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  1. N

    Build Thread Drilled 7g aquatop nano sky diy foam wall

    Hey everyone! I'm new around here, but not to saltwater. Ive had a few nano tanks in the past but unfortunately I didn't document them. Oh well they weren't much to look at anyway. My goal with this tank is a somewhat low tech, peaceful mixed reef with a few fish and inverts. To start off I...
  2. DaringDiabetic

    Setting Up a FluvalSmart SEA Nano

    Hi all! I just recently upgraded my light to the FluvalSmart Sea Nano for my 5 gallon pico reef, I’ve got some LPS guys and one SPS, And I’m excited about the new possibilities with the light, I’m just seeing some new algae growth and some of the corals are shrinking back, and I’m pretty sure...
  3. die.kriegerin

    Mixed findings on filtration; don’t want to ruin anything with the wrong method. Advice on timing?

    Hi all, This is my first post here. I searched some of the key words in my question but haven’t found much, and I read mixed reviews on this subject: I’ve had a 5gal pico reef running for about a month now. It has the stock filter in it. There’s also a cherry shrimp in there. Seems happy...
  4. A

    Kessil A160WE on a Pico - is it overkill?

    Hi there, So I had this idea of converting a 5g (25x25x30cm not sure in inches) dennerle to an AIO to keep some LPS like hammer, blasto, acans and some shrooms. I am trying to stay as low budget as possible, so hunting around for used lights. I have this rare opportunity of picking up a Kessil...
  5. coastalnanoreef

    Coralife clip on light on 2 gallon pico reef.

    Does anyone know if the Coralife LED Marine Aquarium Clip-On Light will grow soft corals? I’m thinking of using it on a 2 gallon pico reef.
  6. Reeffire

    Nano Build 2.5 Gallon Reef

    So I just started a 2.5 gal and got a Pistol Shrimp and Orange Stripe Prawn Goby. Corals: Green & Red Favia. I hope to get some more LPS and some mushrooms.
  7. S

    Build Thread Seaescape's Aquatic 24G Nano and 5G Pico

    I have been out of the hobby for 8 years and decided I missed my thank way too much. So I have done what every normal hobbyist does, go with two tanks HAHAHA! I used to have a Red Sea Max modified with a Sump, and loved it. There was also a 75 gallon that I had, but the nano tank for whatever...
  8. reefmasterdomi

    Your Nano Reef Aquarium!

    Hi, I want to see all of your guys’ nano reef tanks!! Please post pics if you have a tiny reef :) This is my Fluval spec iii turned marine aquarium. The only thing I changed was the light to a Kessil A80. Cheers!
  9. Jaime909

    Hello New to saltwater this is my first attempt

    What do you guys think? It’s a 9 gallon UNS 45U
  10. reefmasterdomi

    EMERGENCY Heater in 2.6 gallon

    i set up the fluval 2.6 gallon all in one as a tiny office tank, sort of a grow out for mushrooms and easy corals. i have everything set up with bio media and water from my display 3+ yrs old. all i need is a heater so what would you guys recommend? it would have to fit in the back compartment...
  11. deeb

    Nano Build deeb's Nano Extreme-Shallow Reef Tank Build (45x24x16 centimetre)

    Hello R2R friends, I'm new to this forum and I'm very pleased to join R2R. For those interested, my Instagram account is here : https://www.instagram.com/reefer_deeb --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm...
  12. Jeremy K.A.

    Nano Build 5 Gallon nano fish

    Hey Everyone I have a 5 gallon mini reef tank and was curious what nano fish would be a good choice for the tank?
  13. D

    Nano Build 3.7G Pico Parts List / Filtration Overview

    Thinking about getting this tank, which seems to be an AIO including a return pump...
  14. Kimpos

    Nano Build TheReefVase

    A week ago I set up a pico reef in a 2g/8L vase. It will hold only zoa's and other softies. Maybe an euphyllia if the flow and light is enough from only a air pump and a cheap China LED. I don't know if 2g is maybe too small for sexy shrimps or a porcelain crab? Here's a video from when I set it...
  15. Castaway6

    Bristle worms in a sexy shrimp 4 gal?

    I'm setting up a sexy shrimp and rock flower tank. A waterbox 4g. I've had it running a couple months with only a few rock flower nems. Recently bought gsp from a local reefer, and noticed a rather large (2+inches) bristle worm try to steal food from a nem during the last feeding. I presume he...
  16. BahamaLlamaCoral

    Nano Build New to the Pico Game *Office Pico*

    I recently set up a pico tank at the office! I am not new to the hobby but definitely new to a tiny tank. As it cycles and gets settled in I am wondering what livestock I should toss in and am open to suggestions. The two routes I'm thinking are refugium life...inverts, feather dusters, macro...
  17. W

    My Franken-PicoTank

    Hey Everyone! Ive been out of reef keeping for several years and recently decided to get back in, so I set out to make a peninsula pico reef tank based off of spare parts I had lying around, and thought it would be fun to document it so without any further ado here is my pico franken tank So the...
  18. ahaas248

    15 gallon nano reef tips!

    I have a 15 gallon nano reef, running 2 kessil a80’s over it (1 on its way in the mail) with spectral controller. Running a icecap gyre 1k around the back just to clear up detritus. For filtering I have a reef glass protein skimmer, and I have an aquaclear 70 with the ocean box designs surface...
  19. Jaag

    Just Moved To The Area

    So glad I came across this forum. I moved here from out west almost a year ago. I am here for physician assistant school. Just this week I set the smallest tank I have had, a 2.5 gallon pico. That is all I can do in my situation right now. My brother flew out to see me and brought me some of my...
  20. Tmr8188

    Nano Build TmR’s Old School Basement Pico 2.5 (a contest tank)

    This is an entry for a contest on another forum. Might as well post it here as well. My goal isn’t to crash this tank. Between 3 cats and 2 kids 4 and under I’ve got a pretty nice shot. Hell, I might manage to crash it myself. tank: Boring old rimmed 2.5 gallon aga equipment: a...
  21. Jaag

    I Need Some Movement

    I am looking to set up a 4 to 5 gallon pico and want a fish that is appropriate for that tank that is going to give me the most movement. What are your thoughts? What about inverts?
  22. WV Reefer

    Nano Build WV Reefer’s Teeny Tiny Dirty

  23. Cherry Bomb

    Build Thread Cherry Bomb’s Edgy Nanos :)

    I am in love with the Fluval Edge. I have 2 fresh and 2 salt. Just started the larger 12G Edge a few days ago. Little Salty- 6 gallon Substrate- Seachem Gray Coast Live Rock AI Prime HD Cobalt Heater Hydor Koralia 240 pump HOB- sponge, filter floss, biomax Current Tenants: 1x unknown SPS...
  24. AcroNem

    Build Thread My .3 Gallon Reef

    It's ironic that the first time I actually make a thread about my own system it would be something tiny. A lot of you know that I'm a saltwater aquarist at a public aquarium, so I work on systems like this 5k gallon reef I also have my personal 150g and 250g coral propagation flat (flat is...
  25. YogiReef

    Pico Update:)

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