1. SaltwaterGuruNeeded

    Hyposalinity for prazi resistant flukes?

    I believe I have prazi resistant flukes in my tank...Wondering how to eradicate them and a method of treatment. How would I go about quarantining fish in hypo salinity? I have a good idea on how to do it, but I just want to make sure I do it correctly. My Display is at 1.026 SG And I have 1 10...
  2. LxHowler

    How long for bacteria to colonise a new sponge filter

    Hi so I've been looking but can't really seem to find a clear answer, could just be me being blind. I have just bought a sponge filter that is in my sump to cycle for a quarantine tank. My idea is to leave the sponge in the sump until I need it and then use it in the quarantine tank, then...
  3. S

    21 tall aqueon frameless QT setup 18951 $100

    I’m selling a frameless aqueon 21 tall tank with aquaclear 50, mesh top, glass top and stand. Just add a heater for a great QT setup. The tank does not leak and has no scratches and is made with low iron glass. The aquaclear works as expected and I’m only selling this because I’m moving and it...
  4. A

    Is 5-gallon QT too small?

    I purchased a 5-gallon tank but just watched a video saying the minimum QT should be 10 gallons. I plan on starting two clownfish in there?
  5. M

    Tomini tang in QT - prophylactic treatment?

    Hi all, I have a little 2-inch Tomini tang in QT right now, he has been there for about 2 weeks. We haven't done any medication yet because he wasn't eating at first and we didn't want to stress him further. He is eating just fine now, and has become more active (still a complete scaredy cat...
  6. OcellarisClown

    EMERGENCY Any reefers in OC willing to take in my purple tang for a week in their quarantine system?

    My quarantine system is full and my purple tang is terrorizing the new incoming fish. I didn’t expect to get more fish so I added the tang last as per protocol. I’m looking for someone in Orange County to take in my purple tang for a week in order for the new fish to get established before...
  7. LandlockedZissou816

    Quarantine help

    Ok people, I need some help. I have a quarantine tank set up with all the basic necessities (heater, small HOB filter, bubble stone, and Seachem ammonia alert.) I CANNOT seem to keep any fish alive longer than 2 weeks. The last fish I had was a Talbots Damsel. I drip acclimated, let it settle...
  8. Farrun

    QT and Sponge Filters

    So for any of you that use Sponge Filters in your QT, do you throw the sponge away after treating with copper or do you place it back into your sump/display to keep it seeded? I'm not sure if there is a way to wash the sponge to remove all the copper or what is the best/safest course of action...
  9. Sakosreef

    Anyone know of a vendor that sells parasite free quarantined (76 day fallowed) coral?

    Hi everyone! I've been trying to find sources that sell quarantined coral, not only pest free but also parasite free is what I'm looking for. I have a frag tank I use to grow out frags and quarantine my own corals but I would love to buy corals that have already been in a fishless system for 76...
  10. N

    No Cycle Method

    Hey Everyone.. Is there anyway one can add fish to a 15 gallon, Freshly Setup, QT tank on Day 1 without the need for cycling the tank using products like Amquel and Seachem Prime? What would the protocol for water changes be if using the above method? TIA
  11. jackalexander

    Removing Copper

    I have two tangs that have gone through their 30 day copper treatment and are ready to be moved into the main display. Do I have to remove the copper in the quarantine (2.23) before adding them to the display or can I start the acclimation process without removing the copper?
  12. A


    I just set up a QT, and I used IO salt. There is a light brown precipitate on the bottom. Is it safe for fish? If not should I siphon it out? From my understanding it’s a basically a hard sand, but I’m not sure if it will impact any medications like copper or metro.
  13. A


    Don’t y’all hate when you’re floor isn’t level and now you have to drain your qt and move it to a stand you’ve been using for storage. smh
  14. Queenofreef

    Pests are the best part of this hobby

    I’ve been very overwhelmed with setting up a coral qt and I got to thinking— maybe the possibility of pests isn’t such a bad thing? Having the perfect “pest-free” tank with 100% assurance feels a bit....sterile. In a sick way, I kind of enjoy the slight possibility. Pest prevention practices...
  15. A

    White spots on Tomini Tang

    I've got a very shy Tomini Tang who is hard to get to hold still long enough to take pictures of but hopefully these are good enough. On the fish's left side near its dorsal fin are a couple of white spots. Could someone help me to determine what this might be and if what I'm doing is...
  16. leilanastasia

    How do you QT Mandarin Dragonet?

    I’m wondering if anyone has tips about how to quarantine dragonets. I am in a fallow period right now and will be for awhile but once I am out of the fallow period, I will be purchasing two dragonets. Ruby red and a Spotted Mandarin. I have a great quarantine system up and running right now, but...
  17. Sakosreef

    Soft Coral Qt Question

    Hi everyone, I have a frag rack running where I qt corals, new coral always comes in and out of that tank. I have a few mushrooms in a little plastic bin floating in the frag without a base, they're just attached to the bin. Would I have to qt corals that don't have a hard base like rock or and...
  18. Davar93

    Is it HLLE? Help

    Hey everyone! I got my hippo tang in Qt. It has these patches on him now. He didn’t have the one on his head till today, he’s been in copper, nitro, freshwater baths and methylene blue baths. Currently sitting in just saltwater for past 3 days. Is it HLLE? I will try get better pics later. The...
  19. d3ro

    What’s this white stuff?

    I got some secondhand corals and I’m trying to clean them up. Are the white tubes anything to worry about? I know the brown tubes are feather worms. Backstory: Yesterday I bought a tank and I didn’t realize it still had fish and corals in it. The tank was nasty and very under maintained. I...
  20. Schraufabagel

    Quarantine Tank Setup

    Does a saltwater quarantine tank have to be fully cycled normally? Or is it easy enough to "seed" filter sponges by pouring Dr. Tim's One and Only over them? I am currently cycling the bio media (sand and live rock) for my new tank and I'm wondering if I can instantly setup a QT so that I can...
  21. Davar93

    Hippo Tang in QT

    Hey everyone! I got a hippo tang in qt in copper. Wondering anyone advise against that? I heard of some of these guys getting HLLE from it? It’s eating well and lot of Nori, also swimming around too. Also I plan to do freshwater and Methylene blue dips.
  22. ajtomase

    Quarantine medication process questions

    Hello everyone, I'm trying to organize my first quarantine setup and with my research, I think I've come up with the following process: Part 1: run API General Cure go by the directions on the bottle, but do the 20-25% water change after 4 days Repeat dosage then 4 days later do another 20%...
  23. BaileyB

    Please help with puffer fish :(

    So I’ve had my porcupine puffer in QT for 25 days now being treated with copper safe. I have also treated prazipro and maracyn two over the last couple of weeks. Any one able to identify what this is on his skin? He’s been eating pretty well and responding to food good. He goes nuts for krill...
  24. kenzielauren8

    Quarantine Tank Question

    So I have a clown and a YWG who recently survived brooklynella and were treated with reef rally and metro while in QT. They were doing well for a week or so but now my clown has small white dots on her again. I have cupramine and was wondering can I treat the tank with that? Or will it harm...
  25. Gonj

    QT Orchid Dotty back and Midas Blenny

    Just picked up a dottyback and blenny from lfs, I wanna quarantine before putting them in my dt. What medication is safe for them, I will be quarantining in the same tank. meds on hand : Cupramine Ruby reef rally Paraguard Metroplex any advice on how to quarantine these guys would help thanks!