1. Joshua Mummery

    Arizona WTB WTB pump for a mixing station

    Like the title states, looking for a pump for a mixing station. Doesn't need to be that impressive as the head pressure will only be around 2-3'. thanks
  2. reef fish

    Florida Aquariums Aquarium Controller Return Pumps Skimmers LOTS OF NEW APEX STUFF / ROYAL EXCLUSIV

  3. Sick_man

    Need help with flow

    Hi, I want to get a circulation pump for my tank but they are sorta expensive for me. There are some cheap ones on Amazon that circulate the water at a constant rate without change but I heard that it isn't that good. Should I get one pump? Should I get 2? What are your suggestions? I would...
  4. Thespammailaccount

    Texas Return Pumps Misc. Pumps Return pump new never used

    Selling a simplicity 2100 DC pump. New never used never taken out of the box. Bought it for 135.00 four months ago for a tank I was going to set up but just sold today. Will sell for $80.00 plus shipping
  5. R

    Red Sea Reefer 425 XL Customization

    Hey all, I just bought a new red sea reefer 425 xl. I am looking for recommendations for all the equipment I would need with it such as return pump, wave maker, lights, protein skimmer, etc. The model i bought just comes with the tank, stand, and sump only & plumbing of course. I do not have a...
  6. cmador

    Ohio Aquariums Return Pumps Skimmers RedSea Reefer 250, Skimmer, Pumps

    Located in NorthEast, Ohio 44022 I am selling my RedSea Reefer 250. Aquarium set up includes tank, stand, sump, plumbing (upgraded gate valve), filter socks, and custom made lid from artfullyacrylic.com. The tank is 35.5"L x 20"D x 21"H - $750. In addition, I have the following items that I...
  7. T

    Dual DC Return Pump - Manifold Design Feedback

    Hello Reef2Reef community, This is my first post so please give feedback/forgive my mistakes! I will be posting a build guide in a couple months but I have started to plan out my 93 gallon cube build. I am a computer engineer so I plan to make this a very technical build but I will...
  8. FreakPrism

    Help me choose a Wavemaker

    Hi there fellow reefers! Closing out my initial equipment purchase and need to get a couple of wave makers. My goal is to start slow and go to a mixed reef in the long term. I will be using a 65g (36"x18"x24" tank). I have been researching wave makers / pumps and there is so much choice and...
  9. K

    Illinois Aquariums Aquarium Controller Powerheads Sumps Getting out of the hobby - lots for sale

    Hi everyone, It pains me to say this but I’m getting out of the hobby for a while. I planned to finally set up my dream tank last year, but work + life has kept me super busy & I haven’t had the time or energy. Now, I’m buying a home and am going to be spending the next year doing renovations...
  10. P

    Auto Top Off Pump

    Hi I purchased a hydro smart level ATO from EBay. It came with a pump but no tubing. I’ve seen online most people use air line tubing. I’m used to buying things with all the parts so not great with pumps etc. But I’m wondering what I need to be able to connect tubing to this pump outlet? It’s...
  11. MyReefRobbedMe

    Delaware Return Pumps Ecotech M1 Pump

    Breaking down my last Tank and will be posting few things from it . first up is a Ecotech M1 -15-18 months old - maintained and cleaned regularly 125.00
  12. ngservet5

    Connecticut Massachusetts MD12 Danner Model 12B Magnetic Drive Utility Pump 1200 gph

    1200 GPH Utility Pump for sale. 3/4” inlet 1” outlet. Comes with 10 ft extension cord. Runs great. Retail $185 looking for $50 or OBO. Local pickup in CT or shipped at buyers expense.
  13. NovaReef

    Virginia Powerheads Misc. Pumps MP60 for Sale

    Lightly used MP60 for sale (6 months at 20%) $550 OBO + shipping or local pickup in NoVA PM me! Seth
  14. Romeo007

    Ohio Utah Ecotech Vectra L2 return pump

    It was replacement for L1 and used less than 3 months and controller is old to 9 months. $365 shipped and PP. I will add the pics soon.
  15. K

    Pump leaking - BOYU EF-45

    Greetings. Totally new on this forum. Me and my friend is in dire need of help. We bought a 720l. tank (190 gallons) with a BOYU EF-45 pump used on Norway's Craigslist equivavlent. The guy I bought it from was so nervous about meeting guys onlline that we had more trouble actually empyting the...
  16. Tristan

    Small Quiet DC Return Pump?

    Alright, so I got a Innovative Marine Concept Abyss Peninsula tank last year from Reef-a-Palooza and was only able to set it up now. The stock return pump turned out to be pretty noisy no matter how much I fiddled with the impeller. I need a return pump that can fit in a 2.8” by 6” footprint...
  17. psumms

    Abyzz Pump with Apex Control

    Hi all, i've just added an Abyzz Apex 0-10v port controller - Working great, however... Testing what happens if the connect between pump and Apex is lost... the pump shuts down! Is there a way to add a 'Fallback' to a 0-10v controlled device? Alternatively, possible to set a fallback on the...
  18. psumms

    Return Pump Plumbing - When to reduce down

    Was thinking last night about most efficient way to plumb a return pump with 40mm output to Red Sea Reefer 25mm return pipe. Looking to minimise running cost and noise from back pressure. So, is it better to run 40mm pipe from the pump up and as far as possible then reduce down or, reduce to the...
  19. Zoaologist

    Nevada Maxspect Gyre XF280 (2 pumps & controller)

    Used for little over a year. Super strong pumps, still work as if they were brand new. Looking to get $450 that includes shipping and PayPal fees. All included: (2) XF280 Gyre Pumps (6,000 GPH) (1) Gyre Controller. (2) Power supply’s.
  20. Bentonb

    California BNIB Ecotech Vectra M2

    Hi All, I've got a brand new in box vectra M2, $350. I'd prefer to sell locally (within southern California) but will ship at an added expense if there are no local buyers. Also willing to trade pump+cash for a new or used XR30 G4 Pro.
  21. bckey

    Texas 2 Nero 5's and Kessil Spectral Controller X

    I have for sale 2 Aqua Illumination Nero 5's for $185 each shipped. I just cleaned them in some citric acid and boxed them up. They were purchased from BRS in Feb 2019 and put into service in May 2019. They were used from May 2019 until Jan 2020. So about 8 months. I never had any problems with...
  22. D

    California Tunze Osmolstor 3155

    Osmolstor 3155 used, $100 New AF Components 1 + 2 + 3 $30 Reef octopus skimmer DC controllable pump 60 Bubble magus dozing holder 30 3 Fiji pink 10lb sand 25. Unopened I can ship at buyers expense except for the sand and the components. 8187033993
  23. K

    20 long wave maker too strong

    Hi all, I recently set up my first tank and today finally got some coral and fish for the tank. I have the Jebao SOW-8 pump for making waves, but this pump is too strong even on its lowest setting. My little clown fish are unable to swim around because of the waves. Does anyone have any...
  24. Big D

    Georgia Dry Goods...

    All prices are shipped within the US... Note... the $20 bill is for size reference, it’s not included with any of the items. Lol Red Sea Aquazone plus 100 ozonizer - $55 Link for reference AquaMedic 36w UV sterilizer (very large) - $100 (could use a new bulb) Link for reference AquaMedic...
  25. D

    California DC pump

    Deepwater aquatics BLDC 8 pump, with the controller rated up to 2100 GPH, in good condition. $103. Can be shipped at buyers expense. (818)703-3993
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