1. A

    The Fluval Evo where all things soft die

    Hi guys! I have had a fluval Evo for nearly a year. My plan was Xenia hell, because who doesn't love a tank with Xenia on every surface and a couple clowns to play in it? Apparently this tank had other ideas. If it is soft, it dies. Soft corals, mushroom coral, xenia, zoas, seahares...
  2. 1Matthew

    LPS dominated tank-Problems

    Hello all! I currently have a 60 gallon reed tank that has been having some problems. I run 2 AI prime lights in my tank and seem to notice a couple things. My acans have not seemed to do very well where the light hits em, however they are encrusted to the actual rock. Also, many of my corals...
  3. Thawman

    Nitrate swings after months of stability

    How/why would my nitrate swing so much throughout the day? And how to correct it? 100 gallon tank, 4 months old, transfer from 2 year old 40 gallon, mostly softy and LPS, few SPS. I attached pictures of the readings. But at times, I have tested NO3 in the course of a day and it can swing from...
  4. Schraufabagel

    Parameter Thoughts?

    My tank has been cycled for over a month. I use Red Sea Coral Pro salt. These are the current parameters. 9.2 dKH 1320-1350 Mg 420 Ca 0.06 phosphate 0.40 nitrate I used Hanna checkers for alk, phos, and nitrate. Mg and Ca are salifert I am going to have macro algae’s and corals in a mixed reef.
  5. Hunter90 HD

    Calcium and Alkalinity Dosing Methods

    Hi All, I am relatively new to reefing but learning a very steep learning curve which has been great fun, now my water parameters are very stable and i am now in a position where i can see my coral nutrient demand, i am looking to 'fine-tune' my dosing. So the past two weeks i have been dosing...
  6. J

    Which parameters do you think need to be or are worth being constantly measured?

    Ive posted here before and Im sorry if im taking too much of your time guys but youve been really helpful. Brief background behind the question is that my bachelor thesis is about designing a smart aquarium. **Some more elaboration on the question:** It doesnt really make sense to have 20...
  7. andiesreef

    Adding Fish and Corals

    So I am starting a 20g reef tank as soon as my cycle finishes. I am planning on the following stocking: - 1 ocellaris clownfish - 1 cardinalfish or royal gramma - 1 small blenny or goby maybe paired with a shrimp - 1 small wrasse if i can find one (pink-streaked or possum, or perhaps even a...
  8. Accidentalreefers

    Large amount of Alk consumption

    Hey, so here are my parameter's Alkalinity 7.0 calcium - 430 magnesium - 1300 phosphate - 0 PH- 7.8-8.0 ammonia - 0 Salinity 1.025 I'm using a Hanna Alk checker for my Alk readings. This is my issue my tank isn't that loaded, mainly softies and LPS (mainly smaller frags), i have a birds nest...
  9. A

    Cycling Water Test Results Help

    Hey Guys, I’ve been cycling my tank for about 2-3 weeks now and I did my first water test without the help of my LFS today. My results were: Salinity: 1.024 Temp: 25 Degrees Celsius dKH: 7 dKH pH: 8.6 Ammonia: 0 - 0.1 Nitrite: About 0.5 Nitrate: Between 10 & 20 What are your thoughts on where...
  10. Carebearsss.x

    Alkalinity REALLY high

    Hello! We just checked the parameters on our tank and the alkalinity is extremely high! The DKH is at 14 While looking online, my boyfriend and I seen that you can dose vinegar into your tank to lower your alk? Is this a good idea? If so, how much do I add? Pls help :) I’m still trying to...
  11. Cfellini91

    Kalkwasser Reactor for 25g. Nano

    I recently bought a reservoir and a Tunze ATO and am wanting to try using Kalk. but I don't want to mix it in the reservoir. I ordered the Two Little Fishes Kalk. Reactor 300 from BRS and now am second guessing if this one will work for a tank as small as mine. I know they can get expensive and...
  12. L

    Corals dying - STN

    Hello!! I would like share some pictures about my corals that are dying and my parameters in order to get feedback about it and if you have recommendations to save it. I stat to see this condition since 2 weeks ago. things that i changed 1.-increase the light because i was only used blue light...
  13. Vansaquaescape


    So I have been testing my water Everyday and my parameters are 420 Calcium 8.5 to 9.3 Kh 1200 Magnesium Started adding Kent’s magnesium for 3 days and can not get it to Raise. Any Advice ? Would be much appreciated have a Kung Pow Monti on the way and would like it to be around 1300. Also...