phosphate control

  1. Winnie-Maxspect

    Video of Using Maxspect Nano-Tech Phosphree vs GFO

    Don't you hate the hassle of rinsing GFO over and over again every time you use it? It's time to move onto the next generation of phosphate absorbent, #Maxspect Nano-Tech Phosphree! No need to rinse before using it, no need to use any reactors, just put it in a mesh bag and put it in your sump...
  2. Winnie-Maxspect

    Maxspect Nano-Tech Phosphree is launched today!

    Dear hobbyists, today we're introducing our new product - Maxspect Nano-Tech Phosphree! Nano-Tech #Phosphree is a polymer resin that is chemically stable and does not leak any metal ions into the water column unlike metal-based absorbents. It does not cloud your water when used, keeping your...
  3. BostonReefer300

    Massachusetts Hanna Phosphate and Phosphate ULR Checkers for Sale

    One never used Hanna Phosphate Checker (HI713) and 50 tests. $25 plus whatever shipping method you prefer unless Boston area handoff. One barely used Hanna ULR Phosphate Checker (HI774) and 50 tests. $40 plus whatever shipping method you prefer unless Boston area handoff. Payment by Venmo...
  4. Jdoxford


    I know this has probably been asked and answered 1000 different ways, so please excuse me if it’s frustrating, I am new to the forum and this is my first post, so I’m not up to fully understanding format here. I have a 225 gallon mixed reef, the tank is less than a year old, it is heavily...
  5. DeNovice

    Phosphate question

    I have a newer tank setup. 20g AIO cube. That being said, I turned my middle chamber into a chaeto reactor and it doubled in size in about two weeks. I just tested my levels and came up with this - Ammonia .25 Nitrate 0 Ph 8 Phosphate .25 Nitrite 0 Full disclosure I’m not 100% since I’m using...
  6. GotCrabs

    Alkalinity and Lanthanum Simultaneous Dosing/Offset Dosing

    Good afternoon. Question: Is there a rough ratio I can use to dose alkalinity at the same time as I dose Lanthanum? Why? I have an Apex with BRS dosers and intend to inject LC into the skimmer as needed to control Phosphates. I've experimented with it and it seems to work. But yes...the...
  7. kshukla

    Cyano and Dyano Algae

    Hi , Had an outbreak of Cyano / Dyano and it killed a few of my corals.Being a new reefer it was difficult for me but finally figured out. I am sharing this just in case its helpful for another new bee. 250G system (Display tank 1 - 150G, Display tank 2 - 50G - Sump - 36 and refugium - 29G)...
  8. Bhor217

    Phosphate Plateauing at .19-.22ppm

    Hey all, just have a question regarding my Phospate levels. I installed a GFO about a month ago, when my phosphate levels read at .71, since then, I have brought the numbers down to .19-.22 but it seems that they have plateaued there. I am running a GFO, a biopellet reactor, protein skimmer...
  9. BighohoReef

    Houston the QT has a Problem... SPS RTN high PO4

    So I come down to make coffee this morning and find this happening in my QT tank, PO at .5ish tested twice Ammonia: 0 Nitrite: 0 Nitrates: 10 Ca: 415 Alk: 8.3 Mg: 1230 Gonna do a water change, probably head to the store today to grab some phosguard. Any other suggestions? Should I pull the...
  10. ReeferWarrant

    Reducing Nitrates and Phosphates via Water Change Help

    Setting up to reduce my nitrates which are at 40 ppm and I want to get them down to around 10 ppm. I currently have mostly soft and LPS corals, but tried introducing some Monti's, which are extending but I dont believe they are doing well. Additionally, my Phosphate is high so my assumption is...
  11. andrewey

    Virginia Media ~4lbs 1 Gallon BRS Bulk GFO

    Turns out I won't be needing GFO on this tank, so I'm selling an almost full 4lb container of BRS bulk GFO (3lbs, 11 ounces). Asking $40 locally, or $55 shipped* * I'm 90% confident the original container will fit in the medium flat rate box, but if it doesn't, I'll have to repackage in a...
  12. S

    Phosphate removal? Will a reactor do it for me?

    Hey!! So I have been doing my weekly water changes while I wait for all my new test kits to come. I have a non digital phosphate test kit and the reading for that test kit said my phosphate was extremely high. I have been using a phosphate and nitrate remover daily and as I don’t have many...
  13. ReefBud508

    Chemi Pure + Phosguard?

    I was wondering does anyone know if it is ok to use chemi pure elite and Phosguard in filtration at same time? I didn't know for sure if for some odd reason mixing the two would have any kind of negative affect on my tank which i wouldn't think so saying its removing things out of my tank not...
  14. zoa what

    Help me understand

    Help me understand the BALANCING-ACT once you're infested with GHA On one hand, in order to minimize or eliminate GHA you have to STARVE the tank of Nitrates & Phosphates.... this leads to your corals STARVING.....where they just maintaining their size but NEVER grow. On the other hand, if you...
  15. MarineDepot

    How to Lower Phosphates in a Reef Tank

    How to Lower Phosphates in a Reef Tank VIDEO: Mastering Nutrient Control
  16. LEOreefer

    New York Hanna ultra low range phosphate checker

    For sale is a Hanna ultra low range phosphate checker. It’s in good working order and comes with 2 glass viles with caps , the Hanna checker , and half of box of reagent.
  17. lonewonderer

    Large Build FOWLR Brown Algae

    Hello guys, Need some advice here. I have a 240 FOWLR with about 15 fishes in there. I have some brown algae growing on the tank not much but its annoying and I'm wondering what else should i do to eradicate it. I do vodka dosing and I'm at 8ml/day. I use 3 cups of phosban and replace it every 2...
  18. ReeferDave01

    My experience with GHA

    I have 220 gallon main tank + 60g tank & 80g sump all connected for total of ~350g system, mostly fish. I have probably 30 fish between 2 tanks, small number of corals. I never had any nuisance algae problems until I added 4xT5's to my Orbit Pro Marine LEDs and GHA seemed to sprout like weeds...
  19. Robert's Reef

    Phosphate and Nitrate control

    Hello, I started using the Triton method on my established 100gal mixed reef on the first of November. However, I've noticed that my PO4 and Nitrate levels have risen to unacceptable levels since converting. The phosphate levels have kept rising since I switched from BRS GFO High Capacity...