1. CincyReefer07

    Which of these should be removed during Prazi-Pro?

    Last time I did prazi-pro during QT for my magnificent foxface, I think I may have went about it wrong. Just looking for solid clarification of items from my 60 breeder QT tank need to be removed during prazi or can stay. Last time I removed EVERYTHING from my hob filter and let dosed the prazi...
  2. TheTruTaric

    why everyone SHOULD order from Dr Reefs quarantine

    Forget other vendors, I will explain why Dr. Reef has not only been the best vendor I have ever worked with but additionally the most honest, Below is my personal experience with doctor reef showing their superb dedication to their customers. If you want peace of mind this is who you should...
  3. N

    Sudden Clownfish Death

    Hi All, I know things like this get asked a lot but I haven't found an answer to help me yet. I'm essentially in the beginning stages of setting up my first saltwater tank (I have a blog thread on my profile if you want to see everything. It has a lot of detailed parameters/hiccups I've been...
  4. Sikorskym14


    Over the last two weeks I’ve had two fish go on me, the first was my scopas tang. Looked so weak he was laying down all over the tank so I pulled him and put him in QT, however he eventually passed. Now, about a week or so later I find my blonde naso tang looking a bit weak and swimming a bit...
  5. D

    Help Me Identify (this is in my QT)

    Hi All - I set up my QT with 100% fresh saltwater on the 18th and I added a pair of clownfish. I did a 35% water change on the 20th. I have been dosing Seachem prime, stability, and stressguard. A small patch of this appeared on one of the PVC fittings and it is growing. Could you please help me...
  6. J

    Spots on gem tang (ich?)

    Hi everyone, I have several fish in quarantine right now and one of them is this gem tang. He is currently in a 55 gallon hypo-salinity tank with a blue jaw trigger, melanarus wrasse, leopard wrasse, and a pair of long fin clowns. They were in my 265 gallon along when I someone managed to get...
  7. bbpros2b

    Quarantine Bubble Tip Anemone

    Hello everyone I have a Green Bubble tip Anemone in a fully cycled quarantine tank and it looks like it’s doing excellent. But I Do have some questions?? I ordered an apogee MQ 510 and checked the par in the quarantine tank where the anemone is currently at and it was only about 30 par and 60...
  8. 1Matthew

    EMERGENCY Possible Velvet

    Hi all, last week we noticed signs of ich/ velvet on our mimic tang. He was scratching up against rocks .Unfortunately, that fish recently passed. The tank currently has a clown, 1 purple dottyback, and a pajama cardinal. The clown had ich around 7 years ago when we first set up the tank but...
  9. V

    Copper power alternatives for QT (UK)

    Hello there! Starting in the reef world and want to take the safe route, so I'm going to quarantine everything that goes into the main tank, I've been reading this forum for some time and watching plenty of videos (like the BRSTv Series for Qarantine 80/20) and everything seems sound, except...
  10. P

    Quarantine Single Clownfish?

    Fairly new saltwater tanker here running a FOWLR… I’m getting a new clown to replace one of a pair that died a couple months ago (cause: stopped eating. No idea why. Treated the tank for parasites (prazi+metro) and all other fish and crabs have been fine and lively since with no health issues...
  11. Erik the Red

    Quarantine with European available medications

    Hello, I’ve recently bought a midas blenny, a gramma loreto, a Banggai cardinalfish and a clown goby. Fishes have been doing well for about 3/4 weeks until now, and I can’t see any sign of disease so far. Apart from the clown goby, which likely suffered a prolonged shipment time and perished...
  12. CincyReefer07

    Prazi or Copper First for New Fish QT? Does it matter?

    I’ve read humble.fish quarantine procedures, this is my first time quarantining any new fish. I have a 60 breeder with a couple powerheads, heater, and marineland hob filter for QT. Im picking up a Magnificent Foxface tomorrow and am setting my QT up tonight. My LFS recommended starting with...
  13. H

    Nitrofurazone Powder for QT

    Hey everyone running 80/20 BRS tv quarantine. Im on day 4 just did my 1st 100 % water change. My Nitrofurazone powder came in the mail. I dosed the tank i wore a mask and gloves. My concern is when its diluted in the water is it safe to make skin contact and what not when doing my next water...
  14. L

    Help!!! Can i quickly set up a quarantine tank for a wild caught seahorse i just bought??

    My father bought a seahorse on his way home from South florida. And he, not knowing the difference, bought a wild caught seahorse. What should I do to prepare for it??
  15. A

    QT question

    So I just introduced two Picasso clowns to my 29gal system. Shortly after, introduced some inverts. One of my clowns took a quick fall from brook. It all went down within a day. Needless to say, I lost one of my first fish in the hobby. As of now I have a QT tank setup and the remaining clown...
  16. Lex_510

    Do I still quarantine

    Do I still have to quarantine the fish if I’m buying a fish from a local person that is getting out the hobby breaking down their tank? Shouldn’t the fish already be quarantine from being in their tank alive and well
  17. 1

    Quarantining Red Ruby and Scooter Dragonets

    I'm currently expecting to acquire either a Red Ruby or Scooter Dragonets. They've been with a seller for several months now. However, I would like to quarantine it. Could you confirm whether the HTTM is the current best method to quarantine a dragonet? @Humblefish has replied in 2019 to the...
  18. C

    can i use all in one tank for my quarantine tank?

    hi everyone just wondering if i can use my 24 gallon all in one tank for my qt tank all my fish currently have ich so i’m gonna set up a qt tomorrow but don’t know if i can use a all in one
  19. B

    Tank too small for adolescent Foxface?

    I bought a one spot fox face from my lfs and I put him into my quarantine tank. It's a 20 gallon tank. Is the tank too small? I would say he's about 4 to 5 in.
  20. Cole_Voeller

    Quarantine Questions

    Hey all! If anyone has seen my last post, the Melanurus is completely fine! I was worried over nothing. Anyway, I have some questions regarding quarantining my fish. So I have a 39 set up with 5 fish currently in it; tribal blenny, royal gramma, firefish, bluestreak cleaner wrasse, and a striped...
  21. E

    EMERGENCY Copper in dt or quarantine

    Hi so i goy four fish 2 weeks ago for my new Fowler tank and tien out they have ich. i have 2 option, tank spec: 135 gallon with sillica sand that will not absorb any copper. 50 pound of live rock. no invert, just 2 tang , one butterfly and a foxface. first option is to treat the Dt with...
  22. tjhart69


    I just started the reefing hobby 6 months ago and I have loved reading the forums for information, however I sometimes have trouble discerning which method is most appropriate for my situation. I really appreciate any help that experienced reefers can offer. I have set up a QT, it is 20g long...
  23. K

    Fallowing Live Rock

    In our previous tank we picked up Ich and Velvet from not quarantining our fish. After losing half of the fish and having to rush together 3 proper hospital tanks for corals/fish/inverts we vowed to do anything we can to avoid that in the future! Now 9mo into the current tank setup (90gal) and...
  24. true perculas

    Flame Angel Qt

    Hey guys I just got a 5 year old flame angel from a local reefer taking his tank down. The fish seems to be in perfect health but I still want to put it in a qt tank. What would y’all recommend treating it with? I’ll post some pics later!
  25. AydenLincoln

    Pennsylvania Aquariums Drygoods SOLD 5 Gallon Tank!

    I bought this 5 gallon Top Fin tank with the intent of using it for a lobster tank but quickly realized it didn’t fit my needs due to the intake being at the bottom and small chamber space. It would make an awesome quarantine tank, bare bottom tank, or freshwater tank! It comes with everything...
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