1. R

    Illinois Wisconsin Return Pumps Iwaki MD-40RT Pump - Gurnee, IL

    Great for reef tank Sump, basement sump, or for closed loop recirculation system Japanese Motor Max Flow: 822 GPH Max Head: 21.3 Ft ¾” Inlet(MPT)/ ¾ ” Outlet(MPT) Max Amps: 1.3 Motor Output: 1/12 HP Like -New was used a few times as back-up pump while cleaning primary pump. Original Box Pick-Up...
  2. K

    California Return Pumps Drygoods Reef octopus Varios Pump

    Selling two new Reef Octopus Varios 4 Pump. New. $280 shipped for each.

    Clogged drain or too much pump

    I've recently replaced the plumbing on my 135gal. The drain is basically a straight shot on one side and about a 6ft stretch on the other. I want to upgrade the pump to get more flow through the filtration and more flow in the tank. I currently have a jebao 4000. Looking to install a dcq10000 of...
  4. Reefer_NYC

    New York Miscellaneous Drygoods Equipment Clearance!

    Equipment clear out! All equipment working with no issues - Trades/ offers welcomed, cash preferred Ekoral Lite controller with water level sensor - https://www.ekoral.io/shop/shop.ekoral.io/collections/controller-set/products/ek-lite.html Retail: $500 My Price: $300 OBO Ekoral 4 head doser -...
  5. Jrapa86

    Skimmer Waste Pump

    I’m looking to attach a mini/micro pump to my skimmers waste cup outlet that self-primes. I have a nearby drain line I can tap into. I’d like to power it through my apex power bar to easily turn it on/off. I was thinking I’d use a 24v mini diaphragm pump. Another thought was a A peristaltic...
  6. BlueBuddha

    New York Return Pumps Drygoods Syncra SDC 3.0 WIFI Return Pump (260 - 800 gph)

    Listing is for one pump, Used for about a year, works great. Free shipping!! In US SYNCRA SDC 3.0 is the latest to complete the successful Sicce Wi-Fi controllable pumps range This compact pump integrates all SYNCRA SDC pumps main features and has been upgraded by an immediate and easy set...
  7. M

    Brand new gyre pump stalling

    I just got this brand new maxspect jump gyre MJGF2K for Christmas. The pump keeps on stalling or the motor is going out of phase or something. When this happens the rotors move slowly and jitter slightly followed by the rotor speed picking up to where it should be and the pump/motor making a...
  8. David29price

    Pennsylvania Return Pumps Drygoods Maxspect Jump Pump

    Jump DC12 Pump What the specs state. I had no issues. I simply outgrew it due to adding too much to my manifold. I was getting about 2900 GPH at 5’ head pressure.
  9. karamreef117

    Maryland Pennsylvania Virginia Drygoods Jeabo Return Pump

    Hello All; I have a jebao return pump ready to be picked up or shipped. I am willing to make a deal if it shipped as well. Located in VA 23116. The return pump did its job nothing wrong with it. I do travel a lot on i95 as well. Let me know if I can trade for corals as well or other things. $50...
  10. karamreef117

    Maryland Pennsylvania Virginia Drygoods BRS Large Reactor With DC Pump

    Hello All, I have a 2-month-old BRS reactor that I set up on my 125-gallon. It is all broken down now and ready to be shipped or picked up. The reactor works as it should, and I have no use for it anymore. Also, the pump is a jeabo DC jump with a controller. It's the full package. I am...
  11. Kolbyk

    Return Pumps Misc. Pumps SOLD Vectra S2 Pump

    I have vectra s2 return pump works perfect Mobius ready. $190 shipped
  12. coronarex

    Maryland Misc. Pumps Drygoods SOLD.**BRAND NEW MP40 in BOX

    Brand new in box MP40 QD for $365 shipped. Man fact date June 24, 2022.
  13. R

    Closed Loop UV Sterilizer System Design

    Hello everyone, just set my new aquarium on its stand and I'm starting to rough out a plumbing design. We've just received a Planet 310 that I'd added a couple of extra holes for 1" bulkheads in the back glass to feed a closed loop UV system. I've got a Aqua UV Classic 80 watt unit that was...
  14. MorrisMustang

    Florida Aquariums Lighting Package Deal Waterbox 110 Package Deal

    Everything you need to get this salt water fish tank up and running. Owned the tank for about 2 years. Don’t have time to keep up with it. Located in Weston, FL. Ready for immediate pickup. - Water Box 110 - Stand - Two Radion XR15 lights - RMS Light rack Vortech - MP40QD Power Head -...
  15. A

    New York Plumbing Dosing SOLD LifeReef Calcium Reactor LCR2, w' Quick-Disconnects and Rio Plus 800 Aqua Pump

    Decided not to sell.
  16. CreatiVe2

    Misc. Pumps Dosing Drygoods BRS 2 Part 1.1ml per minute Doser

    3x 2x Bulk Reef Supply dosers with one extra tube. Recently calibrated and labeled. $60 for two + tube Or $30 each (2 Left) $10 for tube +Shipping
  17. J

    Return Pumps Sumps Drygoods Neptune COR20 Pump

    Hello, I am selling a used Neptune COR20 pump. Works great and includes everything shown in the pics.
  18. oceanslide

    California Return Pumps Drygoods SOLD Neptune COR20 Return Pump

    COR20 with original box, also comes with barb fitting not pictured. shipped or pick up in North County San Diego SOLD
  19. Andrew Schubert

    Best External Pump (Vectra L2 or VariosS-8)

    I'm looking to add an external pump to my system. I'm deciding between the 3100 GPH EcoTech Marino Vectra L2 or the Reeef Octopus VarioS-8. Any thoughts or suggestions.
  20. V

    Illinois Powerheads Skimmers SOLD MP40wQD, RODI booster, Tunze Skimmer and Fuge light --SOLD

    Ecotech Vortech MP40wQD Mobius Good condition, no issues. Manufacture date May 2021 $215 shipped Aquatec CDP 8800 Booster pump 1/4" . Great condition. Have enough pressure so i don't need it. includes power supply and pressure gauge (not pictured) $75 shipped TUNZE COMLINE DOC 9001...
  21. M

    Powerheads Package Deal Drygoods Ecotech MP40 QD mobius ready

    Have two available. One has regular front, one has anemone guard front. $250 each shipped
  22. reef fish

    Florida Return Pumps Drygoods Vectra L2 - Mobius Ready DC Return Pump (3100 GPH) - Ecotech Marine

    Vectra L2 - Mobius Ready DC Return Pump (3100 GPH) - Ecotech Marine Use about 1.5 years no problem comes with Power supply holder controller hold and input strainer guard will get better once taken off line this weekend and pump with ship clean and open box $450 shipped
  23. mtraylor

    Return Pumps Powerheads Drygoods Turbelle Nanostream 6055 Controllable pumps

    I have 2 Turbelle NanoStream 6055's for sale. These are the controllable ones. I will post pictures tomorrow.