1. RobberyinCSharp1824

    Is this Ich, Flukes or something else?

    I've been recently posting about my yellow tang in QT who has been stressed out for the last week or so. I just did a 10% water change (temp and salinity match). Following the guidance of some helpful members on this forum, his stress has gone down. I've kept all lights off, added more Nori to...
  2. RobberyinCSharp1824

    Spontaneous Stress in QT

    I'm in the final stages of my QT for my Yellow Tang and Lyretail Anthias. They have been readily eating medicated food (GC+Focus+Mysis and Brine Shrimp Mix+Garlic) with ample appetites. I keep a pvc pipe with nori attached to it since my Tang isn't particularly good at finding nori on a veggie...
  3. R

    Can I reuse Biological media that has been used in a QT tank with copper power?

    Hi everyone, hope you're all doing well! I recently treated a couple fish with copper power in my quarantine tank, however, the quarantine tank used to be my main display so I left half of my biological media in that quarantine tank and added copper power to the system (copper levels register at...
  4. T

    Feeding skittish goby in quarantine

    I’ve had a yellow watchman goby and a green clown goby in a quarantine tank for about a week. They spend a lot of time hiding (to be expected) which has caused me to struggle getting them fed. The clown goby flips out after I tried target feeding him with a syringe a few times. The...
  5. MnFish1

    What is your DURATION of 'quarantine'

    So - recently in another thread - there were a couple posts about what the definition of QT is, whether to do it, etc - Many people this to be a one side vs another side - I tend to think its 50 different methods - and its impossible to compare - so FOR THIS POLL - its not about MEDICATION AT...
  6. A

    Whats this on my hammer coral?

    Hello everyone, I purchased a 2 headed hammer coral yesterday from LFS. Did my normal procedure; cut off most of the plug, glued on new rock, dipped with Coral RX and it’s now In my QT for observation before it goes into my main tank. Noticed these little polyp looking things, help with ID...
  7. Jennydinh143

    QT tank

    Hi! Im new to saltwater fish keeping. My 2 clownfish have ich so im thinking about setting up a 5.5 gallon QT and dosing it with Cooper. Im just wondering what kind of cheap filter and filter media i would need for it. I heard that carbon is not a good idea while using Cooper, but most cheaper...
  8. B Lo

    Okay to put fish in display from QT?

    I have a run-of-the-mill clownfish in QT with a pink margin fairy wrasse. They've been in there for almost three weeks. From the get go, I've had them dosed with ParaGuard despite neither showing any symptoms upon arrival. I've also fed them frozen food soaked with Seachem's Focus, KanaPlex, and...
  9. Janesreef

    Redoing aquascape after big move

    **ATTACHED PICS** I have a 75gal reef tank with live rock, 3 fish (coral beauty, clown, mandarin goby), 5 coral (three of which are attached to rock) and a clam that is also attached to rock. I did a big move into a new home and because of the pandemic I wasn’t able to hire movers for my tank...
  10. MarineDepot

    FREE Reef Coloring Pages for your kids!

    We understand that this time is difficult for all, so we wanted to create something fun for your kiddos to do. One of our amazing designers created these awesome coloring pages for you to print and let your kids color. Adults are welcome too. These are completely FREE. We hope you enjoy them and...
  11. Stu_Tanks

    Adopted old infested tank. Turn into QT?

    My buddy just gave me his old AIO Evo. This thing was previously infested with everything in the book... I planned on setting this up as a QT. After a deep scrub... Is it still even worth using as a QT or am I playing with fire?
  12. alimac122

    Tell me to quit messing with my tank

    Okay. As EVERYONE of us is stuck at home and MANY of us have started a new project. I built my tank last week and got it salted and seeded on thursday. I was ALMOST finished cycling on Monday. Then i added more raw meat and the chems screwed up again. Which just means more bacteria so not...
  13. Spydersweb

    Have you ever done something foolish that caused a preventable death?

    So, I did something foolish and my poor puffer had to pay for it. I was performing a tank transfer(no discussion about TTM, please) with my Valentini puffer and a few other fish. I bought a second Penguin 200 as a filter, but it was missing a piece on the intake, so I couldn't attach the...
  14. Pluteaz

    Diagnosis Please, What's This Patch on my Tang?

    I've had this guy in quarantine for about a week and noticed this developing a couple days ago. Any clue as to what it is and how to treat? He is eating fine, but every now and then he kinda flex curls to that side, so I think it's agitating him more.
  15. C

    Quarantine is over for someone in my household!

    My Christmas wrasse is in the tank! I’ve been searching for one for months and he has just finished quarantine.
  16. C

    Discoloration on Wrasse

    Just got this Christmas wrasse early this week. He’s been in QT for a few days now and I noticed some slight discoloration on his side. Currently feeding him medicated food daily (API GC + Focus + Selcon). He’s had normal poop, swimming and eating normally. Anything to be worried about? Should I...
  17. 2

    Copper Resistant Velvet??

    Hello Everyone! I wish I had a more exciting discussion topic for my first post on R2R but we deal with the hand we are dealt. I recently decided to get back into the hobby after being out of it for almost 10 years (tragic story there). Either way, I decided I wanted to do it 100% the right way...
  18. Z

    Sponge filters in sump

    Hello I was wondering if I could put a couple of sponge filters in my sump so I would have them established for quarantining but was wondering if I would have to have the air stone in them to have water moved through or if I could just place the sponges right in it. Thanks for any responses!
  19. Kyle Rinker

    TTM questions

    For all of you TTM proponents... It finally happened to me. I have a major ich infestation in my display. So far only my blue tang and sailfin have visible symptoms. Because it is a fully operating reef, I feel my only method of treatment will be removing the fish.I feel that tank transfer...
  20. Andrew Schubert

    Copper....filtration method in QT?

    So I'm setting up a couple of QT tanks as it appears some of my fish have started getting ICK (figures seeing I just took my UV Sterilizer off line last month). Anyways, I was planning on taking a rock or 2 out of my sump to help seed the QT tanks. However, I seem to remember reading before that...
  21. Dierks

    How to Quarantine with Humblefish

    You guys I have run into a live discussion that Humblefish will be chatting with ReefDudes on youtube! I know a lot of folks look up to him and this would be a great chance to hear what he has to say on the subject that a lot of us are looking for advise, Quarantining fish. Looks like it goes...
  22. Fishbro

    Help with cycling quarantine

    Ok so I’m going to admit I’ve never really dosed ammonia or did the fishless way to cycle my tank I’ve always done freshwater and pretty much in tank cycling. I’m going to read my parameters from the last 3 days and how I’ve been cycling the tank and any suggestions to if I’m doing anything...
  23. R

    What is ich?

    Hi everyone, I hope everybody is doing good. I have some questions about marine ich, I want to separate fact from fiction so if you can help me out I’d very much appreciate it. 1. Can a fish have ich and not show any signs of it? 2. I’ve been told a fish can carry ich and not show signs of it...
  24. Dylan7huskies

    Need help / opinions on marine velvet issue!

    So I noticed 2 dead fish in my 20gal nano on Friday. Have 2 clownfish and a blue chromis still alive in my tank, I noticed marine velvet covering the two clowns. I went out and bought “Kick Ich & Rally.” I posted this on this forum and people said I need to quarantine. Today I put all 3 in a 5...
  25. RobberyinCSharp1824


    I am so upset right now. I've had a beautiful Yellow Tang in my QT for the last month or so while my 120 finishes cycling. The tang was swimming, had no signs of illness, ate regularly up until today. I just found him lifeless on the bottom of my QT. I started Copper treatment (Cuprion) on...