1. livcooley123

    Coral beauty with ich?

    Hi all, I’m in need of some advice. I’ve been in the hobby for only a few months now and I have a 75 gallon fish only tank with two clowns, a damsel, a cardinal, and a coral beauty. Everyone in the tank has been happy and healthy so far (knock on wood). The only major issue I had prior to...
  2. livcooley123

    Advice re: coral beauty in qt

    Hi all, I’m in need of some advice. I’ve been in the hobby for only a few months now and I have a 75 gallon fish only tank with two clowns, a damsel, a cardinal, and a coral beauty. Everyone in the tank has been happy and healthy so far (knock on wood). The only major issue I had prior to these...
  3. J

    Clownfish Scratching Question...

    Hello! I recently had an ich outbreak in my DT. When that happened, I setup a QT tank, and treated the fish in Copper Power for 30 days (2.0 - 2.5 concentration), and PraziPro for 10 days. Then, while my DT tank continues to be fallow, I put the clownfish into a sterile larger tank with PVC...
  4. Humanzee1966

    LFS that properly quarantine in Los Angeles

    I know that marinecollectors.com does true and thorough quarantine for the fish they sell, but I was wondering whether there are other LFS options in the Los Angeles area that do reliable quarantine. I know some shops will indicate the date a fish has arrived in the shop, but I am unaware of any...
  5. B

    Qt tank

    So I never really had a qt tank or hospital tank. I have always just acclimated my fish to my tank and had pretty good luck. But like any other my luck has ran out and I lost almost all my fish to Brooklynella. I just bought a 50 gal that is separated into 3 completely isolated compartments to...
  6. Reef Kinetics

    Copper in aquariums

    Different parasites infect both freshwater and marine aquarium tanks, and many of these cause mass mortality among aquarium fish and invertebrates. Copper has been used effectively to treat algae and parasites infection. It works by entering into the parasitic cells, damaging their cell...
  7. B

    Problem with new tang in quarantine

    Have had this tang in quarantine for a few weeks now yesterday I noticed one little spot on it that looked like a scrape now today it looks like this. Any help would be appreciated so I can get this guy fixed up. Ammonia 0 ppm Nitrite 0 ppm Nitrate 10 ppm Salinity 1.024 Ph 7.9
  8. Variant

    Observations From Using Lugol's for Live Rock Pests

    I wanted to note some of my observations from using Brightwell Aquatic's Lugol's solution to rid my live rock of pests. In hindsight, I would have been more intentional about doing this and taken photos and logs, but I figured I'd write something up. Context: This is my third attempt at using...
  9. Herides

    Rate my quarantine setup?

    Hello, Long story short, i've had a 40 gallon breeder tank thats brand new, I got two clowns from my lfs, 4 weeks later one of the 2 clowns died of Hole in the Head Disease/Hexamita that was present in it from the lfs and my inexperience missed. I just got a replacement clown today and i'm...
  10. Giordano

    Quarantine Tank Ammonia issue

    Setup my first quarantine tank last week as I had a powder brown tang and bi-color angel on the way. I pulled the water from my 90-gallon tank followed directions on here and thought I was good. I did one water change about 30% so far after I went to the LFS and they tested and said ammonia...
  11. Scape

    TTM FOR VELVET(AND ICH) question, please help!

    Hey guys I was wondering if someone could really help any replies would be highly appreciated! So I'm about to start doing the Ttm for Velvet everythings ready I just had a few questions which if possibly answered could really help me, First question, can I do the the 36 hours any less then 36...
  12. tonarcega

    Ich. Please help

    Hi. I’m a new to the hobby. I have a FOWLR tank that recently had an Ich attack. I quarantined the fish that had Ich and kept my other fishes in my DT. Do I have to also remove my other fishes from my DT?
  13. R

    Fish showing signs of flukes while in copper!

    Hi guys I need help! I have 6 fish in a 40cub qt, tested for ammonia yesterday and it’s at .25. I got a 180 and am fallowing the tank currently and I’m a bit crammed for space so I had to qt inhabitants together it will soon take 2 of the fish out of the 40 and put them in a 75 for the remainder...
  14. NeverlosT

    New tank, did some TTM, doing some copper QT, but might just GIVE UP.

    Ok, Poll question here. I am starting a new tank, and transferring livestock from my old tank. My old tank has some big fat healthy tangs, and guess what, it also has ich. Rarely, and I mean like 1/year, I see some spots on the tangs, usually if if a new addition arrives or something big...
  15. R

    Transitioning into Ich prevention from ich management

    Hello everyone, I really need your help. I started a 55 gallon reef 2 years ago, never quarantined anything and practiced ich management and a lot of "dump any pray", fast forwarding a year and a half i upgraded to a 75 gallon reef, couple months later I got a 180 which is my current tank. Im...
  16. Nicksfish

    Worms that survived copper and prazi?

    Hi everyone, I’m having trouble with a fluke like worm that has survived 30 days of cupramine at 0.5 as well as 3 weeks of prazi at double the dose every 4 days, as the first go round didn’t eliminate them. I removed all medicine 3 days ago and saw them flashing again today. Did a freshwater...
  17. H

    Help identifying tang disease

    Hey guys I just picked up a tang and it’s swimming super weird. It twitches it’s head often but it also goes near the surface at times and freaks out. Just curious if anyone can identify this disease so I can cure this little bugger. The video doesn’t do it too much justice but hope it helps...
  18. Bob Wiley

    Baby Steps into Quarantine

    I'm going to use this thread to lay out how I'm quarantining and to journal this experience as I go through it. In researching all the stuff involved with this, I would find information more helpful knowing it was recent as opposed to, say, 5 years old. For instance, some of the older posts...
  19. Noob_Sam

    Marine Ich HELPPPPPPPP

    Hello, So i have a bad ich outbreak. My blue tang, yellow tang, coral beauty, and dwarf lion fish all have ich. My other fish 2 clowns, and eel, and these two blue fish but non of them have ich. So i had a couple of questions: If i remove all my fish from my DT to my QT ( I read for 3-8...
  20. DrewFish

    Just how "same time" is the old mantra "you have to add all of your tangs at the 'same time'"?

    I am in the cycling phase of my Red Sea Reefer XXL 750. While not a monster, it is 200 system gallons and should be able to support a few tangs. While I sit and daydream of my stock list, reading how to do it right, I see over and over again that one should add all of the tangs at the same time...
  21. Ocean_dreamer89

    Royal gramma died of unknown cause

    Hello all! It’s a sad morning for me as I woke up to my first fish casualty. My hopes for this post is to get any advice as to what may have happened so that I can prevent it in the future. It’s a bit of a long story but I’ll try to be concise. My royal gramma was the first fish in my tank...
  22. JGMeredith

    Quarantine from tank to tank in same house

    Do I need to quarantine my clown fish if I'm moving them from one tank in my house to another tank in my house?
  23. P

    Quarantine Protocol

    Newbie here seeking input on Quarantine Protocol. I have a 20 gallon display tank and a separate 10 gallon quarantine tank. After what felt like a very LONG cycling period, we finally made our first marine fish purchase of two ocellaris clowns on Saturday, it was an exciting day for my family...
  24. ReeferMadne55

    QT Question

    I noticed that my angel has some Ich. I set up a QT yesterday. I filled the QT with tank water, threw in some biomedia and a filter pad, along with a splash of Fritz Turbostart 900 and a small amount of fish food for ammonia. I let that cycle overnight. I just tested water now and its reading 0...
  25. H

    What’s the minimum QT tank size for Tangs?

    They’ll only be spending 1-2 months in the tank but still I want them to have enough room.
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