tank | The journey begins...

    Hi fellow reefers! I'm new here and thought I'd get a builder thread going to track and share my journey through this hobby. I had a 55G FOWLR about 14 years ago, and wow, have things ever changed! Now that we are all spending so much more time at home I got re-inspired to start up this...
  18. DACFSU29

    AIO Build New 40 Nuevo AIO build!!

    Been out of the hobby for awhile but getting back into it finally. Plan on doing a mixed reef. Tank has been up for about a week so have a long time to go. Tank - Fusion Pro 40 AIO Custom Stand Light - Hydra 52 38lbs base rock 40lbs live sand -NuvoSkim DC AIO Protein Skimmer (Midsize) -MiniMax...
  19. missourimud

    Hello New to hobby-new build

    Good morning everyone. Been lurking for a couple weeks, learning what I can. Recent transplant to central Missouri. Started a new build with a 65g DT 20g sump. Homemade stand.
  20. J_anderson_75

    Hello Brand spanking new here!

    Hey guys, just wanted to introduce myself real quick as I finally registered...after being a lurker for at least a few years! I always seem to end up here when I'm searching for something related to reef tanks. Currently have a Fluval Evo 13.5 thats been running for about a year and a half and a...
  21. Bioballs

    Nano Build Coralife Biocube 16 LED

    Welp. here we go. I’m going all out on this build! More to come!
  22. Albertoinbox

    Build Thread Red Sea Reefer 350 Build

    Hi guys, I always wanted a saltwater tank since I was a kid but my dad said it was bad luck to have anything from the ocean in the house. I had forgotten about it until I came across the Fluval and realized that today things are much more advanced and cheaper than in the 80's and with the...
  23. Cjshank0

    L shaped tank! Plumbing help!?! Closed loop???

    I am thinking of purchasing an L shaped tank! This thing is awesome and happens to replace my current 5’ tank perfectly with the bonus of the “L” Shape adding another dimension when you are in my fish room. It would end up being a 210 gallon mixed reef. For the price I think I am going to snag...
  24. SLiszeski

    Build Thread Nuvo 30L

    I just started this tank up about 2 months ago after upgrading from my 13.5 evo after I saw a good deal on Facebook and couldn’t pass it up. Thought it was final time to make a build thread. Equipment: Stock innovative marine pump(467gph) Aquami Kps powerhead Autoaqua smart ato 5 gallon ato...
  25. josh6surfer

    Large Build Help!!!!! looking for 180 peninsula

    Any help i can get!!! lol So I'm looking to build a 180g peninsula mix reef and can't find anything besides Redsea and Waterbox aquariums. Any suggestions where i could find some like this online? I already looked into reef savvy. I'm not looking to buy an all in one and i'd also prefer low...