pico reef

  1. Spidi

    Build Thread Italian Newbie's Pico Aquarium

    Hi everyone! It's a pleasure to be able to share my very first salty adventure here on R2R! On March 23, the journey began when I took an old 15-liter tank from the depths of mycellar and placed it next to the desk where I work. The target of this aquarium is to understand how sustainable a...
  2. E

    Working on starting my second tank - pico reef

    I have a 13.5 that's been running for a year, now I'm starting up a 5-gal pico reef. No solid plans on stocking it yet, would love any input. Not planning on adding a fish, just as much diversity in coral/ inverts as I can. Planning to add a sand bed, and use water, live rock, and filter media...
  3. Brazilian Reefer

    Build Thread My Pico Reef - 33L / 8.7 Gallon

    Hello, my friends. This is my other tank thread. I have a nano of 125L (33 Gallon), but needed to set this pico because my clowns became agressive with all the other tankmates. So, in the pico are my clowns and a Yellow Clown Goby (the only tankmate from the nano that get along with the clowns...
  4. ocncheffy

    Nano Build Reef Casa Flat 6 Build

    Hey Reefers, Just started up a new pico build with the Reef Casa Flat 6 that was designed up in Canada by Fragbox! The ultra shallow lagoon style should make for a nice unique desktop tank. Equipment List: Tank - Flat 6 from www.reefcasa.com Lighting - AI Prime HD16 Return - Reef Casa Pump...
  5. D

    Lighting as Heat Source?

    Is that possible in a 3-5 gallon? Halides produce a lot of heat and apparently even LED's do too. Considering the small volume of water, could lights alone maintain at least 75F in the tank?
  6. santeeeyyy

    Frag tank, Pico reef, or bigger upgrade?

    What would be an ideal second tank? I am struggling on going for a the frag tank, pico reef, or a bigger upgrade. I really like the lagoon open top tanks from reef casa, it is an AIO style, going for their pico reef with a small scape and invert only. Or a frag tank dedicated to frags and...
  7. mangolove

    Hitchhiker Ricordea picotank [video] / sphaeromatid ?

    Hey guys, Can you please help me ID? I have a picotank with sexyrimp and ricordea s and just found this guy :) So... what and who is this guy? Please help me :) The video mostly includes its but (i think) you also see him pooping at the end Thanks!
  8. seefour5

    Nano Build High ammonia for an unknown reason, pls help!

    Hi, I have a Fluval Evo 5. The tank has been running for about 6-7 months now, absolutely no issues until now. I had a pike blenny and a elongate dottyback (too small of a tank and overstocked, I know, was planning on moving them to a 16 gallon) until both vanished one day. I pulled apart the...
  9. 123lac

    Nano Build Super low budget Pico; 5 gallon / 20 litres K-mart tank

    Hey everyone, After spending the last 12 months researching reef tanks on and off, I've decided to dive in and get my toes wet as I just can't tide over the obsession any longer. Within the next 12-18 months I am planning on getting a Cade 500 (30 gallon with sump), so this Pico tank needs to...
  10. J

    Nano Build 5 Gallon Office Pico

    I have a Waterbox 100.3 that is at the 1.5 year mark and is moving along nicely. As a consequence of 2 reefs, I had some extra stuff that got me thinking about a pico. I have a 5 gallon tank that used to be my ato and some nice frags that I can't seem to sell. So I started busting up some rock...
  11. TheRainyDayAquarium

    Build Thread Just Another Pico Reef

    Hello all, Usually just poke my head in once in a while to see what everyone is up to, but this time I decided to make a small thread for my small tank It’s only .3 gallons so not a lot to work with, but slowly turning it into a good old fashioned tiny mixed reef is my desire. As far as...
  12. sharkyahd

    Hello It really is an addiction…

    Hi my name is Aiden and I have a problem… just kidding, sort of. Hello everyone! To preface I have tried and tried to get out of the hobby a couple times now but I guess I just can’t fight it. I’m meant to glue live animals to rocks and burn money on salt. I’m here to learn from and share my...
  13. S

    Build Thread Sim's 3G Pico

    After not having had a tank of my own in over a year, when I saw a little glass AIO sitting on a table in a thrift shop I decided I would give a small tank another shot. After a quick leaktest and a clean up, I started work on my aquascape. Using some live rock from a friend's tank I put...
  14. RedfishReefer

    Nano Build Pico Tank recommendations (1-2.5g)

    Hello, I retired my 10g last year as I was moving a lot and was to big to easily move. I’m comfortable moving tanks without destabilizing it to much so not worried about that. I want to get into desktop reef tanks. I’m wanting 1gallon but no bigger than 2.5 gallons. Any recommendations for AIO...
  15. welshd24

    Nano Build 5 Gallon work tank build (cracked now 10)

    5 gallon aqueon aqueon heater 50 watt
  16. V

    Nano Build KUK'S REEF 13,2g

    Hello everyone! Sorry my english is bad. This post is about my Nano reef tank, without sump and without skimmer. My old 6,6gall nano tank was so densely planted with coral that I decided to move to a larger tank. Dimensions of the new aquarium 60см*30см*35см. OPTIWHITE glass 8 mm thick...
  17. LeDart

    LeDart’s 5 Gallon Pico Reef

    Ok, so to start off, this aquarium is a Fluval Chi, a 5 gallon, 10”x10”x12” aquarium that was a betta’s originally, I upgraded the betta’s tank, and turned the Fluval Chi into a saltwater aquarium, I forgot to take photos of me painting the back of it, and adding sand and rock. Also I am using a...
  18. LeDart

    Build Thread LeDart’s 5 Gallon Pico Reef

    Ok, so to start off, this aquarium is a Fluval Chi, a 5 gallon, 10”x10”x12” aquarium that was a betta’s originally, I upgraded the betta’s tank, and turned the Fluval Chi into a saltwater aquarium, I forgot to take photos of me painting the back of it, and adding sand and rock. Also I am using a...
  19. W

    ATO for a 5.5

    Hey guys I have a 5.5 pico tank, it’s mostly a macroalgae tank with just 1 or two coral, I’m wondering if anyone knows of a good ATO that won’t be big and bulky for the tank and would work good for a tank that small?
  20. Karen00

    Suggestion for Member's Aquarium Discussion section

    Something to think about... Is it possible to get a Pico Reefs (or Pico Tanks) subsection in the Member's Aquarium Discussion forum? I see pico tanks as being distinct from nanos. My reading has defined a pico as up to 5g/5.5g and a nano as 6g up to 30g although I'm not sure if others view a...
  21. T

    Nano Build Trying to find decent light for decent price on my new Pico tank

    I’ve been having trouble finding the best light to use for a 2 gallon Pico tank I recently set up. I would LOVE to be able to grow small acros in this thing, but using the extra ai prime I have seems a little like overkill. Any suggestions? Would like to keep it around $50 but I know that’s a...
  22. kiswanson

    Nano Build 40 ounce PNW Pico reef office tank

    Next office build! A PNW 40 oz “reef” system! Just running rodi water right now. Thinking of adding a few pieces of cycled rock, a little sand, and, this may be crazy, but a few pocillopora frags. I’ve always had good luck with pocillopora, so I thought it’s my best bet for an sps. SPS in such a...
  23. Lucid Reef

    Nano Build My 3.3L DIY Pico reef tank

    Hello and welcome to my build thread for my 3.3L Pico Reef tank. I started the build in January 2022. The tank is a 3.3L AIO Acrylic tank that you build yourself. Its made by a company called PTank. The tank is lazer cut into acrylic and comes in flat pack form which you then have to cement...
  24. lucyretz

    Dosing a pico

    Hey reefers I have a 3 gallon pico packed with euphyllia (it is a temporary tank, we are moving to a large waterbox in the next few months). Now in a tank this small obviously the fluctuations are a struggle, i test nightly and the ato keeps my salinity stable, cal and mag don’t move much...
  25. culvern

    Build Thread 2.1 Gallon Pico Reef Build

    Here’s my new tinker project I started cycling a couple of days ago. It’s perched on my office desk to provide me with a little eye candy when working from home. I could’ve taken the easy route and cycled with live rock from my display tank but I’m a big advocate of using dry rock and...