1. mtraylor

    Return Pumps Powerheads Drygoods Turbelle Nanostream 6055 Controllable pumps

    I have 2 Turbelle NanoStream 6055's for sale. These are the controllable ones. I will post pictures tomorrow.
  2. NaCl H2O

    California Return Pumps Drygoods Ecotech return pump M2 - California - FCFS - Pick Up Only - SOLD

    SOLD SOLD SOLD Hello, I have a ecotech return pump M2 Used for 8 months Cleaned every 3 months Works great, used for my uv light FCFS Pick Up Only Located in Temecula, Ca due to breaking down tank for moving out of state and selling off livestock, i’am now parting out my equipment See...
  3. Ohiostreetz

    California Return Pumps Drygoods Neptune COR 15

    Used for water change station Asking $205 shipped
  4. SaltwaterandLime

    Florida Return Pumps Drygoods ***sold***Sicce Syncra SDC 6.0 wifi pump - Florida - two available

    I have two sicce syncra SDC 6.0 pumps for sale. They have both been opened and run for a total of about 15 minutes in a tank with zero livestock. Unfortunately they are just too powerful for the tank I have. Asking $250 a piece. I am willing to ship as long as buyer pays cost of shipping as...
  5. bobyboy

    New Jersey Return Pumps Plumbing FS/FT Abyzz a200 and a400 return pumps

    I picked these up earlier this year and did not use them. New and unused! They where sealed until I opened them for the pictures. The A400 has been sold out for a while now so here is your chance to get it! Prices are cash picked up in Burlington NJ, anything else is at the buyers expense...
  6. C

    Pennsylvania Return Pumps Drygoods Reef Octopus VarioS 8 Pump

    Reef Octopus VarioS 8 Controllable Circulation Pump, never used. Opened box to make sure baffles were set right in my sump. Rated at 2,646 gph!! Never seen water. Sells new for $480 + tax. Asking $425
  7. M

    Massachusetts Return Pumps Drygoods SOLD Neptune COR15

    Neptune COR15 pump for sale. It is a couple years old but never used. I dont have the box but it comes with everything as new. Also including a 3D intake screen. price dropped to $190 shipped.
  8. a_reefer11

    Massachusetts ATO Drygoods SOLD Tunze ATO - Will Ship

    Tunze ATO $90 shipped
  9. reefsaver

    Dosing Pumps with Reverse Cycle to clear tubes?

    I can't single out a dosing pump that has a reverse functionality and was wondering if anyone could list a few. Size doesn't really matter as long as it can be automated to pull fluid back into the reservoir after pushing it into the aquarium. The idea is that you can auto dose refrigerated...
  10. dustinc

    Texas Misc. Pumps Drygoods SOLD Vortech MP10QD ***Brand New***

    I have a brand new MP10QD that’s brand new and never been in water. Seal is broken as I was going to install, but decided to go in a different direction. $270 shipped to your door. Dustin
  11. Z

    Pumps/Wavemakers? 29 gal standard Reef

    Hello, I have a 29 gallon standard reef tank. Currently the only corals I have are a bunch of Kenya Tree Corals, and some little zoas that had hitchhiked on some live rock. Tanks been running for about 7 years but I never really put a lot of effort into making it really look nice. So recently...
  12. Victor Guyton


    I have a Reef Octopus CalReact 220 calcium reactor. The pull has failed four times. The impeller is waring out. Every two months like clock work. I would like to change to a different pump. Any suggestions for anyone WHO HAS CHANGED PUMP PREVIOUSLY. Pic of pump and impeller in thread.
  13. YaboiNathan

    Texas Powerheads Misc. Pumps Drygoods Maxspect xf 250 bundle with controller

    Maxspect gyre xf 250 with controller: 179.99 shipped
  14. B

    Miscellaneous Package Deal Drygoods Miscellaneous Odds and Ends. Clear out! Free Stuff!

    Everything is OBO, discounts on multiple. The free items are one with any 50+ purchase Sealed GHL ProfiLux 4e Starter Set (White) SOLD AquaMaxx media reactor with pump + 8 replacement sponges 50 Aqua lifter pump + tank mount 30 Piranha Float Algae Cleaner 40 1 gallon BRS Rox 0.8 Carbon and...
  15. M

    Massachusetts Return Pumps Drygoods SOLD Ecotech Vectra M2

    Bought new end of 2019 and used for 3 months. Its been sitting clean and stored since mid 2020 in my cabinet. In excellent condition. $300
  16. fragman2

    Washington Return Pumps Drygoods Vectra S2 Pump - Brand New and never used - $300 shipped SOLD

    This Vectra S2 is 6 months old and has never been hooked up or used. Everything is included and in NEW condition. $300 Shipped SOLD
  17. nicowboy

    Got some Pro tips?

    Hi everyone, So I just received my Red sea Nano max Peninsula 26 gallons, and also started my cycle with no fish and no light ! Once the time is ready, how many fishes / livestock should I get ? And what kind for beginners ? Also for corals, which you would you recommend me ? My other...
  18. a_reefer11

    Massachusetts Return Pumps Misc. Pumps Drygoods MightyJet DC Pump - $85/BO

    Mighty Jet DC Return Pump (Midsize: 538 GPH) Lightly used, works great. Looking to make room
  19. headonkey

    Powerheads LED Drygoods SOLD Ecotech Reeflink

    Gently used Ecotech Marine Reeflink for connecting vortechs pumps and radion lights. Includes AC adapter. $60 shipped.
  20. CincyReefer07

    Help! New to sumps. Sump keeps draining in my 310g build

    So this is my first aquarium utilizing a sump. Past 8 years I’ve only had HOB aquariums. My tank is a Planet Aquarium Mega Matrix 310 gallon with center overflow with (2) 1-1/2” drains and (2) 3/4” returns. My sump is an IceCap 48XL. I’m running a pair of Maxspect MJ-DC12K return pumps which...
  21. oceanarab

    Return Pumps Powerheads Sumps Ecotech L2 return pump new

    Ecotech L2 return pump . Brand new in open box only opened to look at it $475 shipped
  22. Huynhter_Soldier

    USA Dry Good Trade Triton Core 7 element

    I have eight cases of Triton Core 7 element 1000ml for trade. Looking to trade for a powerhead. Something like a Gyre XF350, octo pulse 4, mp 10 or 40
  23. 1ByLand2BySea

    New York Return Pumps Misc. Pumps Sicce Syncra SDC 7.0 WiFi Controller - unused

    Adjustable Controller 800- 1900 GPH Price includes stranded shipping or discount for local pick up in Long Island NY
  24. S

    Lighting Return Pumps Powerheads Drygoods Cleaning out my fish closet. Lots of stuff

    Ecotech, Reef Brites, Orpheks, Avast, Hydros, Esv and more... Fish closet clean out! Please look at the picture for prices. All items used, unless noted as new. Some items will be local pickup (Dfw - Texas) depending on size of the item. Other items buyer pays shipping. Thinking flat rate...