1. Peter K

    Copper treatment and TT into new system question

    Hi all, So we are currently in the process of building our new tank and were going to treat all our fish from our old system with copper power as we have seen signs of ich on them in the past. My question is: should we do the full 30 day treatment or, since the new tank is using none of the...
  2. TaylorJames

    Ich Quarantine Questions

    Around 4 months ago I introduced a fish with ich into my tank and it wiped out a bunch of its tank mates. Wont be doing that again. I waited to do the fallow treatment until I got back from my honeymoon. Last night I bought a 20g breeder tank with a HOB filter and some PVC corners to get the...
  3. FishyBusinessAq

    Introducing 14-Day Conditioned and 45+ Day Quarantined WYSIWYG

    Below are the first few we have to offer. We have 100's more fish, coral, and inverts to load and many are fully quarantined!! Female Lamarck Angelfish – 2½” (14 Day Conditioned, eating frozen) https://fishybusinessaquatics.com/wysiwyg/swf/female-lamarck-angelfish-2%c2%bd/ Moyeri Leopard...
  4. MnFish1

    A somewhat long 'myth busters' Poll

    There are a lot of truisms (some would say myths) - in this hobby. Note - the word myth - is not meant to suggest anything negative about any of these points. Just that they are 'common' things we read every day on the forums. In the poll there is a 'commonly expressed 'statement' and its...
  5. MnFish1

    QT - Why it sometimes fails?

    I would like to hear from people who 'Quarantine' their fish - not from those who do not use this method. This is not designed to determine what percent of people use QT methods - but rather those who do - what percentage have had a failure.... Lets discuss the reasons why it is 'great' -...
  6. A Hypocrites View on Not Using Quarantine

    Personal Experience A Hypocrites View on Not Using Quarantine

    Little in this hobby stirs up as much emotional debate as discussions on quarantining fish. Threads on prophylactic treatment, ich management, and immunity are regularly hashed out until people are burned out. Passions run high, and for good reason. Both sides of the debate feel their practices...
  7. Luke iskra

    how to setup QT tank for fast work on Hyposalinty

    hey guys, im trying to do hyposalinty to cure my tang and other fish from Ich, the tang isnt doing very well so need to be quick about this.. so my general idea is to buy a 20g tank, sponge filter, mini 50gph pump to move the water alittle, and heater... now i was thinking of taking out 5g of...
  8. Joe Batt

    Ich and new fish

    I am upgrading to a much larger tank and have around 6 new large fish coming. Harlequin tang and similar sizes. I never added new fish to my old tank after initial stocking, since I’m more of a coral guy, and the old tank was disease free. My LFS has quarantined the my new fish fish in a reef...
  9. Fish_Sticks

    #2 WHAT IF I TOLD YOU... Rehabilitation is the most important reason for quarantining?

    Fish_Sticks submitted a new Article: WHAT IF I TOLD YOU... Rehabilitation is the most important reason for quarantining. A freshwater rehabilitation performed by reddit user /u/ErrantWhimsy This is his photo of Phoenix, one of six bettas ErrantWhimsy has rehabilitated. Thank you for letting...
  10. Shekina Shalom

    Bleaching QT and removing bleach with safe

    Can someone reccomend some cheap chlorine test strips, I'm about to bleach my qt and I want to use Safe/Prime to remove bleanch
  11. TangsRLife

    Is this the correct QT procedure?

    So I have finished my fallow period, the fish that survived the ick are back in the display and I'm picking out fish. I have a 40 gallon set up, already sanitized and cycled. I want to implement copper this time rather than hyposalinity just for the best results. I have backup tanks that I want...
  12. MnFish1

    Cryptocaryon and immunity

    There is a lot of discussion in various threads about QT vs CI management. Please take this poll - you may choose as many choices as you like. Feel free to discuss in the comments....
  13. nickkohrn

    Wrasses Yawning, Scratching, and Lethargic

    I have an Exquisite Fairy Wrasse and an Orange-Back Fairy Wrasse that are in quarantine. I recently noticed them scratching their gills on the PVC fittings and yawning. So I did some research and decided to dose PraziPro. I have read that it could be caused by flukes or ich. It makes sense that...
  14. HomeSlizzice

    QT and TTM plan while renting/limited space.

    Hi Everyone, I need some help planning my new QT and/or TTM method for fish in my tank. First off let me give you the bad new, heart breaking news.... I recently lost almost all of my fish to Velvet as of yesterday (PBT, Regal Angel, Potters Angel, Isosceles Wrasse, 2x Yellow Wrasse, and Royal...
  15. Graz

    Quarantine System Tests

    When I run a quarantine system (new fish or corals), what water tests should I run and how frequently. Obviously, test copper when you are medicating with copper, but how often should that be tested (my guess would be daily)? How often do you test ammonia, nitrates, nitrites, alkalinity...
  16. Niterunner77

    Copperband Butterfly with an infection? Help?

    Just noticed my CBB has a nasty looking spot on his side in the middle and I’m trying to figure out what it might be. Maybe a bacterial infection? He’s swimming around fine and eating very well like always. I’ve had him about a year and a half. Not sure what actions to take and what to treat him...
  17. KMench

    I think my wrasse has a spinal injury

    Hi everyone. My wrasse has lacked vigor in his swimming effort since I received him about a week ago. She’s a golden rhomboid fairy wrasse. She seems to have full motion in her dorsal fin, but I have yet to see any definitive motion in the causal fin. Thoughts? Suggestions? Thanks!
  18. Joe Batt

    Feeding corals in a coral only tank?

    I am setting up a RedSea Nano as a quarantine frag tank, as the first step prior to adding corals to the display. It will be totally fish free. I intend to just use kalkwasser in the ATO for Alk and Ca but, how is best to feed a fish free tank? Will the likes of RedSea Reef energy be enough to...
  19. scott11106

    Quarantine tank help needed

    I have a 55g QT tank and i am having trouble with the process. I am following the standard procedure of getting fish, drip and temperature acclimating and the 24hrs later starting the process: On day two, medicate with Prazipro. On day seven, perform a 50% water change with new saltwater...
  20. G

    Help with QT new fish.

    Hey guys, basically this is the situation. A few months ago, I purchased two Ocellaris separately, within a week or two of eachother. For whatever reason after seemingly pairing the female began attacking the smaller male, so I eventually removed the female clown and placed her in my 8.5...
  21. beyer

    Ideal medication for a clown quarantine?

    About a year ago I purchased a couple of clowns from vivid aquariums online. One died and the other lived for about a month before dying. I quarantined both but did not have any medication on hand when their conditions took a turn. Now, I’m thinking of finally purchasing another couple black and...
  22. ThunderGoose

    Flasher Wrasse QT

    I am picking up my very first wrasse this week. I have a 20 gallon QT tank set up but I have some questions. I understand wrasse are sensitive to some chemicals. In the past I've used Prazipro and Cupprasafe. Are there ok? Should I skip them and just do an observation QT? If I use egg crate to...
  23. Cody Grkman

    Coral Beauty died in QT

    Hi everyone. Yesterday I lost my Coral Beauty in the quarantine tank. The 20G tank had nothing in it other than PVC, an airstone, and a HOB filter.He had developed ich a few weeks ago and so I moved him into quarantine to treat him with copper. The tank had been fully cycled. He was acting...
  24. Mwag

    McCosker Flasher Wrasse Fin Rot??????

    Hello all. I recently got a McCosker Flasher Wrasse that looks like it might have some fin rot. I have never seen fin rot like. It puzzles me quite a bit. He is still eating. I gave him some pellets this morning and gave him some mysis after I got home. He ate both times. He is swimming out in...
  25. Seahorse man

    Red claw crabs in quarantine

    I just set up a small 5 gallon tank and am thinking about getting a red claw crab or two and giving them a island, but also being able to house a quarantined fish in there if things turned south. Will red claw crabs live long in full scale saltwater? Or should I just abandon that idea?
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