1. TheSheff

    NP-Bacto-Balance Questions

    NP-Bacto-Balance essentially supplies nutrients to the corals at the lowest levels right? So, would these levels show in a test kit? Can you explain the process of dialing in my dosage for this product? I'm starting at 0.40 mL for my (40 gallon DT, 20 gallon sump) tank.
  2. B

    Parameter question

    Hey all, it's been a few years since I kept a saltwater tank - my expertise is definitely in freshwater and turtles. In the past I had 2 thriving reef tanks with fish & LPS but once my ex and I broke up I kept the freshwater and he took the salt tanks (he was definitely the salt expert!) So...
  3. K

    Struggling to keep Phosphates and Nitrates under Control

    I'm currently running a 32 Biocube. Here is livestock: 1 Clownfish (going to be getting a female soon) 1 Snowflake Eel Parameters: Nitrates 34.6 PPM PH 8.1 Phosphate: 0.49 PPM I'm trying to get phosphates down to 0.003 at least. I've added a refugium recently so I think that'll help. I've had...
  4. J

    Dino ID and Extermination

    What I thought were Diatoms turned out to be Dinos on most of substrate and tank walls. I bought a microscope to verify. Photos and video are attached. These were my parameters last night Before I dosed Phosphate per some research cause they were bottomed out. Temp 81 Salinity 1.026 Ca 340 KH 8...
  5. B

    0 nitrate .03 phosphate

    Hey all, So over the last few weeks I have found tufts if gha in my display. They don't seem to be growing but they are there and driving my crazy. So I decided to break out all my checker and run some test. Well I found I have zero nitrate (hanna hr) and .03 phosphate (hanna ulr). I am...
  6. Neko

    California Testing Drygoods SOLD Hanna Checker Nitrate LR $35 shipped

    Hanna Checker Nitrate LR $35 shipped. 13 tests are available. This is LR (Low Range) 0.01PPM resolution for specific needs.
  7. T

    How can I safely raise phosphates?

    Hi everyone I have a question. What’s a good and safe way to raise phosphates? I always read that you wanted your nitrates and phosphates to be o. But since getting back into the hobby I’ve seen/read you’ll want a little of both in your tank. I started my tank in July so still new but just...

    Filters Sumps Drygoods Pax Bellum ARID N24 Algae Reactor

    USED for about 1 year. This is the PaxBellum ARID n24 Algae Reactor. This is the best algae reactor money can buy. An absolute beast. Also very visually attractive. I bought this used, but it worked too well! Decided to go a different route as a result. Specifications: Recommended Aquarium...
  9. T

    New York Testing Drygoods Hanna 97105 Marine Master $250 shipped

    Selling Hanna HI97105 Marine Master photomer tester. Good+ condition. Tests Nitrite ULR, Nitrate LR, Nitrate HR, Calcium, Alkalinity and pH. Asking $250 obo PayPal Goods & Services shipped. Tests included and in date: Nitrate HR: 40 with 08/2026 earliest expiration Phosphate ULR: 28 with...
  10. lil sumpin

    New Nano Reef Advice

    Hello all, hope everyone's doing swell! I just started cycling up a nano reef; it's my first dive back into the hobby in 11 years. Some background about the setup: 14gal cube with 15 lbs CaribSea Life Rock, 20lbs CaribSea Arag-Alive Special Grade Substrate, Aquaclear 50 HOB filter, AutoAqua...
  11. P

    Nitrate Help please

    Hello everyone, I hope everyone's is doing well!!!. I've been maintaining a "40 breeder" LPS dominant tank for about 1.5 years now. Overall, things have been smooth, but I've encountered a peculiar situation on three occasions. My nitrate levels, typically stable at 6, have unexpectedly...
  12. C

    Testing Package Deal SOLD Hanna Checkers Bundle

    I have a bundle of Hanna Checkers for sale. It includes the Alkalinity (DkH version), Phosphate ULR, Nitrate High Range, Salinity/Temp Pen Tester, Magnesium (new version), and an Auto Aqua Spin Stir. This would all cost $350+ retail. I am asking $200 SHIPPED. There is a brand new box of...
  13. drdripp

    Homemade refugium

    Cost without skimmer: $122.50 (skimmer can substituted with a regular pump) Using this on a 20 gal high with 2 clownfish, 2 fire shrimp This thing absolutely destroys nitrates. I am new to the hobby (2 months) and didn't want to pay for a HOB refugium, since they would be much smaller than...
  14. N

    California Live Goods Nitrate and Phosphate Additives

    500 ml Nitrate and Phosphate solutions and concentrate made with Lab Grade reagents and sterilized RODI water via autoclave. ***Concentrates are 5x stronger than the Solutions*** Solutions: • 1 bottles $15 • 2 bottles $25 Concentrates: • 1 bottles $25 • 2 bottles $45 Free shipping!
  15. T

    The relationship between Nitrates and Phosphates

    Hi everyone, my first thread so go easy on me! Now to provide a bit of context to the problem, I have a mixed reed and I know everyone says not to chase numbers - which I agree with. But if your tanks a few years old you can easily have PO4 at around 0.40ppm and Nitrates around 40ppm or even...
  16. kwirky

    Restoring from tank crash. Continue increasing nitrate/phosphate dosing?

    A car accident last October led to some poor husbandry for half a year. I couldn't do water changes and driving to pick up consumables was difficult. I've recovered a substantial amount and the acro & monti colonies I have left are starting to colour back up now that I have things under better...
  17. kwirky

    How stable does nitrate & phosphate have to be?

    I'm dealing with a nutrient deficiency in my tank and have resorted to daily dosing 2ppm worth of nitrate (with potassium nitrate) and dosing 0.2ppm worth of phosphate (with potassium phosphate), daily. It's 500L of water volume and I'm adding 2g of kno3 and 0.2g of kpho3. I'm adding them dry...
  18. H

    Mid to high NITRATE / Low to zero PHOSPHATE BENEFITS?!

    phosphates help growth in coral but also brings algae and lose of coral color. How important is phosphate in saltwater aquarium? I rather have mid nitrates levels 15-20 ppm maybe push 40ppm before 10% water change all while keeping phosphate levels low. Calcium will be readily available and more...
  19. A

    Connecticut New Jersey New York Drygoods 2 Hanna Checkers - about 2 years old in like new condition - $50 each or bulk discount - 3D printed holder/stand - Will Ship

    Marine Calcium Marine Alkalinity I also have a sweet 3D printed holder/stand
  20. J

    Nitrate and ph help

    Hey guys, im new to all this and hopefully will get some good advice here, my nitrate has bottomed out and my ph seems to be dropping. was wondering what I can do to get theses two back on track. My parameters ammonia 0 Nitrites 0 Nitrate 0 Kh 8.5 ph 7.2 maybe lower Phosphate 0 Calcium 500...
  21. taylormaximus

    Seachem Pristine vs Phosguard vs Purigen?

    Hi guys, I've been doing some research on products I might get for my tank, and came across 3 relatively similar products all made by Seachem, and I'm wondering if anyone knows what each of them do specifically, or how they work together. The main issues with my tank that I'm looking to solve...
  22. Leon Gorani

    is it safe to buy berghia nudibranch if my nitrates and phosphates are somewhat high?

    last time i tested my nitrates a week ago they were at 12 ppm and photosphates were .85 ppm from my hannah low tester. i have too many aptasia and i wanted to buy a bunch of berghia nudibranch to hopefully get rid of them. do i need to lower my levels of both so that the nudibranch’s can survive...
  23. W

    Nitrate issue

    I have a FOWLR 90 gallon with 20 gallon sump been up for 8 months. I only have 2 fish and a bunch of CUC. I have not been able to get my Nitrates to stop rising. I don’t feed to much switched to only frozen couple of weeks ago. I started vodka dosing now my phosphates are getting low but not...
  24. yanni

    High Phosphate, Low Nitrate

    Hey all, Parameters as of right mow no3: 6~ppm Po4: 0.09ppm alk: 10 Mag: 1350 Ca: 440 some background to start with, I started the tank over 2 months ago now, using dry sand, and live rock (had been barrel baking for 4~ months in barrels with bottled bac, no coralline or anything, may as well...
  25. B

    7 in 1 Tester From Hanna Instruments??

    Hanna Instruments 7 in 1 Marine Checker/Photometer ^ ^ II II II II Has anyone had any experience with one of these? I know they are new to the market; I don't even know if they are released yet...