predator tank

  1. M

    New 55 gallon predator fish only tank (cleap up crew)

    Hello, everyone. I’m brand smacking new to the marine hobby and I have been doing extensive, thorough, and tedious research on my new tank I’m currently cycling. My tank mates will be: snowflake moray eel dogface puffer porcupine puffer dwarf (zebra or fuzzy) lionfish I know its mixed...
  2. Mordie101

    Build Thread Red Sea reefer 250 predator build

    Hello! Welcome to the build thread. In the past I have made build threads but had to tear the tank down due to relocation for my job. I am now able to start my journey into the marine predator tank world. In this thread there will be lots of pictures and explanations when the tank gets up and...
  3. M

    210 Gal Predator Tank

    Im planning to do a 210gal predatory build and planning to stock with the following fish. Wrasse -Bird Queen Angel Fish Triggers -Clown -Queen -Picasso Harlequin Tusk Groupers -Miniatus -Panther Possibly a Parrot fish is the following number of fish alright in that size? are they all...
  4. Nugg's Dad

    Build Thread Frogfish Tank - Nugg's Haus

    Hey all- Been a lurker here for a while, but decided to create a build thread for my latest tank :D When I rebooted this tank my goal was to create a beautiful macroalgae display that would require minimal maintenance. Along the way, I started to notice that most of the things I planned on...
  5. ajtomase

    Which eel is best for me (zebra or snowflake)?

    Hello everyone, My long term goal is to have either a snowflake eel or a zebra eel in my 135 gallon FOWLR tank (Reefer 625). I like that the zebra eel is reef safe compared to the snowflake eel, but I'd also like to see it's head pop out once in a while not just around feeding time. For those...
  6. Fish Novice

    75 Gallon Semi-Aggressive FOWLR Tank, Stocking List

    Hi guys, I am looking to get a 75-gallon semi-aggressive tank, here are my ideas. Flame Angel/Kole Tang (tell me which is better) Snowflake Eel Hawkfish, Longnose or Scarlet Blue-spotted puffer Marine Betta Silver Belly Wrasse (Ill take other suggestions for a wrasse) I would like any...
  7. Fish Novice

    75 Gallon Semi Aggressive Tank Stocking

    Hi guys, I am looking to get a 75-gallon semi-aggressive tank, here are my ideas (I won't get every fish on the list, that would be way overstocked. I'm more focused on who cant go with what. One Spot Foxface Snowflake Eel Some Lobster, blue or purple Hawkfish Blue-spotted puffer Marine Betta...
  8. H

    Best lionfish for a beginner?

    Hello I would like to get two lionfish for a 75 gallon what are some good species? I’d like something small so that it doesn’t eat a Bluehead wrasse.
  9. H

    Is this stocking good for a 55g predator tank?

    1 Snowflake Eel 1 Fuzzy Dwarf Lionfish 1 Fu Manchu Lionfish 1 Marine Betta 1 Longnose Hawkfish
  10. H

    Best wrasse for 55 gallon with these tankmates?

    Hi all! What Wrasse would be best for a 55 gallon with a Snowflake Eel and an Antennata Lionfish? I heard that a big wrasse could be kept with these 2 correct me if I’m wrong tho. I’d be willing to upgrade to a 75 if absolutely necessary .
  11. K

    Keeping Nitrates DOWN in Predator tank! Help!

    Hello everyone, I have a question that I might have already figured out but want others input as well. I have a predator tank with sharks, rays, puffers, and a eel. I've been battling with Nitrates for a while and the best I've managed to lower them to is 20ppm with 70% water changes every 4...
  12. Is this the LFS

    45 gallon predator tank filtration

    I’m hoping to setup a 40 breeder predator tank this december. I plan on housing a flame angle, dwarf lion, jaw fish, and some chromis. I know the lion and chromis is a bit of a risk but I can always intervene if necessary. For filtration, I was gonna do the secret tidal filter full of marine...
  13. Bhor217

    What is your ideal feeding schedule for predators?

    hey all, Was wondering what an ideal feeding schedule would be for my 150G FOWLR tank. Current stocking list (all very small juveniles currently) -porcupine puffer -Picasso trigger -black Volitans Lionfish -harlequin tusk -mappa puffer -snowflake eel I’m use chunky mix, fresh shell on shrimp...
  14. Jake Tully

    Lionfish/ Eel Not Eating

    About 2 weeks ago I bought a snowflake eel from an LFS that had it eating krill just dropped into it's small tank (not from tongs or skewer). I introduced him into the tank and he has not eaten yet. At first I attributed it to getting accustomed to the tank and I did change my rock work a few...
  15. kennydoll

    lightning maroon clowns in a predator tank

    Hello fellow Reefers! it’s kenny again, and i have another question for you. i finally got my 125 gallon tank up and running again, so i can move my fish out of the 55 predator and into the reef once more. HOWEVER. i have a bonded pair of lightning maroon clowns and they are aggressive to my...
  16. K

    55 Gallon Predator tank

    Alright, so I am looking to start over with my tank since I only have a powder blue tang that I will be selling soon so I thought I would do a small predator tank. I have been doing some research and I have chosen to do a zoanthid garden coral-wise so there will be palytoxins so I need some...
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