1. Deaf clown

    Iowa Vectra M1

    Vectra M1 w/ the controller mount $225 shipped. Selling because I downsized and no longer need. Cleaned. Has 3/4 barb adapter with threads (not glued)
  2. ccurnick

    Virginia SCA-302 skimmer + extra body

    SCA-302 skimmer, brand new in box(no pump): $75 SCA-302 skimmer, used ~ 5 months(no pump): $50 Pump for SCA-302 skimmer: $30 Buy pays shipping, local pickup preferred. Live in Washington DC, can meet in northern VA or MD.
  3. A

    New York SOLD. Coral Box DCA12000 and Syncra Sicce 3.0 Pumps for sale

    I have 2 pumps for sale: 1) Syncra Sicce 3.0 used SOLD shipped, I used to pump arid reactor for 6 weeks only. Some cut at adapter. See pictures. 2) Coral Box DC pump DCA12000 (3,200 gph) (Apex cable included), new SOLD shipped. I opened the box to check whether any missing parts. Yes, I found...
  4. nickkohrn

    Backup Return Pump Suggestion

    I have a Waterbox 100.3, and I’m using a Neptune Systems COR-15 (1,500 gph) as my return pump. I’d like to pick up another pump to use as a backup during a failure or cleanings. I’d also like to use it to mix saltwater for water-changes as well as refill the drained water during that...
  5. MarineDepot

    What you need to know about FLOW

    What you need to know about FLOW Water flow is an integral part of coral biology and necessary for keeping corals in captivity
  6. K

    Opening Fish Store Help Plumbing Tanks

    Hello Everyone, I'm opening a fish store and have been building my custom acrylic tanks for my store and I want to make sure my plumbing is rock solid to prevent issues in the future. I'm looking for a simple system to run nothing super fancy. My tanks are set up on metal racks and will be...
  7. C

    California Vortech MP10wQD

    Looking to sell this Vortech MP10WQD with a bracket and two additional cages. MFG date is July 31, 2015. Will ship to lower 48 states. Looking to sell this quickly, make me an offer, $170 shipped obo. Has RF wireless chip.
  8. C

    California MP10wQD Controller & dryside only

    Hi all, I have a Dryside & controller & controller bracket for sale, they work well and has RF chip for wireless connect to reeflink already. MFG date July 31 2015 No power supply though. Will throw in a few cages and the old wetside but needs new wetside. Asking $100 shipped to lower 48.
  9. C

    California Vortech MP40wQD

    I have a MP40WQD for sale. $250 shipped for everything you see below. No manufactured date on controller. It's working well. 1 newer wet side, 1 older wet side, bracket for controller, couple extra cages, couple spacers, couple spare parts.
  10. pluikens

    Minnesota IceCap 3K Gyre Pump with Controller

    I bought this pump on Black Friday last year for a 90 gallon coral grow-out tank that I have since taken down. I won't say it's silent because I don't think any pumps are and I'm not going to lie. It's as quiet as an Mp10, maybe a little less. When I bought the pump, my LFS still had stock of...
  11. M

    Ecotech: Non-Existant Customer Support

    Buyer beware: I paid top dollar for my mp40’s and all of a sudden, the wet side of the pump now falls off during feed mode. Not even 2 months old. Contacted customer support and the rep kept repeating the same questions, asking information that I already provided, and I found to be lazy with...
  12. MauiMarineAquarium (MMA)

    Hawaii Skimmer: simplicity 120dc

    Great condition skimmer, works perfect. I was using this on my 120g , I shut down my sump, so I no longer need this. $150 shipped to u.s only. I only used my fingers to clean this skimmer to prevent scratches on skimmer.
  13. pluikens

    Minnesota Neptune WAV Single Pump

    I bought this pump on Black Friday 2018 for a 90 gallon coral grow-out tank that I have since taken down. I had it plugged into my Apex 2016 so no 1Link needed. Selling to buy equipment for a smaller cube I'm putting together so a trade for an MP10 would be considered. I had the pump soaking in...
  14. pelphrey

    Kentucky Maxspect Gyre 230 w/ Advanced Controller

    Maxspect Gyre 230 pump with Advanced controller. Advanced controller display has some display issues, but still works. This will not come with a power supply, I attached a picture of the power supply. Should be able to get one off eBay or Amazon VS the $40 power supply from BRS for these pumps...
  15. Steven91

    Reef Octopus vs Sicce

    I am upgrading my whole sump area with a new sump, compact theiling rollermat, might do a uv sterilizer, and a new pump. I pretty much have everything picked out other than the pump. I do love the idea of a DC pump to where I can turn up or down the flow based on what I am seeing and they use...
  16. DiZASTiX

    Who owns a backup pump for their skimmer?

    It's been recommended in places, such as with BRS TV, that it's not a bad idea to have a backup pump for one's skimmer. For instance, I use a Reef Octopus Regal 200SSS, which uses a VarioS-4S, which is the same pump as the VarioS-4, but with a different impeller. I can either buy an extra pump...
  17. kevin.st

    Utah Jebao DCP 15000 like new

    Includes the pump, grill, power supply, controller and the extra fittings. No box. Like new! Only used for a few days. $75 shipped.

    Kansas BRS 1.1ml Dosing Pump

    BNIB 1.1ML dosing pump - all exactly as shipped from BRS I received one more than I need for Christmas. If you want to trade for livestock, mtc items, etc please let me know. Otherwise $60 shipped to 48 US (if you want faster than USPS PM me with a zip code and I will get a rate for UPS...
  19. Sshannon

    Innovative Marine 211 pump

    So I noticed my return pump on my IM fusion lagoon was noisy. I forgot to put the suction cups back on the bottom after doing some maintenance. However, in the process of putting it all back together, I snapped the impeller shaft.... I don't need a whole new pump or even a new replacement...
  20. clownenthusiast2017

    Nero 5 or MP10

    Hey guys! So I'm looking into upgrading my powerhead to either an MP10 or a Nero 5. I have a 32-gallon biocube so I'm worried the nero could be a little too strong. I was thinking about getting it so that if I decide to upgrade one day I'd have a pump I could already use and wouldn't have to...
  21. incloud design

    Bubble Magus Curve 9 Unbearably Loud

    Hey guys, I am in the process of setting up my Reefer 450 and have a new Bubble Magus Curve 9. My Reefer is dead silent to the point you can't tell it's running unless you put your head next to it. I have been trying to get my BM skimmer to break in and was hopeful it would quiet down. After...
  22. MarineDepot

    WAV Price Drop - Save $50

    WAV Price Drop - Save $50 SUMMER SALE! $50 off Neptune Systems WAV Pump Kit + $25 off Single WAV Pump!
  23. Justin84


    Taking a gamble to see if any one would be willing to trade a brand new Reeflo pump for 2 Kessil A360W lights? It’s not a Reeflo Gold. I’m willing to negotiate if the right deal happens.
  24. Raxnar

    8 Pump Dosing unit

    My tank is still quite young, hardly any corals at the moment so I don't need to be super concerned about daily dosing just yet. I am contemplating following the Red Sea Mixed Reef Recipe one day. This thread is purely hypothetical at this stage and can be a fit for other multi-part methods...
  25. Dfeagley

    Louisiana WTB: external pump

    Looking to see if I can get a deal on an external pump for my GEO 818. Sicce 3.0 would be perfect, or something similiar. Thanks!