1. A

    Connecticut New Jersey New York Drygoods 2 Hanna Checkers - about 2 years old in like new condition - $50 each or bulk discount - 3D printed holder/stand - Will Ship

    Marine Calcium Marine Alkalinity I also have a sweet 3D printed holder/stand
  2. J

    Nitrate and ph help

    Hey guys, im new to all this and hopefully will get some good advice here, my nitrate has bottomed out and my ph seems to be dropping. was wondering what I can do to get theses two back on track. My parameters ammonia 0 Nitrites 0 Nitrate 0 Kh 8.5 ph 7.2 maybe lower Phosphate 0 Calcium 500...
  3. taylormaximus

    Seachem Pristine vs Phosguard vs Purigen?

    Hi guys, I've been doing some research on products I might get for my tank, and came across 3 relatively similar products all made by Seachem, and I'm wondering if anyone knows what each of them do specifically, or how they work together. The main issues with my tank that I'm looking to solve...
  4. Leon Gorani

    is it safe to buy berghia nudibranch if my nitrates and phosphates are somewhat high?

    last time i tested my nitrates a week ago they were at 12 ppm and photosphates were .85 ppm from my hannah low tester. i have too many aptasia and i wanted to buy a bunch of berghia nudibranch to hopefully get rid of them. do i need to lower my levels of both so that the nudibranch’s can survive...
  5. W

    Nitrate issue

    I have a FOWLR 90 gallon with 20 gallon sump been up for 8 months. I only have 2 fish and a bunch of CUC. I have not been able to get my Nitrates to stop rising. I don’t feed to much switched to only frozen couple of weeks ago. I started vodka dosing now my phosphates are getting low but not...
  6. yanni

    High Phosphate, Low Nitrate

    Hey all, Parameters as of right mow no3: 6~ppm Po4: 0.09ppm alk: 10 Mag: 1350 Ca: 440 some background to start with, I started the tank over 2 months ago now, using dry sand, and live rock (had been barrel baking for 4~ months in barrels with bottled bac, no coralline or anything, may as well...
  7. B

    7 in 1 Tester From Hanna Instruments??

    Hanna Instruments 7 in 1 Marine Checker/Photometer ^ ^ II II II II Has anyone had any experience with one of these? I know they are new to the market; I don't even know if they are released yet...
  8. reefsaver

    NOPOX Recipe

    I should really have started doing this a couple years back. NO3PO4-X usually sells for $45 give or take, and I could make so much more by just buying the Vodka, Vinegar and mixing in with RODI so what follows is a Quoted recipe from a 5yr old Nopox Recipe thread that I found on R2R. Credit goes...
  9. D

    High Nitrates?

    Hi All - I have a pair of clownfish in a 105l tank. The parameters are as follows. Salinity - 1.025 pH - 8 Ammonia - 0ppm Nitrite - 0ppm Nitrate - 50ppm When I measured nitrate 4 days ago it was about 40ppm. Then I did a 10% water. I wanted to reduce nitrates further, and I did a 15% water...
  10. S


    Hello! New to the aquarium game . I have a few cycling questions maybe someone can help me. I’ve been cycling my Orbit (jellyfish tank) tank for about a month. I did the shrimp method, and my ammonia spiked to 4ppm. Everything seem on track. However, testing a few times I noticed my Nitrite...
  11. pandaparties

    Nitrate readings all over the place and possibly through the roof

    So i ventured back into coral on my tank like 6 months ago after a crash a while back from what i think was turkey salt. Tank is 2 years old and so far most of my coral are happy. I have a couple acros browning out (though me PE is great on almost everything, acros included) so i decided to get...
  12. JGMeredith

    Tank Won’t Cycle… HELP!!

    I’m beyond confused. I’ve been in this hobby for almost 20 years and this has never happened to me. I sat up a 32g AIO, 2 months ago. RODI water, plenty of rock, and used Fritz Turbo Start (like I have many times before) and introduced a couple gobies to the tank. It’s been over 2 months now...
  13. U

    RedSea No3Po4 Too Good to be True?

    Hello all, I started a nano 5-gallon softies and LPS reef tank with live rock and regular sand 3 months ago. The tank cycled well, currently, an Ocellaris and a cleaner shrimp along with a snail are its only inhabitants. Got some Zoas, mushrooms, GSP, Xenia and a Torch. Two weeks ago my...
  14. kwirky

    Does potassium nitrate and potassium phosphate react?

    I currently dose 1mg kno3 and 0.04mg kpho3 weekly but since it's weekly i often forget to do it, sometimes a couple weeks in a row with visible degradation to acro health, so i want to automatically dose it. I only have one channel free on my kamoer dosing pump. Can i mix potassium nitrate and...
  15. besskurz

    Build Thread Fish bowl Jaubert plenum 8.8g

    Hello y'all, I started reefing 2 years ago. When I was still living in Brazil. At that time, I was learning a lot with youtube videos. Berlin method is widely promoted, so for a new guy, I thought this was the only way to reef. My first AIO lasted a bit more than a year until I had to move to...
  16. PNWReefer21

    Washington Testing Miscellaneous Drygoods Hanna Checkers

    Alkalinity $40 Phosphate $40 Nitrate HR $40 Salinity $55 PH/TDS $115 Prices are shipped. $5 off each if taking multiples. Can add on extra reagent packs for $5 each. Preferred to sell in a whole lot. $260 shipped for everything pictured.
  17. V

    Suppliments Testing Drygoods SOLD Hanna Instruments Marine Nitrate Low Range Checker

    New open box Nitrate LR checker. 2 sealed boxes of sealed reagent. 3 new boxes of filter disks. $45 Shipped CONUS
  18. asydabass

    Dosing neonito question

    While reading other threads I saw mention that dosing neonitro could make your phosphate levels decrease. Could someone explain this to me? I’ve been dosing nitrates at a cautious level (adding .5-1 daily) without seeing the results I’m looking for. I think it’s time to up my dosage until I can...
  19. alishasreef

    Dropping Nitrates?

    1st test - 13th oct was 1.1ppm (hanna nitrate HR) 2nd test - 27th oct was 0.1ppm (hanna nitrate HR) I haven't done any water changes, no carbon in sock, skimmer has not been running. I even added 5 new fish after reading 1.1ppm. Have also been heavy feeding and using reef energy plus. Any...
  20. P

    How low can Phosphate and Nitrate be? Sulphur denitrator & Lanthanum reactor methods

    I’ve been using a Sulfur Denitrator; and a DIY Lanthanum Chloride dosing pump into a reactor with pleated filters. Finally getting good control and stability on Phosphate and Nitrate has been a game changer. Polyp extension is amazing and some monti/lepto skeletons are even regrowing. My...
  21. Xxflounderxx

    Zero nitrate

    I upgraded to a 150 gallon 5ft acrylic aquarium from a 40 gallon cube. I set up the 150 in late February. Using the old rock and some of the sand and water. After about a month i did a 30 gallon water change. Then i got hit by the uglies. After that water change my nitrate was zero and Phosphate...
  22. brookesrook

    Help with Nitrates

    Hello Everyone, Backstory: A friend of mine had this tank for about 2 years and couldn't take care of it anymore so she gave it to me. It came with a clownfish, coral banded shrimp, a couple snails, conch, and the damsel. When I got the tank it was in rough shape so the day I got it I did a 50%...
  23. Hannahmunt

    Microbacter7 help

    Hello, my nitrates have been rising consistently. All time high of 35 last week. My tank is 160litres with live rock live sand and is roughly 9months old. I have a cuc as well for the past month I’ve removed 4 fish, changed ro water as is had high tds done a 50% water change and change the...
  24. C

    Nano Refugium? Need to lower nitrates (25pmm)

    Hey, wanted to ask what everyone's thoughts were on nano refugiums, and if it would be any use for nitrate reduction in my scenario. I have the 20 gallon JBJ nano cube AIO that you can see here and it's been doing...
  25. JSkeleton

    Cycling Update *HELP* (<0.25 Ammonia; 1.0 Nitrites; 160 Nitrates)

    I apologize for all the cycling posts lately, just want to be sure I get all of this right! ICYMI: 55 Gallon cycling for 2 and a half weeks having used Dr Tim's Ammonia Chloride to bring ammonia to 2.0ppm once and added Brightwell MicroBacter XLM 15x Nitrifying Bacteria. 42lbs arragonite, 20lbs...