1. N

    New York Misc. Pumps Icecap 3K Gyre

    Icecap 3K Gyre Pump for sale that I was using until I upgraded. Overall awesome pump and worked very well for my tank. Comes with an extra pair of mesh guards to put over each side. Can be programmed and flow can be adjusted with multiple settings. $125 shipped
  2. Winnie-Maxspect

    Maxspect Gyre 300 Series video updates!

    Please check out our latest video - Gyre 300 Series Disassembly and Reassembly For more details of Maxspect Gyre 300 Series, please check out: http://maxspect.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=314&Itemid=803&lang=en :) Follow Maxspect on Facebook @Maxspect...
  3. CamKole

    Sump Plumbing For 60g Cube

    Hey guys, I've got a 60 gallon cube and sump that I'll be setting up here shortly. I'd love to see what everyone's done for their cube's. Please post a pic of your set-up. Thanks in advance!
  4. adamlodge14

    Upgrade pump for Fluval evo?

    What pumps are good for a Fluval evo (to upgrade)?
  5. Cjshank0

    Maryland WTB Neptune Cor 20

    Looking for a Cor 20. Could trade Vectra M2 if interested. PM with your price. Thanks in advance.
  6. M

    My Skimz SN127 is too loud

    Hi guys, recently I bought used Skimz SN127 with DC pump and thought it was bargain... But after a while I tried to power it on and it works loudly. I disassembled it and the pump (Skimz QPS 1.2) vibrates. Even with detached pinwheel it shakes (so imbalance of the pinweel is not an issue). The...
  7. Jarbour14

    Massachusetts Dry Good Trade Selling CPR Aquafuge 2 Medium

    Selling cpr aquafuge 2 medium hang on refugium with pump. Sells for $250 on marine depot. Looking for $150 pickup, $200 to ship. Pictures upon request. Thanks
  8. andrewey

    Virginia Powerheads SOLD Lot of Vortech MP40s/MP10s for the Tinkerer

    Edit: Sold. These are the last pumps I have laying around before my move. As I'm short on time, I'll do my best to describe all the pumps, but ideally I would like to find one buyer for the entire lot- ideally someone else who tinkers and needs extra pumps because they have too many tanks ;)...
  9. coldwatertech90

    Order of operations: sump.

    What is everyone’s favorite order of sump components? I know there are different ways of setting things up and I’d like to hear some opinions. 40 gallon planted reef with mangrove island. 40 gallon oblong sump. The sump has a piece of plexiglass down the middle longways and openings at each end...
  10. Brent Behringer

    California Return Pumps DCT 8000 Jebao DCT Marine Controllable Water Pump

    Selling my brand new DCT 8000 Jebao DCT Marine Controllable Water Pump (used only once to wet test my reefer build). Will ship in original box $85 shipped
  11. L

    Maine Maryland Virginia Washington, D.C. Blue line 30X

    Have a extra pump laying around would like to move it to a good home $100 shipped or $80 picked up
  12. Zoaologist

    Best pump for water station?

    What’s the best pump out there to hook up to a mixing station? I have two 210 gallon drums that it would be hooked up to and I mix about 600 gallons of water a week. I’ve gone through 3 L2 pumps in less then a year so it’s time for some better options that can stand up to mixing the salt. Any...
  13. A

    Pump not pushing water

    I just went to restart my tank after a few years out of the hobby and my protein skimmer pump isn’t pushing water. It’s an AQ 2000s. It hums but won’t actually push any water. Anyone got any ideas on if I can fix it or am I just better off buying a new one.
  14. A

    Jbj 12 gallon nanocube

    hello everyone, I am about to buy a jbj 12 gallon nano cube for a pretty decent price. The only thing is it doesn’t have a return pump. Planning on upgrading lighting as well. Any suggestions on a replacement pump?? Also a decent light for this tank?? Thanks for any info and I would like to see...
  15. Brent Behringer

    California Powerheads Misc. Pumps Brand New ReefWave 25 Pump with Controller (1980 GPH) - Red Sea Features

    Due to Financial and Health reasons I will be parting out my current Reefer 250 Build. I completed the build up to a wet test only. So all equipment is brand new never used except for the wet test of my Tank, Custom Sump and Return Pump (ran for about an hour). Brand New ReefWave 25 Pump with...
  16. B

    Thousand Ways To Use Dosing Pumps

    I'm curious to find out what people are using their dosing pumps for! Mainly other than standard 2-part. What other supplements can we automate by incorporating dosing pumps? Diluting products that normally are dosed by drops or caps? Using automatic magnetic stirrers, to suspend solids? Come...
  17. taymarie

    Power head strength

    I have a ten gallon right now with a big filter that creates a lot of surface agitation. I also have the sun JVP-110 series submersible circulation pump that is 530 GPH. I took it out a while back because it seemed like too much. But now I know why it is important to have the powerhead. So I’m...
  18. walloutlet

    Massachusetts Return Pumps EcoTech Vectra S2 - NIB Never Opened

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone.... as with all holidays I finally have some time to cleanup the fish room. I have a EcoTech Marine Vectra S2 pump for sale that has never been opened. I ordered it and then decided to go with a COR-15 instead. Looking to get $290 including shipping, will save you...
  19. Mrsadat

    New York Return Pumps Reef Octopus Varios 8 PUMP

    VARIOS 8 Priced to sell quick. In working condition $199.99 buy with confidence.
  20. headonkey

    North Carolina Misc. Pumps Sicce Xstream wavemaker

    Selling my Sicce Xstream wavemaker. Uses the ContrAll app through wifi. In great shape just too strong for my small tank. Adjustable from 270 - 2250 gph. $100 shipped CONUS
  21. Jeremy K.A.

    Dosing pump questions

    Hey R2R members, I'm going to be buying and setting up a dosing pump soon and was wondering something. When I run the tubing into dosing container/ 2 part bottle etc. won't the bottom of the bottle have all the condensed elements? As in, on the bottle it says shake before use, but if it's...
  22. Sick_man

    How do I weaken a power head?

    Hi, I have a 20 gallon long but my powerhead is way too strong even on the lowest setting. It's a jebao ow-10 i think and it work great but it is way too strong. Any ideas on how to weaken it?
  23. C

    Illinois Misc. Pumps Suppliments Dosing Package Deal Jebao 3 Channel Dosing Pump DP-3 / Triple Dosing Reservoir / Bubble Magus Shelf /

    Jebao 3 Channel Dosing Pump DP-3 / Triple Dosing Reservoir / Bubble Magus Shelf, 4 hose holder, spare pump. Everything you need to start dosing in a Reef Aquarium. Everything is in like new condition, but has been used. Everything packaged together as a bundle. Selling for $135 shipping...

    New York Dosing Ecotech versa

    I have this versa dosing pumps for sale, was going to use it for a build but decided to take a route. Item is brand new, open to take Pictures. 550 shipped. Shipping to lower 48.
  25. reef fish


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